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Eat all you want.

Who doesn’t love a good buffet spread? After all, that is the only time when you can really be a glutton, eat all you want and what you want. Nobody can stop you, basically.

So when Charisma D’Venue invited me and my family for iftar the other day, I immediately accepted it and gave them a big fat “YES!”

No need to think twice. No think to even ask Tatek or anyone first.


Hey, Buffet Spread + Charisma = The Perfect Combo!

If you didn’t already realize, this is the second time I am blogging about Charisma. Now, I would not blog about something repeatedly if it’s not that good, to begin with. So now you know.

Okay okay, time for some math. How many days are there in Ramadhan? 30 days right? Say, won’t you run out of places to go or food to eat sooner or later? Such a nuisance sometimes to think about what to have for break fast. It’s like, “WHAT TO EAT? WHY MUST THINK ONE?! WHY SO STRESSFUL?!”

So this is the part where I will tempt you, as always. No need to thank me, it’s my pleasure. 🙂

Ramadhan Buffet Special by Charisma D’Venue



The buffet spread was sooooooooooooooo good! I ate so much, I tell you. I kept standing up to walk to the buffet section, to get more food.

You will always be in for a surprise when you break fast at Charisma D’Venue in the month of Ramadhan because their buffet spread changes every single day, except for their in-house special which is the Biryani.



And their Beef Tikka is super duper gooooooooooooooooooood! Like really, really good. Trust me on this one. The super tender meat complements the gravy which is rich in flavour. Now, my meat needs to be tender, and Charisma D’Venue has never failed me in this aspect.



If you have yet to taste the Biryani by Charisma D’Venue, where have you been? Where have you been eating? You have been missing out on a lot of things!
Besides the Biryani, I also enjoyed the rest of the buffet spread like…

Aglio Olio Seafood



Crayfish in Creamy Herb



Stuffed Chicken



I was so tempted to like grab everything and put them all on my plate. But I strategized instead to avoid food wastage and to avoid looking like a glutton with so much food on my plate. Yup, you read that right.

I strategized.

Want to know how? LOL.

When you go up to get food, take only a teeny weeny portion of each choice. Taste everything you want – just not in huge portions. With buffets, the desire to taste everything combined with taking “regular-sized” portions is what will do you in.

Be choosy. Sample first. By sampling, you get to satisfy your curiosity without stuffing yourself. The moment you stuff yourself, you will not have any more space in the tummy for more food! But once you find that something which you really like, take more of it lor!

See my plate. I finished everything, you know? So it was not embarrassing at all for me when the waitress came to clear the table. I was in fact proud to hand her my plate.


And oh, what’s a buffet spread without dessert? Let me show you the buffet section now which my Nadyas kept hanging out at. You should know why.

But really, they offer such a wide range of tasty desserts!




I especially enjoyed their Bread pudding. I think I had about three helpings!



They even have the ice-cream corner where kids can just DIY their ice-cream toppings!


Mak too enjoyed her dinner, and even suggested for us to come again for iftar, but with the big family which includes Sofian, Nurul, Ili & Shafiq. I can’t wait for that! The atmosphere at Charisma D’Venue is actually perfect for a quiet family or couple time. It’s like there is no pressure at all for you to quickly eat and leave, because it is just so cozy and serene there.


And this is exactly the reason why the Nadyas always love it when we mention to them that we are going to the white restaurant; Charisma D’Venue.


But do not forget to make a phone booking in advance,  just to avoid disappointment. There’s nothing worse than to be disappointed, right? I mean, I do know of some people out there who really take their food seriously.  These are the same people who appreciate the myriad of food choices available for them.

So if you are a food lover like me, then you must give Charisma D’Venue Ramadan Buffet a try!


For more details, find them in FB: Charisma D’Venue 

One more thing! If you happen to be at Geylang Bazaar, you must must MUST look for STREET FOOD by Charisma D’Venue stall!



Yup, that’s right. Charisma D’Venue is at the bazaar too, selling the ever so hot favourites like Ayam Percik & their homemade Jumbo Burger! You got to try their signature items because they are really that good!




Reviews and testimonials will never lie, so just look at the reviews given by their happy customers! I was told that there is always a long queue at their bazaar stall because customers keep coming back each year to find them! Actually, the picture above says it all. Good food, mah!!



Where to find them at the bazaar?

Let me tell you.

Their stall is at Haig Road, which is opposite Blk 12 Holi 24 hours shop!

So celebrate Ramadhan this year with Charisma D’Venue!

Enjoy the buffet. But do near in mind your health too, okay? If you feel full then stop eating. Don’t stuff yourself like a turkey. Just because it’s a buffet doesn’t mean you have to gorge yourself silly. Always eat in moderation. Nothing matters more than your health at the end of the day.

After all, life is what we make of it.

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