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Chalk & Cheese?

Tonight I feel like dedicating one blog entry to my 15 months old fraternal twins, Mysha & Myreen.

Dear Mysha &  Myreen,

Some twins look like they came out from the same mold, and others are as different as chalk and cheese. But despite the similarities and differences that you girls fortunately (or unfortunately) share, you both are just as wonderful and adorable. You girls are pretty good at keeping me entertained with your antics, I must say. And even at the tender age of 15 months old, I can already see how you difficult it is for you to get along with each other at times. Too funny. You both want the same toy. You both do not want to share me with each other. You both will cry for attention at the same time. You do not like to look at each other that much. I get the rough idea- its pretty nauseating to know that someone looks and dresses up like you all the time! It totally defeits the purpose of having a mirror, right? But still!??

You ladies need to learn to appreciate each other. I hope you will grow up to realize the special bond you both share. It’s such an amazing thing to know that you will always have that someone next to you all the time. I am talking about the same someone who was with you ever since you were in the womb.  So what if you are as different as day and night?


When God made the world, he made both day and night because both are just as important and special no matter how different they are.


Love, love, LOVE you both so terribly much!

And your sister Sharleez too! 🙂



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