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Challenge of the X

For every makeup class that I conduct, I always have a goal that I die die want to achieve at the end of it. And the goal is to make sure every student leaves my house looking better than before. And the reason why she looks better is certainly not because of what I do on her face BUT because of what she does on her face using her hands plus her newly acquired/improved makeup skills. This is the reason why I make my makeup classes as hands on as I possibly can. “Happy? Okay remove your makeup now and redo!” I would go all the time before leaving the student on her own for a few minutes. And the same look on everyone’s faces? The big eyes and mouth wide open kind. Classic right? Hehehe.

But look. Ultimately, she has to do her own makeup every day, without any help from others. She has to rely on the makeup skills that she has. She has to trust her own hands. So my hands on her face OR her hands on her face?

Therefore it gives me great satisfaction each time I browse through their Twitpics or FB photos and see how awesome they look now, and how much their makeup skills have improved. And it’s not thanks to me. I do not want to take the credit. It’s all thanks to their determination and constant practice. So well done girls, if I have not already said so earlier.

Which brings me to this entry…


As a way of saying thank you to all my previous 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 makeup students, I am holding a contest called Challenge of the X (students) especially for you, you and YOU who have learnt makeup with me.

All you need to do is to put makeup on using the skills that you have learnt from as well as the makeup skills you already have, snap several face shots of yourself, choose the best face shot, and submit the picture to The size of the picture needs to be at least 600 pixels and more.

And what will I do with your pictures? I will post them up in another blog entry once submission date is over, and get my blog readers to vote!

The person with the highest number of votes wins the following:

  1. A little token from MAC
  2. 1 hour of outdoor photoshoot sponsored by Myth Photography (by Chegu Thamrin)  – 1 8R print + 4 X 5R photos worth $99!

Want to see some of the works by Myth Photography (by Chegu Thamrin)?






 Gorgeous, aren’t they?

So join, for the sake of fun, and who knows your fun might just make you the winner of Challenge of the X!

I will be waiting for all your pictures, ex-students!

Closing date for submission? Extended to 17 June 2011, Friday.

Thank you ladies, for choosing to learn more about makeup with me!

 To know more about my ongoing 1 to 1 /2 to 1 makeup classes click HERE  first, and then email me at

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