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Engagement of Nona Kirana

On 22nd November 2009, a friend got engaged and I had the privilege of doing her makeup and hair. It was indeed an honour because hello, its NONA KIRANA, people!  When we first met for my radio interview with her, I regarded her as a celebrity. I was actually start struck, mind you! But now that I have actualy gotten the chance to know her personally, I regard her as a friend. A good friend. Goodness, I have only the finest things to say about Nona. Where do I even begin? For a start, she is really a simple yet beautiful lady, both inside and out. I love everything about her- her intelligence, her voice, her beauty, her positive outlook on life, and the great listener she is. I am always in awe whenever I talk to her. In short, she is such an inspiration.

I remember telling Nurul and my mum of my intentions to use Nona for my portfolio because I simple LOVE her features. And what do you know, my dream came true. For her engagement, all Nona asked for was a touch of elegance and a tinge of tradition. Not something too extravagant. Not too much makeup. Nothing too drama mama. I was flattered that Nona did not ask for a trial makeup because I was actually more than ready to offer her one prior to the day of the engagement. But the very fact that she ‘entrusted’ me with her face and hair was a good enough motivation for me. Thank you so much, Nona dear. I could not have done it without your ever so kind words, neverending support and yes, your beautiful face.

Congratulations once again, Nona & Hisham!
Both of you are just starting on a journey together. 
The big road will have some turnings, and a bump or two.
But I trust you will be strong together,
Accompanied with the neverending bliss and blessings from your loved ones.

To view Nona’s engagement entry and the rest of her beautiful engagement photos, click HERE!
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Credits to Nona Kirana & A Picturebook Wedding for the use of thumbnail pictures

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