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CelebFest: The Most Happening Ramadan Bazaar

Thank you CelebFest for this poster! I feel honored, really.



Come join me, Nurul, Studiofrost and other popular brands + celebs next week at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre!

This will be the most happening Ramadan Bazaar in Singapore!


Let me see, some of the celebs coming down will be….

Akim (!!!!!!!!!!) & Stacy, Siti Nordiana, Liyana Jasmay, Fizz Fairuz, Yana Samsudin, Anzalna Nasir, Rossa, Remy Ishak, Elfira Roy and more!

Local celebs will include Sufi, Rosita Hussin, Norfasarie, Adlina Anis, Ariati Tyeb Papar, Nura J and Rozza & Jai.


So just look at this poster and see for yourself okay?


And oh this person by the name of Nurul Aini. Heard she is quite famous. Quite only lah. (LOL).


I cannot reveal his name (yes it’s a him) but what I can say is, I would love to be his maid.


Anyway, wanna see Studiofrost’s Raya 2016 collection up close and personal?


Well, here’s your chance to do so besides meeting all of your favourite celebrities!

There will also be food booths for you to buy your food for break fast! 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is basically your Hari Raya needs under one roof!



CelebFest 2016 Ramadan
17 June to 19 June 2016
10 am to 10 pm
Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre
Halls 401- 402

Follow in IG for more updates!
Thank you @rosevalleysg for organizing CelebFest! <3

The countdown begins!



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Eid 2013 with Studiofrost

Don’t know where to go this coming Eid?

How about you go to my most favourite online boutique in the whole wide world? (Besides ASOS, F21, Old Navy & Gap.)

 And it is none other than…


Nurul & I are going all out for Hari Raya this year, and we are going to keep the New Arrivals coming until you say stop. Beg us to stop, please. But here’s the thing, you might think that since we will have more new arrivals coming in, you should just take a backseat and enjoy the show before deciding on the ones that you want to get for Hari Raya. Right?


Truthfully, I will not exactly advise you to do that because every collection of ours is exclusive. We have designed them especially for Eid 2013. So if the stock sells out, it will most probably not come back ever again, not even in your dreams. #LOL By keeping these as limited editions, it minimises the chance of seeing someone else in the same outfit. But even if you see someone in the same outfit, then you should feel really good because hey, you both share the same good taste in fashion!  -_-


Okay we are going to have a series of collections, but let me just show you the first series!




At WWW.STUDIOFROST.NET, we keep it minimal, chic and classy. Nothing too fanciful. Nothing too extravagant.

You can always mix and match these kaftans so that they will look like a totally different outfit each time. Don’t forget to accessorize!

And for this year, most of our kaftan designs come with a cuffed sleeve. So no need to worry if there will be anyone peeking at your armpit if you raise up your hand or if you badly need to reach out for that kueh at the other end of the table. Go reach out for that last piece of kueh if you must! HEHE.



Are they ready stocks? YES. (And they are already filling up 3/4 of our warehouse!)

Are the kaftans free size? YES. (Chiffon kaftan is loose fitting, while inner lining is stretchable)

Are they breastfeeding friendly? YES. (Lift up the chiffon kaftan & pull down the cooling stretchable inner tube!)

Are they suitable for muslimahs? YES (At the point of ordering, you can opt for a long sleeved inner lining!)

Finally, your most favourite question of all time no matter what…


Okay read the following okay? And after reading, you can still email us to ask the same question again. HAHAH!

It’s very easy to shop with Studiofrost! We will guide you, no worries.
  1. First, you need to sign up as a member at It is FREE & takes only about 2 minutes of your time. Remember to fill in your full address as well so that it’d be stored in our database & you won’t have to type in your address anymore! 
  2. Then, you can start surfing our website & ‘PUT IN CART’ any items that you like. Once you’ve placed all the items in cart click ‘CHECK OUT’ and follow the instructions given.
  3.  You will then receive an email from us immediately and automatically (do check your junk and spam mail too for the order process) with the payment procedure, which is to be made via funds transfer to our DBS Savings Plus account within 5 hours of confirmation, by POSB/DBS Funds transfer, Paypal (additional 7%) or Internet Banking.
  4. Please note that we DO NOT accept transfers from other banks. Payment details like the additional amount you need for normal postage/registered mail will be provided in the Order Process emailed to you upon checking out of item from the website.
  5. Once payment is made, we will send items to Singapore Post during our next delivery day.
  6. Normal Mail Delivery will take 2-7 working days while Registered Mail Delivery will take about 3 to 4 working days. But this is just our estimation because the delivery process can take shorter or longer than this.


