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If you are planning for your little one’s first birthday party, it will not be quite complete without a smash cake.

And I decided to have one for Shakeel’s first party! 

He likes elephants so I thought a little elephant smash cake would be really cute!

Shakeel Cake Smash Cake 550px

What is a smash cake?

It is basically baby friendly frosted cake made especially for the birthday boy or girl! The idea is for them to smash it!

It will get really messy, but the photos are priceless! Yup, the tradition is to have a proper photoshoot for the smash cake.

It’s really hard to find someone who does a halal smash cake in Singapore actually.

The only bakery that does it is Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes!

At Delcie’s, they bake their cakes using their own natural cake recipes that do not contain any form of eggs, dairy products, chemicals or egg-aiding agents such as emulsifier, stabiliser, commercial egg-replacer or most commonly used in vegetarian bakery, whey protein.

Yes everyone, there is such a thing called healthy and baby friendly cakes!

In fact, Delcie’s are known for their delicious yet healthy cakes!

If you were to visit their website, their cakes are categorized as such:


Impressive, huh?

Their baby friendly cakes do not contain any form of eggs, dairy, nuts, and cocoa powder.

Now, as we all know it, introducing certain food too early to babies may cause allergic reactions, botulism, or dangerous bacteria to enter the baby’s system.

Ingredients that can be hazardous to baby if introduced too early include:

  • Honey, Corn Syrup, and Maple Syrup
  • Dairy Milk
  • Cheeses
  • Un-Pasteurized Juice
  • Eggs
  • Citrus Fruits – oranges, grapefruits, kiwi fruit and other citrus fruits
  • Nuts and Peanut Butter
  • Raw Sprouts
  • Cocoa Powder


Let me tell you more about Shakeel’s cake smash, and I will be real honest about it. 🙂

Shakeel’s smash cake experience was more funny than anything.

He was super curious at first.

Shakeel Cake Smash 2 550px

He started to study and examine the cake.

Shakeel Cake Smash 1 550px

And I think he decided that he did not want to continue demolishing the cake.

Shakeel Cake Smash 3 550px

But he changed his mind and came back for a bit more.

Shakeel Cake Smash 4 550px

And then his Mummy being the opportunist she is, told him to smash more!

Shakeel Cake Smash 6 550px


Shakeel Cake Smash 5 550px

I was really trying to get Shakeel to experiment and get dirty with the cake! Okay fine, I am sorry!

My boy just did not want to destroy the poor cake, I guess.


You should also do a smash cake photo-shoot for your little one’s birthday and just laugh yourself silly like me.

It will be fun – you can never know how your little one will react to you insisting that they smash the cake!

Thank you so much to Delcie’s Desserts for the smash cake! <3

So Mummies, if you want to order a cake for your little one’s birthday and wants him/her to enjoy the cake as well, go order from Delcie’s! Don’t worry, they can customise the cake to any theme or character!

For orders and enquiries:

IG: @delciesdesserts



Special thanks to Fauzi Anuar for the funny shots! Not quite a piece of cake, but he managed to capture those precious moments for us nevertheless!


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The CHOICE is mine

Just recently, I decided to change the sofa in my living room to a leather sofa.




As you can see, someone’s certainly pleased with the choice.


Sofa 6 550px


Here’s why.

My previous sofa was a fabric sofa and we were pretty okay with it except for the size that it occupied, and the fact that it was pretty challenging to maintain.

The initial colour of my previous sofa was cream.


And then I changed it to black.



Didn’t help that much.

See, maintenance was pretty challenging as it absorbed odours easily. Now, my mum does a lot of cooking on a daily basis – not a good idea to have fabric sofa! My sofa often ended up smelling like the dishes my mum cooked. HAHA.

So I thought I should opt for a leather sofa instead for the following reasons as well:


  1. Leather is a very durable material and can last long – for parents with kids who like to jump and do stunts on the sofa (lol), leather sofa is indeed the solution!
  2. Spills and dirt can easily be wiped off – this one will really help me since I have kids who are so clumsy and keep spilling everything they eat!
  3. Leather is easier to clean and maintain – just use a damp cloth
  4. Sofa will look better as it becomes worn down with age.


Sofa 3 550px


I came across Choice Furniture, and decided to visit their showroom to have a look at their collection.



Their showroom is HUGE!









And if what you want is not there, you can refer to their catalogue to view even more of their collection! (That was what I did, actually!)

Another option is shop online via

Nowadays, everyone prefers to just shop online anyway.

