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When was the last time I went public?

I just did so like a few days back and I actually made a fool out of myself.

Wanted to take a bus to Whitesands from my place, and I decided to use my bank card with NETS FlashPay (for the first time ever) for my bus fare.

So when I boarded the bus, I confidently tapped my bank card only to see this.



So I asked the bus driver and he said, “Eh Ah Gerl, you must top up your card la! So now you pay cash first.”


The bus fare was $1.40. (So expensive, used to be only 70 cents!) I only had a $2 note with me. No choice but to pay $2 for my bus trip to Whitesands.

Then I just sat down quietly in the bus. 

But once I reached Whitesands, I walked excitedly to the MRT station.


Hahah I planned to take the train all the way to town.

But before I tapped the Bank card with NETS FLASHPAY again, I asked the MRT personnel how to go about using the card.

NETS FlashPay is a contactless card that can be used for payments at:

  • food courts
  • convenience stores
  • supermarkets
  • public buses
  • Comfort, CityCab and SMRT taxis
  • ERP and CEPAS-compliant car park charges
  • and at more than 85,000 acceptance points island-wide.

So yeah! I used my bank card with NETS FlashPay for my MRT trip, and I think I behaved like a girl going on her first school trip! LOL.

The best thing is, NETS FlashPay  now gives me rebates for using my bank card to travel!

3 Easy Steps to get Free Rides –

Top up




Step 1 : Top up

First, look for the NETS FlashPay logo at the back of your bank card.

(Sorry cannot let you see my CVV number so I covered it with macaroons.)


Here’s how you can top up your bank card with NETS FlashPay

Via NETS Card:

  • Local bank ATMs (DBS/POSB, OCBC & UOB)
  • NETS self-service top-up machines
  • Add Value Machine Plus(AVM+)


Step 2 :Travel using your bank card with NETS FlashPay

This is my most used POSB ATM card, by the way.

(Sorry again cannot let you see my car number so I covered it with mushrooms).

So convenient, no need to have so many cards already.


But seriously, this NETS FLASHPAY is so convenient, can just use this card for everything!

Step 3 : Redeem your Rebates!

Get 10% rebate when you use your bank card with NETS FlashPay to travel on the MRT, LRT, bus and taxi.

For every $10 top-up  (up to $30 a month) you will enjoy 10% rebate.

Just go to any Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+) located at MRT stations, bus interchanges and major bus stops, then place your bank card with NETS FlashPay on the card reader.

Choose Redeem Voucher > FlashPay Rebates and your rebates are in!

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