NORMAL DELIVERY – No tracking number provided. Item(s) will be placed in your mailbox. If item(s) is too big, Mr Postman will send it up to your doorstep. There’s no way of checking for item’s whereabout though if it does not reach you. We will not be held responsible for delay/loss of items via normal postage as we or Singpost cannot track items down.

Cost : Each item will cost $1.50

REGISTERED DELIVERY – Tracking number is provided for you to track your item’s whereabouts. Mr Postman will send item(s) up to your doorstep regardless of the size of item(s). We strongly recommend registered mail because if your parcel takes longer than usual to reach you, we can track it down. 

Cost : Additional of $2.24 (for every 2 items you purchase) on top of normal postage charges of $1.50 per item.

SELF COLLECTION – Venue is Pasir Ris. You still need to order from and proceed with payment excluding delivery fees at least 1 to 2 days before so that self collection can be arranged by us.

All items are free size unless otherwise stated. Please check on the measurements provided before making any purchase.No exchanges are allowed unless there are defects on items. 



And here’s the best part.


More collections at our website, including more new colours for long sleeved inner lining dresses!

Start shopping now! <3

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Nurul Nabila & Studiofrost

Hari raya is around the corner, and I should seriously spank myself for not blogging about this earlier.


So anyway, it’s always better late than never. And it’s now or never.

You get what I mean.

If Studiofrost used SARAH AQILAH for our Hari Raya Edition last year, this year we decided to go with someone who we really adore. Someone who is really a sweetheart and very easy to work with. Someone we have worked with for a photoshoot with Manja. Someone we have already used as our model for Studiofrost even before she became a TV personality/actress. Someone who is still a darling despite the number of fans she has now.

It’s Nurul Nabila!

Yes, she is that girl from Cinta Ixora.

Yup, she was Hakim’s love interest in Anak Metropolitan 3.

Thank you to Nabila for modeling some of the Hari Raya collection by Studiofrost. As usual, we had so much fun working with her. I had an awesome time doing her makeup and hair! Even though she had to model quite a number of outfits, she posed ever so gracefully like a swan, and she was able to give us what we wanted for the photoshoot. Fuss free!


I think she rocked all our outfits! Don’t you think so too? 🙂

Hehehe, in fact, Nurul Nabila also appeared in BeritaonSuria the other day, together with ehem ehem.. US!

Thank you BeritaonSuria and Nur Isyana Isaman for the interview! Oh yes, we were in the news on Suria channel for two days straight! Big deal, okay? 😀

To view Part 1 of the interview, click HERE.

To view Part II of the interview, click HERE.

And to all Nurul Nabila’s fans, she has something to tell youuuuuuuuu.

Selamat Hari Raya to all supporters of Studiofrost.

Oh yes, there’s still time for you to shop at because we are still accepting orders till 16 August 2012, Thursday.

However, do take note that it is strictly self collection in Pasir Ris from today onwards.

Hope to see you at Studiofrost! <3

Have a blessed Ramadhan!

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Cookies & Cakes By Studiofrost

I just love the fact that the beautiful month of Ramadan is finally here.

And I know that during the same month of Ramadan, we will all get so busy with so many things and most importantly, performing our duties to HIM & reforming ourselves to be better Muslims. Insya’allah.

Ramadan is also the period when we will be super busy with…


Each year without fail, Studiofrost has been bringing Hari Raya collection for all our customers, new or loyal. This year is no different and is even better than previous years because we have been launching our Hari Raya Collection week after week since a month ago. So many designs, just for all of you. Kaftans, lace gowns, lace tunics, bustiers, inner lining dresses in various colours, and just in…LACE KEBAYA! Super gorgeous, and they are already selling so fast! The lace kebaya set will really go well with our bustiers.

Oh yes, we will still have quite a number of designs coming in as I type this, but because time is running short, we cannot afford to open backorders for every single design once the stocks are sold out. This also means, if you see something you fancy, then you should go and add the item to cart and proceed with the order. No need to think so hard, our prices are really affordable! Let me tell you about this one customer of us. She liked a certain design but she wanted to wait for newer designs before she could decide, she said. So what happened? The design was sold out just when she was about to purchase it, and she was utterly upset as a result. She begged us to do a backorder just so that she could own a set. Unfortunately, we could not meet her request because our supplier has officially stopped taking in more orders for us for the month of July till August. The supplier was like telling me this over the phone, “Aiyoh. Cannot lor. No more time liao to do more designs or backorders ley if you want for Hari Raya. If you want for Deepavali, can.”


