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Cik Maz bakes!

I find absolute pleasure in recommending and blogging about good food because well, when something is really that good, the words will just come out naturally too.

Honestly speaking, I had to say no to quite a number of raya goodies this year. Want to know why? Well, the taste was not quite up to my expectations. How to recommend like that? By lying? In my blog?


Even though I am paid for advertorials, it does not mean that I will accept anything and everything from clients. I do choose carefully, and I will not hesitate to politely reject if I know I cannot blog earnestly for that particular product. Trust me, it’s really not just about the money.

Sorry I sidetracked a bit.


If you are thinking of adding on to your raya goodies collection, then may I please recommend to you …

Biskut Cornflakes


Biskut Badam


They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crunchy and soooooooooooooooo tasty that my girls and everyone in the household finished the entire bottle the moment I was done with the photoshoot for the goodies!  I even asked Mak to taste them and she immediately went, “Okay, very nice. You must promote these goodies.”

Oh, they even have macaroons!

I know you all like macaroons, riggggghhhht?


Even Daddy @Lanchiilicrab agreed. He was especially in love with the pastries.


Well, if you guys would like to order pastries like fruit tarts, cream puffs, and cheese tarts for any occasion at all, then I will strongly, strongly recommend these!

Fruit Tarts with the freshest of fruits!


Cream puff with generous custard filling!


Chocolate Eclairs with generous cocoa filling!


Cheese tarts which are just super addictive!


They are all homemade with love by Cik Maz Mohamed who enjoys baking so much. She used to just bake for her family members, but this year’s raya will be the first time she is opening for orders! I admit, when her niece Sabariyah (who is also a very dear my friend of mine) came over to my house with the samples, I was a bit skeptical. I thought the goodies would taste just normal. But the moment I popped each cookie/pastry into my mouth, I went “WAH SO NICE AH?!!!!!!!!!!!!” I asked my Nadyas to try a piece each, and they too fell in love immediately. In fact, they kept begging me for more but I told them they had to wait until I was done with the photoshoot for the raya goodies. The following day, they asked me again for the goodies. Again I said no. They kept asking me each and every day until I finally gave up and said yes. Mental torture, you know? Ask ask ask.

Therefore, I have already decided to order more of her Biskut Cornflakes, Biskut Badam and cream puffs!

Want to order too for Hari Raya this year?

Here’s the price list!


But do remember that since it is a home based business and Cik Maz is the only one doing the baking, she will close orders once her quota is met. 


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