Let me share with you some of their online catalogue.





Look at the prices Choice Furniture offers. I am sure you will agree that they do not overcharge and everything is reasonably priced.

With the rising cost of living in Singapore, every homeowner will definitely not want to spend beyond his or her budget without compromising on the quality of the furniture.

Buying furniture has always been a perilous and complex affair.

Choosing the right furniture store is just as important as choosing the correct furniture for our home. Falling in love with the look of the furniture, without considering its construction and durability is one of the biggest pitfalls customers often encounter.

As customers, we need to be satisfied with our purchase(s). But sometimes, we do not know about the products that much and that’s when the sales person’s genuine and honest recommendations will really come in handy. Some furniture stores will just totally ignore our concerns and complains the moment they deliver the furniture to us. Many times, I have seen customers complaining because what they received was not the same as what they ordered or what was promised to them.

There were also occasions where the furniture vendor became so hostile just because customers noticed defects in the product, and wanted an exchange.

Dan from Choice Furniture was so accommodating to all my needs right from the start, and he delivered what he promised promptly.

Most importantly, I like how patient and polite he was throughout.

Needless to say, his customer service was tip top.

So based on my budget, needs and lifestyle, Dan recommended several sofas before I decided on THE SOFA.

 Sofa 2 550px
Sofa 1 550px




Let me help you!

Sofa 4 550px


Here are some tips on choosing the correct sofa:


  1. Size matters: If you have a bigger living room, how much of the living space do you want your sofa to occupy? Do also consider your walking space.
  2. Orientation: Decide how and where the sofa will be placed. Start by analyzing your lifestyle. Do you watch TV? What do you do most in that space? Do you like to sit in front of the TV? Or do you use the living room simply to relax and read?
  3. Sofa shape: Decide which shape will best suit your living room. L-shaped sofas are usually great for separating the living room from the dining room. A rounder shaped sofa is better for a smaller space.
  4. Material: Which one is best for you? I have mentioned earlier on the reason for my switch of sofa fabric from fabric to leather.
  5. Style: Choose a sofa that complements your home. Do not have a modern theme furnishing and then go for a vintage couch. Like errrr?
  6. Colour: Choose a colour that will suit your lifestyle most importantly.


Sofa 5 550px


Thank you Choice Furniture for making my living room now so much easier to maintain.

We are pleased with the choice, indeed.

Now now, of course my readers will also get the furniture of their choice plus the special treatment.

Enjoy 10% all products when you shop online at All you need to do is to typeDIAH10’ on the check out page.

If you prefer to walk-in to their showroom instead, just mention my name Diah to enjoy the 10% off too! Oh I have to mention that you can just park right opposite their showroom! Ample parking space, guys!


Instagram: @choicefurnituresg


Location: 63 Hillview Avenue, Lam Soon Building, #01-05 S669569


This bird nest swing (worth $399) can be yours, you know?





All you need to do is to go to my FB (click HERE) and follow the instructions there on! I will pick the winner based on your creativity because the CHOICE is mine.

Closing date will be 30 April 2017!


Special thanks to Zee & Marina for the sofa shots. If you are looking for a lifestyle photographer, look no further!

Right, Shakeel? <3


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When I was first introduced to JAMUlicious, I actually dreaded tasting it because of the word JAMU in it.

Like, I really dreaded!


This is me just staring at it and thinking whether to drink it or not. #nodrama

I remember asking the client for assurance about the taste before really tasting it. I even told my helper to taste it first! I have never eaten jamu all my life but I know for a fact that jamu has never tasted nice.

For starters, jamu is a herbal medicine made from natural materials such as plants, roots, flowers, seeds, barks, and more. The main ingredients are turmeric and tamarind.

I realized that JAMUlicious also has LICIOUS in it, which I believe stands for delicious? Or yummylicious?

The client told me to refrigerate it first before drinking it.

Now of course you should skip this part if you have asthma or you are undergoing confinement.

I refrigerated it, shook the bottle, poured a glass of it….





It tastes like Asam Boi Drink actually.


Yes guys, JAMUlicious is a very tasty herbal drink.


So why drink JAMULICIOUS?

  1. Better blood flow
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. Reduces pimples
  4. Reduces Sinus
  5. Anti Cancer
  6. Expels wind from body
  7. Reduces menses cramp
  8. Reduces whitening discharge
  9. Gives Energy
  10. Reduces Body Odour
  11. Acts as an Anticeptic
  12. Removes odour from menses
  13. Slows down Aging
  14. Helps reduce blood pressure

JAMUlicious is to be consumed 2 days once, right before bedtime. It is suitable for both men and women.