So okay, do check out our Hari Raya Collection ya at S T U D I O F R O S T !

If you have noticed, we also have a new section at Studiofrost, and that is the…


Welcome welcome to the Studiofrost family! Enjoy your stay for a month, Aidilfitri section! Hehehe.

Oh yes, we have decided to venture into the world of cookies and cakes this time round for this festive season, and this is all thanks to Mak for her genius ideas! We were having an afternoon tea one day, eating non-stop while discussing Hari Raya when Mak suddenly suggested bringing in Hari Raya goodies and cakes.



Let me now present to you…

Cookies & Cakes by Studiofrost, Hari Raya Edition!










…and many more! Yup, we will have some more cookies coming in like Putu Kacang!

One dear customer emailed Studiofrost to ask us the following.

“Hey sis, your Hari Raya goodies look so good and yummy. Can I ask, will they look the same if I order them?”

Our answer is a BIG YES! Why, we actually took all these cookies/cakes out straight from the containers/boxes during the photoshoot. All we did was to add flowers here and there to  beautify the cookies and cakes.

And don’t worry about the taste at all because my mum and most of the makcik makcik who came for Studiofrost Fashion Festival were very pleased with what they tasted. If you are the kind who cannot take or do not like too much sugar in your food, then you should really consider ordering Cookies & Cakes by Studiofrost!

My personal favorites have got to be the Kueh Tart and Rocky Road. The Kueh Tart has a generous amount of pineapple filling, and hence it is also a hit with the Nadyas! They super love the Kueh Tart, I tell you. And what’s extra special about the Kueh Tart is the fact that each and every piece is handmade (“sepit tangan”) instead of conveniently using the pineapple tart mould.

Remember this? Oh how Mysha and Myreen have grown up. But they still like Kueh Tart no matter how big they have grown. 🙂

Besides the Kueh Tart, the Nadyas also love Lapis Asam Manis and I can understand why. Lapis Asam Manis is not just a piece of sweet layered cake. It has that tinge of tamarind taste amidst the sweetness. Really refreshing! The Rocky Road cookies taste something like macaroons except that they contain peanuts. Once you start eating, you cannot stop! Let me warn you first. Hehehe. So in other words, one bottle is not enough if you are intending to order them for Hari Raya. Oh my goodness. I can go on and on talking about each and every cookie and cake. But yes, if you trust my taste, Nurul’s, Nadyas’, and my mum’s, then I do not have to convince you any further right? No harm ordering a bottle of each! 😀

My mum is not even intending to make any Hari Raya goodies this year because she has already planned to order straight from Studiofrost. Wait a minute, she does not even have to order actually because I will gladly “sponsor” her. Don’t worry okay, Mak. Hahahahahaha.

Can you see my face in the first picture? I was seriously enjoying the Kueh Tart. Truthfully, we were not supposed to eat anything during the photoshoot hence, that expression on Nurul’s face. But I just could not help myself. Hehehe.

Order your Hari Raya goodies online this time round, only at!

Collection Methods

(One week before Hari Raya): 

  1. Self Collection in Pasir Ris
  2. $10 for East Area
  3. $14 for West Area

Do also note the following, dearies!

  • Orders will close on 2nd week of Ramadan.
  • Delivery charge is per location/address regardless of numbers of orders.
  • Do exclude the $1.50 postage per item from total amount to pay once you receive your order process in your email.
  • Do include the delivery charge of $10/$14 to the total amount to pay if you would orders to be delivered to your doorstep.

Click on AIDILIFITRI to order now!

With that, I wish all my Muslim readers a very blessed Ramadan. <3 

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Thank you! #SFF2012

On June 2 2012, it was finally Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2012!

I know right? 😀

Studiofrost Fashion Festival means so much to me, Nurul, and the entire Studiofrost family. It is something that will always remind us of how we all started from scratch, from day 1, from nothing. And look where we are today. Alhamdullilah, I can never thank Allah and all my family members for making it possible for me, Nurul, and Studiofrost.

Prior to the event itself, Nurul and I spent so many days and nights preparing for it. We wanted it to be bigger than ever, and therefore, we needed more stocks than ever too. More stocks is equivalent to more stocktaking, more tagging and more work. Never once did we both complain or whine because we were so confident Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2012 would be a success. We knew our efforts would somehow pay off at the end of the day because we have worked so hard. We just had that feeling. So yes, while our two helpers attended to our kids in the other room, Nurul and I did our work in the studio room. Truthfully, I felt so guilty for being so busy preparing for the festival because Ikknew I was not spending enough time with my girls.

