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That Festive Rush.

When I asked both Mysha & Myreen what they would like for their 3rd Birthday, they both answered almost together “We want to go to the hotel!”




Yup, they meant a staycation…AGAIN! Was there some kind of a conspiracy going on, Nadyas?!! But of course I was more than overjoyed to have another staycation. I badly needed another short break from work AGAIN. If given the choice, I know my girls would want to stay forever and a day at the hotel. So I have made it a point – if we were to get a new place, it *must* look as good as a hotel if not better, so that our staycations can just be home? Nah, staycations at home would be really boring. But that point to have a hotel-looking house still stays.

For the record, we have been to Festive Hotel 3 times, and Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort once. Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort was awesome and we enjoyed our staycation there, but of course when it comes to choice, my girls still prefer Festive Hotel. I figured it must be due to the fun, colourful and vibrant ambience of the hotel. Let’s not also forget Universal Studios, and the awesome powsome swimming pool.

But the number 1 reason why they chose Festive Hotel was because they wanted to visit the ELEPHANT MOSQUITO again!

Yup yup, they came up with the name and I know why.

Do YOU know why? Hehehe.


Since they chose Festive Hotel again, I figured why not make it extra special for them, give them more space to play and get a slightly different & bigger room? If you remember, I blogged about one of staycations at Festive Hotel HERE.

The girls enjoyed the loft bed in the family room a lot but change is always good, riiiiiiiiiiight?


So we booked the suite this time round. And you know what? No regrets!

Sharleez upon entering the suite, gasped and exclaimed, “My wish come true!!”

Let the girls just show you around since they were everywhere when I tried to snap pictures of the suite.









And of course, the tradition is to have a self taken picture in the toilet.


Sorry, I just couldn’t help it lor. 😀

We had a hard time persuading girls to pack up on the last day, though. They were hesitating to go home. But all good things must come to an end. But all good things we can do again next time too, so no worries there. 3D2N stay really seemed too short for the girls, I suppose.

Sharleez kept counting with her fingers. “But Mummy, it is not 3 days yet. This is the best place ever.”

So what did we do during our 3D2N stay there?

We devoted as much time to relax, have fun, and breaking out of a rut. I think the key to having a good staycation and vacation is to UNPLUG. Unplug yourself from work, chores, and that daily compulsion to get things done. Break all rules, for once. Do something different for a change. If bedtime is usually 9 pm for the girls, during the staycation they stayed up until 1 am! If I normally have the tendency to check my handphone every 5 seconds or so, I left it at one corner during the staycation. In other words, my handphone relax one corner. Hehe.

But sometimes, with change comes the consequences. For instance, bought them these gorgeous Crocs and they all ended up with blisters.


And that will take some getting used to.

In short, Day 1 was spent lazing around in exploring the suite. Day 2 was Universal Studios followed by lots of swimming.

The girls managed to take pics with lots of characters this time round. Can you believe it, we actually waited one hour for Shrek and Fiona to appear! “Mummy, I want to take picture with Shrek.”

But when the opportunity finally came, they chickened out because Shrek was too huge for their liking! Hahaha. Fiona had to coax them for this picture.







Swimming is always something that the girls doing together especially after going for so many swimming lessons with Mr Syed.



So it was basically lots of showing off that day when they swam. Yeah yeah, whatever.











Despite the late nights we had there, we woke up extremely early every morning just so that we would not miss our breakfast buffet.

Want to see their morning faces?



This right below is the after shower face by Mysha.


If you have kids and/or love space, you should really try out the Deluxe Suite King room too!

You can find out more about Festive Hotel HERE. For rates, click HERE or call them directly at (+65) 6577 8899

Tatek’s birthday is in November and when asked what he would like for his birthday, he grinned the biggest grin ever. You know what he wants! Bleargh.

Mysha: “Mom, this is the best day everrrrr. ”

And that’s it. That was all it took for the best special day ever. Lots of swimming, and chocolates. That was yet another reminder to me of how wonderful a staycation can be. It might not be the vacation of a lifetime, but it was the perfect staycation ever for me, Tatek, and especially my Nadyas.

Give yourselves a break. Take a staycation with your loved ones, if not a vacation. Remember….

“Vacation/Staycation is what you take when you can’t take what you’ve been taking any longer.”

But whatever it is,




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