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The Royal Treatment: Dove Body

They often say that regular milk bath nourishes and softens the skin.

Queen Cleopatra made it a point to add fresh camel milk for her ritual bath. That could possibly explain her smooth and white skin.

But just for the sake of feeding my curiosity, I decided to do a test.




Yes it is basically a test to see how moisturized the skin is.



Clean left forearm by washing with water



Dab dry with tissue paper


Use Digital Moisture Monitor (DMM) on area to measure skin moisture level. 



Mine was 23.5% moisturized only. Alamak, pretty dry! 

Fill spray bottle with milk. Spray 3-5 times onto test area



Massage in a circular motion 10 times around the test area


Rinse the left forearm under flowing water for 20 seconds



Dab try with tissue paper


Use DMM on area to measure skin moisture level again



Not bad! Skin moisture level increased by more than 20% after using milk on the skin.

Now, let’s move on the Dove Test.

I repeated the same steps above, but using my right forearm this time round.

Skin moisture was 30.5% after the first wash with water.



After applying Dove on it and washing it off, skin moisture was…



61%! OH MY GOD!.

Definitely more moisturized than milk. 61% is really not bad! Imagine if I keep using the new and improved Dove Body Wash! 

For the record, I have been since started using Dove Body Wash. Yup, right after the skin moisture test.

I somehow feel my skin is softer, supple and more moisturized as compared to the many other body washes I have used before, hence the choice to use Dove Body Wash.

If you must know, my hands, feet and elbows are ridiculously dry to begin with. I strongly suspect it has something to do with my super sensitive skin.

The new and improved Dove Body Wash contains NutriumMoisture®. How can I not give it a try when it is proven by tests to be more nourishing to the skin than bathing in a whole tub of milk? The body wash is luxuriously thick and creamy and truly is a royal treatment for the skin. It lathers up really well so all I need is just one generous pump for my entire body. If you are shorter than me, then you might need just half a pump. LOL.

Watch this video to find out more.


The Royal TreatmentWhat is the most nourishing ingredient for your skin? We asked four ladies, and gave them a unique spa experience to change the way they think.

Posted by Dove on Thursday, May 21, 2015



Dove is just one of those brands that almost everyone equates with being good and gentle on the skin.


Tested and proven, by yours truly!

Granted, this didn’t happen over night. You need to be consistent and stay true to Dove for two weeks at least in order to see the improvements.

I can honestly say that after two weeks, I saw some great improvements to my skin!


Stand a chance to win Dove’s royal treatment for your skin!


All you have to do is watch the video and answer this simple question:

How many bottles of Dove NutriumMoisture® are shown in the basket when the secret is revealed to our Royal Treatment ladies?

E-mail me at and 3 lucky winners will be chosen.

Contest ends on 5 July 2015, Sunday!

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