And in case you are wondering, yes, JAMUlicious has HSA Clearance!

Price: $10.50

Weight: 500ml


You can purchase it from Toko Indo by Alhinduan Trading #01-38/39 which is located at East Village Mall.

Otherwise, you can order it online or via whatsapp!



Whatsapp: 94311143

Facebook: YahYahYah

Delivery is $10.

FREE Delivery for Orders above $50.

Self Collection: 20 Teban Gardens (via appointment only)

And strictly for my readers and followers only, enter or quote ETRANGLE when you order to enjoy 20% off your orders!

Plus, you will get to also enjoy FREE DELIVERY for orders worth $50 and above!

Thank you Yah Yah Yah Online for introducing JAMUlicious drink to me and for helping me overcome my jamu phobia! LOL.

Yah Yah Yah Online is a home-based business set up by Liyanah Md Ali, a SAHM who is dedicated to massaging and distribution of high quality health products such as Pomegranate Concentrate and JAMUlicious Herbal Drink (Home Made).

Yes, she provides whole body traditional javanese massage for ladies too at just $50 for 1.5 hours! If you are staying near Teban Gardens or do not mind travelling to Teban Gardens, you might want to try out her massage!

Click HERE for more details!

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Review: Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller

Since there are too many baby products in the market and I’m always spoilt for choice, I have decided to do reviews for them!

To kickstart my review for baby products will be the new…

Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller.


This stroller will be launched anytime this month! Yes, December 2016!

To begin with, the exterior and colour of the stroller is already a winner. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I mean, come on, how can you possibly go wrong with a grey and brown leather combination?


If you ask me, the cloud combination makes the stroller look really classy and expensive.



But read on and be pleasantly surprised when I finally reveal to you the retail price of this gorgeous stroller.

Features of the Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller:

  • Suitable for use from birth up to a maximum weight of 25 kg
  • Multiple recline seats positions
  • Additional padded cushion seat provide comfort for your child
  • Open or Fold the stroller with only ONE hand, this leave your other hand to carry your little love one
  • Extra spacious seat gives baby a lot of kicking space and lets them stretch out for comfort anytime
  • Ultra light weight: easy to handle even taking public transport
  • Handle reversible, enable mummy to view the baby even while strolling
  • Full canopy to prevent child from direct sunlight
  • Extra hood windows provides ventilation even though baby is fully covered by the canopy



The Bonbjiou LUXOS Stroller is definitely a fuss-free stroller that is comfortable, stylish and most importantly, affordable! And because it is so easy and convenient to use this stroller, I let my girls bring their little brother for a stroll downstairs anytime they wish to.


And now, the retail price.

Are you ready?

It will be retailing at…



Really reasonable and affordable for a stroller, don’t you think? 

So be the first few in Singapore to own the Bonbijou LUXOS Stroller!


For updates on the exact launch date and where to purchase it, follow BONBIJOU in Facebook by clicking HERE HERE HERE!


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Brace(s) yourself.

So now that Sharleez is finally on braces, all the what ifs and fears are gone.

In fact, I was actually worried for her when she first put on the braces. I thought she would not be able to tolerate the pain or discomfort.

But hey, she is really doing super great so far!




But, she is only 9 years old!

Shouldn’t she wait till all the baby teeth fall out?

Shouldn’t she wait for all of the adult teeth to come in?

Shouldn’t she wait till she is at least 12?

Ah okay. If you are asking me the above questions, that means you have missed the first blog post about this. How about you click HERE HERE HERE \to read that blog post? But do not forget to come back for this post once you are done, okay? 😀

Many children and parents delay the process of straightening their teeth due to fear.

What are the different kinds of fear that may arise?

FEAR #1: Fear of pain.

The most common concern that children have when starting to put on braces is that it will be extremely painful. As a parent, you may also share the same fear as your child since obviously, no parent would want to see their child in pain.

In reality, orthodontic treatment does not involve the use of twisting or wrenching their teeth into position.

Newer Orthodontic appliances use gentle, consistent pressure to realign the teeth gradually. Now, this pressure can cause the gums to become tender and ache a little at the start or after each adjustment. However, this discomfort is really temporary and minor.

In most cases, this discomfort can be solved through over the counter medications.

But if you ask me, Sharleez does not even require medications so far because the treatment is bearable.

Want to know why?

