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Rapunzel, Papunzel, let down your long hair?  Not anymore,  in Sharleez’s case.

She finally confessed to me that she wanted to cut her hair short. Initially I thought she wanted to cut her hair slightly shorter. A trim would do her good, I figured. I admit, I was quite skeptical about cutting her hair too short because her hair was so jet black long and lustrous! I thought it was such a waste to let go of something that was really so beautiful and rare to find in three year old girls. But lo and behold, my girl was serious about chopping off her hair. She told me she wanted to be like Mysha and Myreen. She begged and told me that she did not like her long hair because “it’s so painful everytime I tie my hair, Mummy.”  The moment she told me that, I immediately had no more reservations and told the hairdresser to cut her hair to the desired length.



It was quite an emotional moment for me though but of course I did not show it to Sharleez. She looked quite bedazzled initially when she saw her hair on the floor, chopped off.


She kept quiet all the way and got me so worried there.



Heck, if she decided to change her mind there and then and tell me that she wanted her long hair back, what was I to tell her? What was I to do? I prayed hard that she would be happy with the choice she made. She was. Phew! She kept looking at the mirror and gave that very proud look. “See Mummy? I look like Adik now!”  Great, I have triplets now.

Honestly, only God knew how extremely delighted she was. The moment we got home, she actually wanted to wake her sisters up because she was just so excited about her new hair style. The next day, she woke up extremely early for school because she wanted to show Mysha and Myreen her hair. On our way to school, she could not wait to show her teacher and friends the hair style she has got now.

When I asked her whether she likes her new hair style, she hugged me tight and said, ” Thank you Mummy for listening to me. You are my best friend ever!”  She planted a kiss on my cheek and went to sleep peacefully.


You are my best friend forever too, Sharleez. 



Anything for you, baby.

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