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Someone emailed me a really cute question a few days back. But this person prefers to remain anonymous so for the purpose of this entry, I am not going to copy and paste her email to me. I will just copy and paste…her question. Haha!

This is what she asked me:

‚Äú”How many famous faces have you worked on Diah Mastura? Curious and very kepo to know, if my honesty helps. ūüėÄ However,¬† do not mention my name should you decided to mention this because I do not want to be known as the kepo one among my friends. Many of them¬† read your famous blog!”

Such a cute yet thought-provoking question that was to me. I have never thought about it before. But right after I received that email, I actually spent some time trying to recall on the ‚Äúfamous‚ÄĚ faces I have worked on ever since I started my job as a makeup artist. Not that many famous faces la, but quite enough to make me strive even harder in this makeup industry.

So are you as curious as Anonymous? Let’s start counting then.¬†Not that many, so you only need your fingers for now to count. :p

Famous Face Number 1: Syirah Jusni, the winner of Anugerah Skrin. When she had this makeover with Studioperfect, she was not even in the TV industry yet. So I was really overwhelmed with pride when Syirah won, you know?  




Famous Face Number 2: Aziela Roza, a finalist in Anugerah Skrin. Again, when Aziela had this makeover with Studioperfect, she was not in the industry as yet. So I was very, very excited when I saw her on TV.




Famous Face Number 3: Nabilah from Cinta Ixora. When Nabilah was shortlisted to model for Studiofrost’s New Arrivals at one point of time, she was also not in the TV industry as yet. I could not contain my excitement when I saw her on Cinta Ixora for the first time. And I got to work on her pretty face again for a Manja Fashion Spread featuring Studiofrost.






Famous Face Number 4: Nura J Esman, actress and host of Krayon. Nura also happened to be my fellow course mate from NIE. Yup, we were both trainee teachers at that point of time, eager to join the teaching industry. To date, we have both left the teaching industry. :p I did her makeup for another fashion spread with Manja.



Famous Face Number 5: Nona Kirana, radio DJ for 94.2 fm and news presenter. I was privileged enough to be able to doll the super awesome Nona up for her engagement. I really look up to this lady because i admire her strength, determination and most importantly, her kind & humble nature.




Famous Face Number 6: Nursha Ismail, radio DJ for 94.2 fm. When Nursha engaged my makeup/hairstyling services for her engagement, I swear I did not know it was Nursha the radio DJ until I clicked on her FB display picture. My point is, Nursha lives a really low profile life despite the radio celebrity she already is.




Famous Face Number 7: Lydia Izzati, a Suria actress. I invited Lydia to be one of the models to promote Studioperfect’s wedding portfolio because I know she has such a keen interest in the modelling industry. Besides, we were always conversing in Twitter prior to the portfolio photoshoot. This Lydia Izzati loves to tease me, if you must know.




Famous Face Number 8: Malaque Mahdaly, a former Singapore Idol 3 contestant.  Okay, I was quite starstruck when she came to my place for makeup. Kuch Kuch Ho Tahai . Hellooooo, if you followed Singapore Idol 3, you would have enjoyed Malaque’s unforgettable performance. Which performance?

This one!

So yeah, Kuch Kuch Ho Tahai.

Dang! I should have asked Malaque to sing live for me while I did her makeup that day. Biggest regret, for now.




So my dear Anonymous, hope you are now not so curious anymore. 8 famous faces I have worked on to date, but nothing beats this particular famous face that I see almost everyday. My favourite celebrity, by default. :p


 Never mind the fact that she betrayed me by switching from Blackberry to Iphone!!  Still trying to get over it.

…And that makes it 9 famous faces altogether.


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