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Far far away..

Although we have tried to make it a must to have a family vacation once a year at least, this year even the possible seemed impossible initially, what with Tatek’s change of work schedule, my makeup assignments and our last minute planning. I remember trying so hard to squeeze in at least a 2D1N getaway to somewhere nearby but I just couldn’t. I was almost on the verge of giving up when suddenly the idea of a staycation instead of a vacation hit me fast and hard. Why didn’t I think of it earlier? See, the idea of a staycation is to stay close to home or at home even, and enjoy the great outdoors or local attractions. Come on, Singapore is not exactly THAT small.  Tell me now whether you know the direction to all the places in Singapore? Do you know where Hoy Fatt road is? What about Jalan Kechot? Bet you don’t know. I like to think that most of us tend to forget, ignore, or take for granted the beauty of our own country. Isn’t it a shame to know that tourists know more about our country than we do sometimes? And come on, we have gorgeous hotels here in Singapore – why let tourists dominate our hotels? We need to experience for ourselves what it is really like to stay a night or two in the hotels in Singapore.

So to cut the long story short, I discussed with Tatek and we decided to book a 2D1N stay at the newly open Festive Hotel at Resort World Sentosa, plus a one day pass to Universal Studios Singapore. Yeah yeah, so we have been to Universal Studios Singapore before. But just because we enjoyed ourselves too much the first time round, we thought a second visit to Far Far Away Land would not harm.

Festive Hotel is really ideal for those of you with small kids or a big family. For our stay, we booked the deluxe family king room which comes with a king size bed, a loft bed, and a sofa bed which folds out to a double bed. For those with larger families, Festive Hotel even offers adjoining rooms, I heard. You might want to give them a call directly at +65-6577-8899 to find out more.






The girls really did have a lot of fun during our short stay at Festive Hotel because it was really something new for them. The room itself is so full of vibrant colours, has a nice view of the swimming pool right outside, and of course, the loft bed. Sharleez did not want to go home and kept saying she wanted to stay longer. But of course we did not do that. We would, if a night stay at Festive Hotel was only $30. We would, if Tatek did not have to report to work at all. We would, if Sharleez did not have school. We would, if I did not have paid orders to send out to Singpost the following week.

But you know what? With our luggage and my blurry nature, we looked like tourists! Mission accomplished – our staycation was just as good as a vacation, if not better. 🙂

And dear hotel management people, you should really come up with more kid friendly hotels like Festive Hotel because you should know by now that parents are suckers for places like these.

 All in all, we enjoyed our short staycation because we managed to function like a  family unit without the presence of the helper. Now that’s a rarity because on normal days,  the helper is always there by default, like it or not. :p We like how the girls are always less pampered and more independent whenever Yani is not around. It is actually so much easier to manage the girls without Yani, as ironic as it might sound. During our staycation for instance, Tatek and I did not have to do much babysitting even. I guess they knew that their parents needed a break too. (Or they needed a break from us.)















With a strong family bond, you don’t have to go far, far away to find happiness.

Till our next staycation! 🙂

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