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Action, CUT!

My girls were so desperate for a haircut the other day. Like a really short haircut.

Sharleez: “Mummy, I think I need to cut my hair. And maybe curl it also.”

Mysha: “I want to cut my hair like Beauty and The Beast. “

Myreen: “I also want to cut my hair la!”

So when I asked them how short they wanted their new hair to be, they looked at me and then Sharleez asked, “Huh? Mummy you want us to cut our hair short ah?”

Aiyah. So fickle-minded! They did not want their hair short at all because they still wanted to retain the whole princessy look and image. Phew! I really thought they wanted to go all out and cut their hair as short as Dora or something. But then again, even if they had wanted to chop off their locks, Tatek and my parents would have not agreed to it. Tatek is still a bit outmoded/conservative, in the sense that he thinks girls should have long hair no matter how young or old. So yeah, do you now understand why my hair has always been so long?

Anyway, so we brought the girls for their much needed haircut at the salon. Lucky for them, they were treated exactly like princesses in the salon – they all had a good hairwash and head massage. And oh, each of them had a hairstylist to attend to them even at the same time! Well not exactly at the same time because Myreen had to wait for quite a while before her hairstylist could attend to her. It was quite a cute sight because it was so obvious she was bored of waiting and felt a bit left out. And to add on to her misery, Sharleez’s hairstylist kept teasing her. “See your sister cut hair already. You continue waiting okay?” And he hahahehe-ed all the way. Of course Myreen did not find that funny. In fact, she looked quite pissed that they made her wait while her sisters had their hair transformed.

Just watch this video and you will get what I mean. Myreen’s the one in the middle.


And during her haircut, Myreen just had to sit like a nyonya! Aiyah! Aiyoh!




Her sisters Sharleeez and Mysha, on the other hand, were seated quite demurely.



Just look at the serious looking Mysha. A haircut is a very serious business, okay?


But once the haircut was over, Myreen was the one who looked extremely happy. Two possible reasons for this – either she was glad everything was finally over..OR she really liked what she saw!



Want to know what was the hairstyle they initially agreed on?

This one right below.


Sharleez actually wanted to curl her hair a bit but of course I did not say yes to that. So minus the curls, the end result was pretty much the same. We were very pleased!




My mushroom head – Mysha!


This is called the HUMAN CHAIN, everybody. Tatek came up with this, by the way. Whenever we go out, the girls are required to hold each other’s hands and form the human chain like this.


I admire how my husband disciplines the girls sometimes. I am glad he does not leave all the disciplining part entirely to me. After all, I see them almost 24/7  so yeah, I need the break too. Hehehe. But really, as parents we may tend to overlook the importance of disciplining our children sometimes because we do not want to end up being too strict or fierce. Some of us do not want to be seen as the bad parent, maybe? Or we may think that disciplining the children also means that we do not allow them to express themselves freely. However, when children get out of control especially in public, or when they are already too big to be controlled, who’s to blame? When we discipline our children, it also means we are helping them develop self control and a sense of limits. Most importantly, they must learn to experience the consequences of their behaviour and learn from their mistakes. When children get their way all the time, they will not be able to accept failure or rejection in life.  I am not saying that my girls are tip-top or that we are perfect parents but at the very least, we do our part in ensuring that there is discipline somewhat no matter where we are.

After all…

“Discipline is a symbol of caring to a child. Discipline is guidance, If there is love, there is no such thing as being too tough with a child.”

Agree or nooooooooot?

And do you like the girls’ new hairstyle or not?

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