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eight is time to vote!

Nope, there is no typo in the title of this post. I know some of you want to spot my mistakes only right because it makes you happy like that?

But yup, no typo.



Why eight then?


Only at Icon Interior Design will you get rewarded big time just by renovating your house with them!

I like how they conscientiously make the effort to give back to their customers through competitions like ICON HOME CHALLENGE for instance.

I mean, which other renovation company does that even? (Even if they do, they are just copycats & followers hahahaa.)

Since I am always blogging about Icon Interior Design, I think it’s really important to REWARD MY BLOG READERS who sign up with them every now and then, even if it means more cost for Icon Interior Design. (SORRY BOSSES LOL.)

Some cannot see the reason why they have to mention my name when they sign up with Icon Interior Design. Some think it’s not necessary to tell the ID that they read my blog.

Icon Home Challenge is definitely one of the perks of being MY READER, besides the freebies which only my readers will stand to enjoy! Now you know why ah? 🙂

So anyway, Icon Interior Design will be turning 8 soon and they intend to celebrate their 8th Anniversary with you and me!


More about that soon.

For now, let us check out the 5 finalists for ICON HOME CHALLENGE! 



HOUSE #1: 

Homeowners: Razmy & Nadiah
Location: CCK
House type: BTO 3 Room
Concept: Modern Scandinavian


House 1-1 550px

House 1-2 550px

House 1-3 550px

House 1-4 550px

House 1-5 550px




Homeowners: Abu Sufyan & Adlin

Location: Pasir Ris

House type: HDB 5 Room EA Resale

Concept: Scandinavian Fusion


House 2-1 550px

House 2-2 550px

House 2-3 550px

House 2-4 550px

House 2-5 550px

House 2-6 550px

House 2-7 550px




Homeowners: Rizwan & Suhaila
Location: Sea Horizon Condo
Concept: Modern Contemporary & Victorian



House 3-1 550px

House 3-2 550px

House 3-3 550px

House 3-4 550px

House 3-5 550px

House 3-6 550px




Homeowners: Iqbal & Amirah
Location: Jln Tenteram
House type: HDB 4 Room BTO
Concept: Modern Contemporary & Mediterranean


House 4-1 550px

House 4-2 550px

House 4-3 550px

House 4-4 550px

House 4-5 550px




Homeowner: Nazzri & Aliah.
Location: 817C CCK.
House type: HDB 4 Room BTO.
Concept: Modern Scandinavian.


817C Keat Hong 1 550px

817C Keat Hong 2 550px

817C Keat Hong 3 550px

817C Keat Hong 4 550px

817C Keat Hong 5 550px

817C Keat Hong 6 550px




Homeowners, you guys are getting better as far as furnishing your house is concerned. They are pretty much home decor magazine worthy! Most of them, at least. 😀

(I think the photography by Zee & Marina Photography accentuate the houses too!

If you want the truth, I used to cringe a lot before when I saw how the furnishings just spoilt some of the nicely renovated houses. There were quite a number of houses that did not qualify for the Icon Home Challenge due to the wrong choice of sofa or curtain or carpet or ceiling fan.

Let me give you some examples.

If you choose Scandinavian concept for your house renovation, then do not buy ruffled curtains from Joo Chiat Complex ah. I have to cover my eyes you know if I see that?

If you want minimalist concept, do not go overboard with the furnishings. That’s maximalist outlandish concept already, sis and bro.

If you want Victorian concept, then do not put one wall mount PVC fan ah. I will not hesitate to pull that fan out if I were to visit your house. 

I can go and on with the wrong choices of furnishings and home decor stuff.

Get inputs from your ID as much as you possibly can before you start shopping for your furniture. They will not charge you anything for the home furnishing advice, so why not?

What’s in store for the Icon Home Challenge winners?

1st: $2000 CASH
2nd: $1500 CASH
3rd: $1000 CASH
4th & 5th: $200 CASH EACH

Every house is a winner, literally!


So this is how we will determine the winners:


30% will be based on the votes at my blog

40% will be based on the top 3 houses chosen by the bosses

30% will be based on my top 3 favourite houses (Yay I get to choose too!)






And you, do not worry ok?

Icon Interior Design have prizes for the finalists AND YOU TOO!

(But you need to put in a little effort! Cannot not do anything then expect to win something, right?)


Just by sharing, you will stand a chance to win either:


1) Korean Branded 40″ TV

2) Nescafé Coffee Machine

3) $100 Takashimaya Voucher

4) $50 Topshop voucher

5) $40 Swensens Voucher

6) $40 Swensens Voucher

7) Coffee Bean $20 gift card

8) Coffee Bean $20 gift card


8th Anniversary mah?

So they have 8 great prizes for 8 of you!

Let me share with you more about the GIVEAWAY CONTEST mechanics!

To participate:

(1) LIKE my page Diah Mastura – Etrangle

(2) LIKE Icon Interior Design

(3) VOTE for your favourite house at my latest blog post at

(4) Share this post & ask people to vote for their favourite house!

(5) Tag AT LEAST 4 friends in the comment section below my FB post!

(Important: You can only tag 1 friend per comment. The more friends you tag, the more chances you have to be picked as a winner. You can tag as many as 10303040995955949939393 friends as long as it’s one tag per comment! I will choose the more hardworking ones as the winners haha!)

This giveaway will end on August 3 2017, Friday at 10 pm.

So keep tagging your friends here!

Remember, one tag per comment & you need to tag 4 people at least!

 Stay close to my blog okay?

Next post will be the results for the Icon Home Challenge as well as MORE DETAILS about Icon Interior Design’s 8th Anniversary Celebration/Fair!

(I heard they are intending to have a cooking session and invite all the winners for the Icon Homr Challenge as well as the Facebook Giveaway Contest! Ssssshhhh.)

I cannot wait to share more with you but good things have to wait, they say. OK LOR!

Meanwhile, if you want to be in the waiting list for Icon Interior Design’s 8th Anniversary Fair, you can…

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 8212 7652

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 8212 7652

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 8212 7652

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