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Colours of the rainbow

Something is in the air.

Its the nasty flu bug once again! Dang!

My little chatterbox Sharleez, is the unlucky number one to get the bug first. It all started with a cough. I thought it was one of her allergic reactions to dust because Sharleez’s nose is that sensitive. In face, she coughs everyday. I thought she would be alright after taking the normal promethazine mixture. But she was not. The cough did not go away, and the running nose came a day after. Her eyes were slightly sunken and very watery. She kept tearing each time she sneezed. Such a pitiful sight. She wanted to do so much but due to the running nose and her persistent cough, she could only whine.

And today, when I fetched her from school, her teacher mentioned that she was very quiet in class. Very unlike the usually bubbly Sharleez. Something was definitely wrong. I asked Sharleez how she was feeling, and she replied, “I am tired, Mummy. I am so sick.”  Oh oh, not good. When we got home, she had her lunch, and had her afternoon nap thereafter. I was still monitoring her, and was secretly hoping that she would be better by the time she woke up so that I could carry on with my Amore Fitness plans. But life is not always a bed of roses- my dear girl woke up and started sneezing all the more. Her mucus was very watery- you know the kind that drips down profusely? Very irritating.

And based on the previous experience where she told us that she wanted to go to the hospital because she was sick (and she was hospitalised on the same day), I know that Sharleez means business whenever she mentions she wants to go to the hospital. She would only say that if she is really sick and if she wants medication fast. So Amore plans cancelled. M&Ms who were almost ready with their going out attire had to change back into their home clothes.  Poor pumpkins. I took Sharleez to the nearby clinic. Saw the doctor, waited for medicine, and fed her medicine before leaving the clinic. One thing about Sharleez that I do not quite understand is her fussiness when it comes to colours. She was never difficult during medicine feeding time, but the moment she saw the different coloured bottles of medicine, she got a bit excited, confused soon after, and then she started the usual.


S: Mummy, I don’t want the brown medicine. I want the pink one first.”

M: Okay, but can you take the orange medicine first, then the pink one?”

S: “No, pink one first. Orange later. Brown I don’t want.”


I was about to feed her the medicine in the order she requested for when she stopped me and asked for a blue spoon instead of the green spoon as given by the clinic. The nurse overheard her and immediately asked her whether she wanted a blue, pink, green, yellow or red spoon, or all!

Blue spoon only.” she insisted.

So blue spoon it was. And the moment I tried feeding her the brown cough mixture, she cringed and said,”Mummy, I dont like brown. Brown is not my favourite colour. I dont want the medicine to be brown. It’s yucky!” Okay fine, Sharleez. No need to give me an essay to explain why you do not want the cough mixture.

I did not want to force her yet and told her we would skip the cough mixture first. I can so imagine what would happen if I had forced her to take the cough mixture despite her refusal- she would cough and keep on coughing until she vomits out everything. When we reached home, her cough did not get better still, and she knew she was suffering. When I asked her again whether she wanted to try taking the cough mixture, she nodded and said, “Of course Mummy, I need to get well right?” Glad you realised that, daughter. Super duper glad.

She is fast asleep right now, and I hope she will be able to sleep soundly tonight. It is such a heartpain to see your kids suffer when they are sick.

Get well soon, sweetheart.




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