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First Day of Raya!

So here’s Day 1 of our Blue Raya. Luckily no Raya Blues. 😀


My side of the family did not go out on the first day as Shafiq had to go back to camp. Everyone gathered at my place but not everyone dressed up (Daddy was in his kain pelikat, Mak was in her butterfly gown, Ili was in tees and shorts & Shafiq was in his Number 4!)  so yeah,  no pictures with them yet. You will have to wait till Sunday for pictures with Mak, Daddy, Ili, Nurul, Ian & of course, SHAN EHAN!  Hehe. Yup, that’s when we are intending to go out. It’s pretty sad though that Shafiq cannot join us for our Raya outings this year. He will only be back home a month later.  Our Raya will still be fun, but not as fun without him around. 🙁

Anyway, how’s your Raya so far?

Have a good one, y’all!

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