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Father’s Day – A Nice Twist.

For the first time ever, a special occasion like Father’s Day was celebrated not at home, but outside. For the first time ever, Father’s Day was celebrated not by simply eating, but by singing our hearts, lungs & throats out, literally. For the first time ever, Mak finally agreed to give herself a break and not cook for the celebration. Oh yes, we had a karaoke session for the first time ever! It was certainly something I looked forward to not because I think I am a great singer or anything, but because I wanted to sing to enjoy myself.  And of course I had to sing one Backstreet Boys’ song!

The karaoke session was really hilarious because half the time, we (in particular me, Ian, Nurul & Daddy) were fighting for the microphones! Ironically, we were also the ones who sang like we wanted to bring the entire karaoke room down. Hahaha! My girls were initially quite reserved because it was after all, a first time for them. I mean, who in the world brings their toddlers for karaoke on a regular basis? For the rest of the karaoke session, my girls were our backup dancers. Myreen especially, kept swinging her hips from side to side.  Too funny or what?






To my dearest Daddy, hope you enjoyed the karaoke treat from all of us! 

And where do I even begin to scratch the surface of the impact that you have made in my life? You have always been there for me in the midst of my problems, my successes in life &  my shortcomings. For all that you have sacrificed for me and the family, I ask God to always keep you safe, healthy & pain-free. Insya’allah. I don’t think I would be able to find a dad who is as loving and caring as you even if I searched entire the world.  I love you Daddy! Happy Father’s Day.


With that, I leave you and my readers with a compilation video of the top hits by the top singers in town!


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