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Wallpapers, finally: Wallhub

I should have done this months ago but somehow, my pregnancy took control and basically made me so weak to do anything at all.

I finally had wallpapers for the feature walls of our bedrooms at home, all thanks to Wallhub Pte Ltd (Singapore).

The whole process was so fuss free, I tell you. I did not expect Wallhub to be THIS EFFICIENT! I got to award them full marks for their efficiency and tip top customer service! Also, appointment to install the wallpapers were at 1.30 am, and they reached right on time!

Below are screenshots of my chatting sessions with Wallhub.



I need to also tell you about their workmanship because it is really flawless. Wallpapers were all measured to perfection. No bubbles. I cannot even see the seams where the wallpaper meets. So every wallpaper looks like one big piece of art on the wall.

Quality wallpaper which matches your theme – this is without a doubt the main accessory of the interior. The wallpaper’s appearance can immediately change the feel of coziness, style and color climate of our homes. And that was exactly what I wanted for each room. Prior to this, we only had plain walls to stare at – I wanted to add more character to each room so that it would better reflect our personalities.

The best thing about doing the wallpapers with Wallhub is the fact that you can actually customise and choose whatever design you desire – simply go to Shutterstock, look for the design that appeals to you, and then send the link to Wallhub. Of curse, you can also choose from their readily available designs online. Click HERE to view.

What their team of experts will do next is to:

  1. do up a mock up for you
  2. come down to your place to do the measurements
  3. get you to choose the wallpaper material (they have different kinds – you can choose the material with shimmers on it because I chose that material for my girls’ rooms. As for my room, I chose the canvas looking material.)
  4. print the wallpaper once everything is finalised.
  5. fix a day with you to have the wallpapers installed. (My wallpapers for the 3 bedrooms took about 3 hours only to be installed!)

Should you want the colour to be more pastel or vibrant, they can even adjust the colour accordingly for you.

Master Bedroom:

You have no idea how much I love The Beatles. Almost comparable to my love for Backstreet Boys. Lol. I was so inspired by The Beatles’ 11th album – Abbey Road and hence, my choice. Besides, it matches the colour scheme of my room too! Initially, I wanted to choose just a random wallpaper that matches my room. I am so glad I decided to think harder and go for a design that I TRULY LOVE.


I was sooooooooooooooooo pleased with the actual turn out – it was even better than I had imagined it to be! My room is indeed my sanctuary and I need to feel good and relaxed whenever I am in the room. Now, whenever I am doing my computer work, all I need to do is to stare at my wallpaper whenever I need inspirations or a peace of mind.



Sharleez’s room:

Sharleez loves the colour blue. When we first bought this house, she already told me that she wanted her room to be in pastel tones of blue because she finds the colour very soothing and relaxing. And when I told her to choose a wallpaper design for her room, she told me that she wanted something that could inspire or make her feel less stressed whenever she is studying. At the same time, she wanted to still stick to blue. I searched for ideas at Shutterstock and immediately fell in love with this picture of the sand and seawater.


I mean, most people will usually go to the beach to clear their foggy or clouded minds. Just staring at the sea makes one feel so at ease. And since Sharleez is taking her PSLE this year, I do not want her to feel so stressed up all the time. Her room needs to be conducive enough for her to study and hit the books.

The Wallhub team also helped to make the colour more pastel to better suit Sharleez’s colour scheme.

Sharleez loves the end result, without a doubt!


Mysha & Myreen’s Room:

The twins’ room is pink and beige with a hint of Bohemian theme. Even though they love the colour pink, they do not want their room to be so girly, princessy or kiddish looking. So when they chose this design for their wallpaper, I thought they made the right choice.


The thing about choosing a wallpaper design is – you need to think ahead. If it’s meant for your kids, do take into consideration the fact that they will not stay that little or young forever. In years to come, they will grow up and their taste will change too. So if you were to go for a princess theme for their wallpaper for instance, will they still like it in future? Unless of course, you have the budget to keep changing wallpapers. 🙂

Here’s the end product for the twins’ room!



Thank you so much Wallhub for the wallpapers! We are indeed super happy customers, and as such, I will not think twice about recommending you guys to my followers, friends and family members.




Contact Details

Reach them via their online form.

IG: @wallhubsg


Contact numbers:
+65 6493 7217 (O)
+65 9489 7623 (HP)
+65 9006 6632 (HP)

Showroom Address:

1. Wallpaper Showroom @ Gambas
#01-10 Nordcom II
2 Gambas Cres
Singapore 757044

2. Wallpaper Showroom @ Oxley
#01-38 Oxley BizHub 2
62 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408734

3. KASTONE® Gallery
#01-22 Oxley BizHub 2
62 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408734

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