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For Harper’s Bazaar JR

Nothing could make you more proud than seeing your child having fun in front of the camera, and even better, seeing them on TV or in your favourite magazine. For Sharleez especially, modelling is nothing new to her because she has been doing it ever since she was a toddler. So yeah, I think it is okay for me to say that she is a natural in front of the camera. And most importantly, she is always able to deliver what the photographer or stylist wants in terms of the looks and poses. Of course, she still has a lot more to learn along the way so we will just go with the flow, okay? 🙂

The more recent assignment which she did was for Sentosa Flowers Campaign which you can read more about HERE.

And just a few days back, she did a fashion spread for Harper’s Bazaar Junior magazine. It was yet another learning experience for her as a child model.  I had prepared her for the photoshoot days before by talking to her about it and telling her what was expected of her. I also told her that there would be a makeup artist there who would doll her up and make her look like a princess. Sharleez was very excited about the photoshoot as a result. But that one question which she asked me still tickles me until now.

“But Mummy, why can’t you doll me up? You are a makeup artist too. “

Hehe. I think she expects me to be EVERYONE’S makeup artist! That’s not the case, dear Sharleez. You need to understand that there are so many other makeup artists around too besides your Mummy!





So what did Mysha and Myreen do while their big sister was busy with her photoshoot?





Don’t ask me what they were doing! But it sure was hilarious to see them lying around like that. But then I realized the other kids were lying around too. Kids nowadays! 😀



Then, they got bored of lying around and realized that they too could pose just as well as their Kakak Sharleez. So they decided to work it…with my camera!




Very nice, M&Ms! Keep on believing in yourselves! 🙂

As for big sister Sharleez, what else can I say?










 Thank you to the very beautiful Adlina Aziz the stylist, for having faith in Sharleez, and for ensuring we were all comfortable throughout the photoshoot. We truly appreciate it! The photoshoot was from 9.30 am to 5 pm at The Playhouse but we were allowed to come anytime and just clock in a maximum of 3 hours. Lunch was also provided for all of us at Seb’s Bistro, so we did not have to worry about anything at all basically besides the twins’ naptime.




 Thankfully, twins were too excited about everything to even think about sleeping! How to sleep when they were inside the Playhouse itself? Hehehe. You should try bringing your kids HERE for change of air. What I really like about the Playhouse is how it promotes the different types of play:

  • Quiet. These activities are usually conducted in one place, such as looking at books or working with the blocks. Children do not need great amounts of energy for quiet play.
  • Creative. These activities allow a child to engage his/her imagination through dancing, and much more.
  • Active. These activities require a good amount of energy and often help children develop their gross and fine motor skills. Playing with coloured balls and the slide there are some examples.
  • Cooperative. These activities involve more than one child. When children play with others and share their toys or take turns in an activity, that’s cooperative play.
  • Dramatic/Role playing. Like creative play, children engage their imaginations during dramatic play or role playing and often take on the persona of a different character. Some dramatic play may take place with other children like cooking, playing dress up with the costumes there.








For mummies with small kids, they even have a private nursing and baby changing room, and a toilet fitted for children too.

You can find out more about The Playhouse HERE.

Even though it was work for Sharleez, we had fun as a family. I am just so glad that Tatek was around for the photoshoot too. I think fathers should be just as involved and not leave it entirely to us mothers to handle everything. True? So thank god for a husband like Tatek! 😀



 Want Sharleez, Mysha and/or Myreen as your model(s)?

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