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Okay, let me come clean.

I am really very extremely terribly incredibly awfully dreadfully horribly EXCITED about the upcoming trip to Hong Kong Disneyland! I was not this excited UNTIL I received the confirmed itinerary and flight details just today! Everything, from our flight tickets to our accommodation to Hong Kong Disneyland has already been booked and finalized. Thank you HK Disneyland and of course, the wonderful Nuffnang team for this sponsored trip. I am so sure my girls would not be able to contain their excitement when they see Disneyland itself and all the characters come to life.

So how did I spend the entire of today? I did my endless research and planning for our Hong Kong trip, of course! I am a bit apprehensive actually about what we would eat during our 4 days there, but thanks to my VERY fruitful research and wonderful tips from friends, I am now more convinced that we would be able to find Halal food in Hong Kong without much difficulty. 

And because I am paranoid like that, I even had a checklist prepared for every single person in the family who is going for the trip. Let’s just say I am worried we might leave the most important thing behind. You can never be too sure, you know?

I really cannot wait to share my Hong Kong Disneyland experience with all of you but before I can do that, I reckon I should talk less and errr… go to Disneyland first?

Sounds like a plan.










Have a good holiday, you all! 🙂



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