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Challenge of the X: And the winner is…


So here we go. I am going to reveal the 12 brave participants for Challenge of the X finally! What is Challenge of the X? Read HERE.

Well done girls! It was indeed a privilege to have EACH and EVERYONE of you in my 1to1 or 2to1 makeup classes!  Regardless of whether you win this or not, you have all done an excellent job, and you know that! I still cannot believe that most of you actually came to my class not knowing a single thing about makeup, and 2 hours later? Well, you left my house feeling more confident than ever before! You don’t know how extremely satisfied I feel each time my makeup class ends and the student leaves my house like that. 🙂

And the 12 participants for Challenge of the X are…



So start voting, people! Closing date for this will be 30 June 2011! Will announce the winner then!

Close to 1000 blog readers have voted, and I thank everyone of you who voted for participating! 🙂



Wow. That’s almost half the total number of votes!


Congrats Ayn! You will be hearing from me really soon! 🙂

And want to know what Ayn stands to win?

  1. A little token from MAC
  2. 1 hour of outdoor photoshoot sponsored by Myth Photography (by Chegu Thamrin)  – 1 8R print + 4 X 5R photos worth $99!

To the rest of my ex-students who did not win, come on, congrats to you ladies as well! GROUP HUG now! 🙂

To join my 1to1 or 2to1 personal makeup classes, email me at to enquire today! Trust me, you do not have to know about makeup to join my personal makeup class because it’s all about your face!  🙂


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