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Are you currently planning for a baby shower, majlis cukur rambut, or a kenduri of sorts?

Dlailaz Makan Place  provides food catering services for events big or small!



Dlailaz Makan Place is a family business started by Mdm Laila who has operated food stalls before at Beach Road, West Coast and Bedok. One thing for sure, they are definitely no newbies in the food catering business. I have yet to taste their food but hey, just look at the awesome testimonials given by their customers! Now if there is one thing I know for sure, customers do not lie when they provide their reviews or testimonials. It’s either you give a good one if that person is deserving of one, or you don’t give at all.




And come on, just look at their food presentation! You should know by now that my parents and I are very, very, particular about food presentation.


Besides providing food catering services, Dlailaz Makan Place also rents out decorative items like chair covers and fully decorated baby sets! Now, if you are intending to cook for your own event instead of engaging the services of a food catering company, you might want to consider renting the decorative items from Dlailaz!

And oh, of course my blog readers will get a special treatment from Dlailaz!

For the FIRST TEN BLOG READERS OF ETRANGLE to add Dlailaz as a friend in Facebook, you will be eligible to rent the cradle set complete with the decorations, baby mattress and pillows at a special price of $150! 


The price also includes free delivery and collection after the entire event is over, with no security deposit needed even! Awesome deal, especially so if you are on a budget or you are not quite keen on spending too much for the event. 🙂

As the saying goes,

“Save money, and money will save you.”

Need to enquire more about Dlailaz Makan Place’s services and availability?

Contact number: 81928190



Credits to Dlailaz Makan Place for the pictures in this post.

And oh, I would love to have Dlailaz Makan Place cook for my upcoming event, if there is any. Now, what event should I plan? When is my birthday, arrrh?

Ohh.. it’s next year la. Still a long way to go aiyah. :S

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