In fact, Sharleez even went to me to ask,

“Mummy, when will you havektime to play with us?”


I apologized to her and the twins of course, and told them them once the event was over, I would spend time with them and make up for everything. And yes, I did.

So on the day /f Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2012, everyone was up so early because we had to transport the goods from the warehouse and Nurul’s house to the venue itself, Aranda Country Club. Mind you, I am talking about almost 30 big red bags of stocks, clothes racks, mannequins, and more.

Even much more than what you see here.

So Daddy, Ian, Tatek, Nurul, and myself did all the loading and unloading. And then, once we were there, we delegated th% tasks. Thank god Nurul and I  already decided the day before who would be doing what. I was in charge of the decor! I could not be happier, really. Hahahaha!

The event was supposed to start at 2 pm but I saw so many of our customers already waiting to enter as early as 1.30 pm! Wow! Hehehe.

So the moment it was time, the crowd just went crazy.

How crazy?


I barely had space to walk; I had to squeeze! Can you now imagine how Nurul managed to walk through the crowd despite her very big tummy? I suspect she used her tummy to push everyone aside. Hahah.

Look at the queue!

Just look at it!

We panicked actually when we saw the queue. I remember constantly telling our cashiers Ian and Ili to hurry. Hahaha I am not saying they were slow or anything because the truth is, they were super duper efficient. Sharleez helped out too! She was in charge of putting the purchased items nicely into the paperbag before giving them to the customers and saying,


How cute! <3 Thank you Sharleez for that!

(I would love to be the cashier for the next Studiofrost Fashion Festival.)

You know, the crowd remained that big and insane till about 7.30 pm before it finally started to grow sparse.

I finally had space to walk!

And only when it started to grow sparse did we finally have a proper break and meal!

Thank you, thank you everyone for making Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2012 a super HUGE success! We thought it would be a success, but we did not think it would be that huge, really.

I got to must thank quite a number of people here because seriously,without them, we could not have possibly managed.

Mak & Daddy, as usual, for always being our pillars of support in anything and everything we do. Without them, we will be lost for directions because we constantly need their guidance and blessings. You have no idea how much Studiofrost depends on them both! Daddy, thank you also for taking charge of the photography because we hardly had time to even pose for the camera! So thank you so very much.

Ili, for making time for Studiofrost on that day. Hahaha! But hey, she sold quite a number of her preloved clothes for so cheap! As cheap as $2 okay for her H&M dresses and all! She was like, “Better to sell in quantity than to not sell nothing at all.” That’s Ili for you, the ever so generous one.

Tatek & Ian, for helping us out with everything. Tatek, you did really good with the stocks. All we needed to do was to tell you what the customers wanted, and you were ready with the stocks within seconds! Ian, you were a very excellent cashier! We did not have any shortage of cash, thanks to you.

Okay actually I helped you too, Tatek! So did Nurul and Estee! Hahaha!

Special thanks to Sabariyah (@icemuncher) for taking the day off from work and assisting us from the start till the end of the event. I really did not expect that! I am really fortunate to have a friend as sincere, kind and helpful as her. May Allah always bless this beautiful friend of mine for all that she has done for me, my family and Studiofrost!

My Nadyas and Shan Ehan for behaving their best and for being quite independent on that day!


Thank you to Aton and Estee too for helping us manage the kids. What would we do without helpers?

(Sometimes Most of the time, I wonder why Shan’s hair is this brown.)

Thank you Nadyas especially for being so accommodating to your ever so busy mother, and for entertaining yourselves during the days when I was exceptionally busy with Studiofrost.

I hope you will figure it out one fine day that I am working so hard for your future, and nothing else. I would love to just shake my legs at home doing nothing, but doing nothing is something that I am not good at.

And of course,


We still have so many of our customers who came for Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2012 coming back for more at simply because they were super pleased with their purchases! It’s nice to see so many new customers too! Like really so many.

And oh, to those who tasted the Hari Raya goodies during Studiofrost Fashion Festival 2012 and are intending to order them for Hari Raya, worry not! I will be blogging about them really soon so that you can place your orders soon too!


Gosh! I am just super excited for Studiofrost because we have so much to offer you still in the days, weeks, months and time to come! Nurul and I are only getting better, all thanks to the experiences (and nice clothes) we have had so far with Studiofrost.

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”

S T U D I O F R O S T .

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