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ET: Etrangle Newsletter

Entrepreneurs, new or not, want to know a new & creative way to advertise your company or product(s) at my blog?

Introducing ET: Etrangle Newsletter!

What is it all about?

Well, let me ask you now. What is a newsletter?

“It’s a regularly distributed publication giving news of interest to its subscribers. A newsletter could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly.”

ET: Etrangle Newsletter will be weekly. This also means you can advertise weekly at my blog, and should you decide to extend your advertisement to the following week with new deals or offer, join the newsletter for the following week!

There are several sections available for you to choose from, depending on your needs and target area of advertising.

Have a look at the sample ET: Etrangle Newsletter to further understand how it works.



Sections available will News on the Block, Photo Booth, Promo & Deals, Star Read of the Week, and Events & such. The section STAR read of the week will cost slightly more than the other sections, but because this is a newsletter, it is generally cost saving as compared to advertorials and such.

I truly support entrepreneurs who are serious about what they do, and I especially like it if they dare to be different. It’s only when you offer something different in terms of outlook and pricing will the consumers remember you among the rest and keep coming back to you. Tested and proven, my friends! Do not conveniently build your platform on what others have painstakingly built, and that’s the formula to your success. Along with that, you need a lot of hard work and that faith in yourself.

So come on, join the ET: Etrangle Newsletter today and enjoy discounted rates! 🙂

Email me now at with the section of the newsletter you would like to book!

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