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A BAGful of books.

I still refuse to acknowledge the fact that all my daughters will be in primary school in a matter of days – Sharleez will be in primary 2 while my twins, Mysha and Myreen will be in primary 1.

Books have yet to be packed.


How are the preparations like on your end?

Everything okay there?

My girls are pretty much in the holiday mood still. Me too. So do not ask me when we will actually start wrapping and packing the books. Let us wake up every single day first. (Next year must wake up early every weekday morning!)

But hey, we are not too bad either. At least we have already purchased the girls’ uniform, school shoes and oh yes, their school bags!






Yes, we made a trip to ERGOWORKS at Centrepoint #03-36 the other day and asked the girls to choose the school bag of their choice. They definitely have a wide range of IMPACT Ergonomic school bags.


The girls could not be more pleased!


Wait. You mean you didn’t know? IMPACT school bags have been voted as most favourite ergonomic bag and Best of the Best ergonomic products by reputable magazines, the only ergonomic brand medically endorsed and recommended by Singapore Physiotherapy Association & The Chiropractic Association (Singapore), and they are well trusted by many parents, schools and children internationally.

Guys, believe me when I say that choosing a good school bag is very important for them kids. It’s not just a matter of buying a school bag with their favourite Disney character. It’s not just a matter of buying a school bag in their favourite colour. School bags are getting heavier these days. Heavy school bags will more often than not cause poor posture and back pains. It can also cause permanent deformity of spine in some cases. If not taken seriously, posture problems often stretch into adulthood.

The saddest part is that most parents may dismiss those back pains as wrong posture or growing pains. Many fail to see the link between weight of school bag and the child’s growing backbone, spine and muscles.

How many times have we seen school children buckling under the weight of their school bags?

A child or an adult must not carry a bag that weighs more than 10-15% of the person’s body weight.

Okay let’s do some math now.

Take Sharleez for instance.

She is 24 kg.

15% of her body weight will be 3.6 kg.

This means Sharleez cannot carry a bag that weighs more than 3.6 kg.

Anything heavier than that will spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. But yet we still see kids carrying schoolbags that are far too heavy for their own good.

How to choose the correct school bag, then?


For a start, going for a cheap bag generally is not a good idea as it will definitely fall apart after a while. Why not go for a schoolbag that has as many of the following features?

  1. Back Panel.

The bag should have an ergonomically designed back panel, which is crucial for weight distribution so that the loading pressure is spread between the shoulders, back and the pelvic area. The sturdy back panel also serves as an excellent support to reduce the strains on the spine.

  1. Waist / Chest Stabilization strap.

Choose a school bag that comes with a wide and firm waist or chest strap as this will allow proper distribution of the weight load to the strong and stable pelvic area.

  1. Adjustable shoulder straps.

While it is important to choose the right size of school bag, children quickly outgrow their bags. Choose a school bag that offers adjustable shoulder straps instead so that the bag will literally grow with the child.

  1. A firm base.

This will only allow the bag to stand on the floor without toppling over. This is especially important feature for school bags. Think of flag lowering and raising sessions.

Adequate padding is essential for comfort but too much of it makes the school bag heavier than it should be.

When we visited ERGOWORKS the other day to purchase their school bags, we were greatly enlightened by the staff who demonstrated to us the correct position of a school bag.

  1. The position of the backpack must be high over the strong mid-back muscles, not exceeding more than 4 inches below waistline. (Oh gosh. I used to carry my school bag so low it touched my back/side all the time. But hey, everyone carried their schoolbags like that back then because it was cooool.)


  1. The weight of the backpack must be close to the child’s centre-of-mass, that is, as close to the back as possible. (I didn’t know about this theory before.)


  1. Do not lean forward or backwards when carrying the bag. Maintain a straight back, with the bag just close to your back. (This one, I see a lot of primary school kids doing!)


  1. Do not carry the bag on one side, hoping to shift to another when tired. This kind of habit can bend the backbone sideward because of asymmetric weight distribution. (I used to do this back then because I was thought it was the in-thing to carry the bag on one side only.


Besides choosing the right school bag for our kids, do not also forget to take note of the following:

  • Encourage and guide our kids to only pack the books that are required for school.
  • Pack only what our kids can carry. Do not pack unnecessary things just because the bag still has a lot of space.
  • Place the heavier books closer to the back to avoid pressure on the shoulders.
  • Encourage our kids to make use of the different compartments not only for the sake of being organized but to also distribute the weight more evenly.

The Nadyas cannot wait to strut their new IMPACT Ergonomic school bag.

Strut, sashay or catwalk all you want girls! I am sure your posture will be just fine.

That said, the twins are so eager to be in primary one.






Okay sorry.

I was just in a denial stage seconds ago. I just hate it sometimes when my girls think that they are already so grown up. That will just mean that I am getting older too. :/

Do you think they would still bring me for their school bag shopping when they are bigger?







No wait.


It’s only right.




Go get your kid an IMPACT school bag as well if you care enough for their physical well-being okay?

Seriously, a bad posture is not a pleasant sight.

Where can you purchase IMPACT Ergonomic School Bags from?

You can get them from ERGOWORKS.

For online shopping, you can click HERE 

Check ERGOWORKS FB @ for their promotions!

But you know, they come in several sizes. So if you ask me, I think it is better if you go down to the shop personally to look at the bags and get the staff to demonstrate on your child the correct position of the bag!


Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard #03-337 Marina Square

(level 3 Art of living furniture zone)

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6837 3370


176 Orchard Road #03-36 Centrepoint

(level 3 next to IORA boutique)

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6836 8488

Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square #03-26 Causeway Point

(level 3 next to Kiddy Palace )

Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm

Telephone: 6893 8488

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