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Compete like a pro.

In business, a little competition every now and then is healthy. We need competitions to keep us striving further. But sometimes, some people might get too carried away and take competition to extreme levels. These same people feel the need to compete with everyone in every aspect of life. True story.

It will be a BIG fat lie if I were to say that Studiofrost has never faced competition from other online shops. It will be another BIG fat lie if I were to say that I have never faced competition from other bloggers. It will be an extremely BIG fat lie if I were to tell you that Studioperfect has never faced competition from other makeup artists. And it will be the BIGGEST and FATTEST lie ever if I were to say that I am hardly bothered by those people who like to conveniently use my blog or Studiofrost as an idea for them to start something similar and pass it off as their own idea or work. You want to start a business, have the decency to start from scratch using your own ideas. That’s the only way to get people to recognize your efforts and remember you. Did you seriously think that Studiofrost started off easy? Well, you are wrong. We were and we are never leg shakers, you know? I remember Nurul, Ili and I struggling really hard to reach where we are now. I am not saying that we are all big and mighty now, but at least we are already… somewhere? And my blog? Oh my oh my oh my.  I have been blogging ever since I was 16! I remember Ili teaching me how to use my first ever blog Again, when I first started blogging, I did not know what to expect or what others expected from me. Goodness, I did not even know I had people reading my blog! Whether or not I was following the so-called blogger’s code of conduct, I had no clue at all either. But I learnt over the years. I learnt to be more diplomatic in the way I write although I still do get carried away with my emotions at times. Cannot help it, I am such an emotional fool.  I learnt to carefully choose the topics that would enthuse my readers. I learnt to be more selective of the pictures I put up in my blog.

Keyword is,  I LEARNT.

And everyone has to learn too, the hard way. Nothing comes easy.

Honestly, despite all the competitions going on, I am just glad that I am always able to take a chill pill most of the time. Lots of it, in fact.

But I cannot possibly keep taking the chill pill. I might just die of overdosage, you know?

So let me share with you the following!


1. Take the chill pill. Hahaha. Okay, seriously we need it. We need to be calm, and take it in stride each time someone tries to outdo us.

2. Learn to laugh. Ahh, I always do this. Nurul and I always do this too. Never let your ego cause you the unneeded pressure.

3. Be happy with what we have.  And be sincere about it.

4. Always count on the support of family. Family will never betray you. Friends can, sometimes.

5. Keep working really hard & believe in what we can do. That’s the only way for us to be different.

And at the end of the day, everyone needs that little push in the form of…

C O M P E T I T I O N.

So budding entrepreneurs and bloggers, you can all do it just as long as you stay true to your passion.  Keep on believing in your ideas and never give up. I wish you all the best! 🙂

Speaking of BEST, you want to know what else is BEST? Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2011, that’s what! And as much as we would love to have the annual open house, have the mega sale where all our items are sold at very low prices, and meet up with all our beloved shoppers, circumstances just would not allow us to do so. But we found a solution to the problem almost immediately. What solution?

Studiofrost Fashion Festival goes online this time round, that’s what!

How convenient can it get? You don’t have to RSVP, you don’t have to travel, you don’t have to withdraw your money for the sale, you don’t have to withstand the massive crowd during the sale. All you have to do is to sit and face your computer, type and start adding items to cart. Ah, don’t forget to click CHECK OUT before the order process can be sent to your email immediately!

How simple!

At this point, most sales items are already sold out because we actually launched the sale yesterday afternoon. However, we still have some items left for you to grab! You need to be fast, though.

Up to 80% off, okay?




Lastly, thank you once again for shopping with Studiofrost. Thank you for your endless support. Thank you for believing in us.



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