Sharleez is using the self-ligating Damon Braces to allow minimal a very gentle force to be applied on the tooth to reduce and discomfort.

But I did my part too and prepared her mentally.

Days Weeks before, she kept asking me, “Mummy, will it be painful? How tight?”

Since I am currently wearing the Invisalign aligners, which is an almost invisible alternative to braces, I told her what it feels like to have aligners on. I also told her how important it is to have an exceptionally good dental hygiene when she is wearing braces.

Sharleez: “Did you cry Mummy when you have the aligners on?”

Me: “Have you ever seen me cry when I put on the aligners? In fact, I am laughing even more than ever!”  

Sharleez: “Okay, I can do this! I want a straight teeth!” 

FEAR #2: Fear of the Unknown

Most people are afraid of situations where they do not have control or understand what is happening.

A dental clinic can be a very intimidating place for a young child.

Just imagine this.

Your kid is laid out horizontally on a chair with bright lights shining in their face. The doctor then proceeds to use a collection of unfamiliar instruments in their mouth.


Well, it can even be an intimidating place for adults! I remember fearing my every visit to the dentist when I was still in primary school. I remember still fearing my visit to the dentist even after I reached adulthood.

But here’s the thing – my kids look forward to their every visit to De Pacific Dental despite them always being very selective of the people they choose to warm up to! They really adore their dentist Dr Ooi Jing Liang because he always takes the effort to create conversations and joke with them. So really, it is not like a visit to the dentist!

At De Pacific Dental, they understand the parents and child’s concerns, hence they take the time to find out the fears that the kids may have.

On the day when Sharleez was supposed to put on her braces, she was very nervous, as expected.

Dr Ooi already anticipated that Sharleez would be pretty nervous on the day of her braces procedure. The moment he saw Sharleez, he first started by asking her about her day and how she was feeling. He did not mention anything about the braces at all initially. Once Sharleez was less tensed, Dr Ooi went on to explain to her what he was going to do and what she should expect to feel.

He then asked her whether she liked Finding Nemo and who her favourite character in the show is.

Right before he started to put the braces on for Sharleez, he played Finding Nemo for Sharleez to watch. It was definitely a good form of distraction as Sharleez was more engrossed with the movie than the procedure that she was undergoing at that time.


In fact, even her little supporters (especially Shan!) were so engrossed with the movie and they totally forgot to cheer her on! Nice. HAHA.


The procedure was pretty painless, with a little bit of discomfort experienced by Sharleez. Dr Ooi was thoughtful enough to keep checking on Sharleez throughout.


FEAR #3: Fear of Embarrassment

Kids and teens often feel especially fearful that they will “look funny” or get made fun of while they are wearing their braces. These types of fears tend to get worse around special occasions such as birthday parties or other gatherings.

Sharleez had the same fear too before she had her braces on. She was like, “Mummy, I don’t want to open my mouth when have my braces on. Later my classmates will notice and make fun of me!”

To that I asked her, “But you look at all those people with bright coloured bands and brackets on their braces. I think they are cool. Don’t you think so too?”

She replied, “Ya actually they are kind of cool. I have seen some really pretty girls with braces.”


Dr Ooi then showed Sharleez the various colours of band that she could choose for her braces. Sharleez looked so excited and was pretty confused as to the colour of the band that she should choose.


She chose baby blue, as expected. Sharleez’s favourite colour is blue, you see?

The braces were fitted to two of Sharleez’ upper front teeth and two of her bottom front teeth.




This is because Sharleez still has some baby teeth left, somewhere at the back. So while waiting for them to drop off and for the adult teeth to fully grow, Dr Ooi will straighten her front teeth first. So the treatment that she is undergoing is called interceptive orthodontics. To recall what I blogged in the earlier post, intervention may begin as early as age 6 or 7. At this age, teeth are still developing. Early intervention takes advantage of the fact that a child’s jaw is still growing. That means certain conditions, such as crowding, may be easier to address.

Types of teeth and bite conditions that may be cause for early interceptive treatment include:

  • Open bites
  • Deep bites
  • Cross bites
  • Overjets
  • Crowding (Sharleez’s case)
  • Spacing
  • Teeth not emerging in the right sequence
  • Missing teeth
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • Ankylosed teeth: a condition where the tooth stops erupting and stays in the same place, causing the permanent tooth to be displaced upon emergence

Children who receive interceptive orthodontics generally still need braces or other orthodontic appliances later. However, this early treatment may shorten and simplify future treatment in selected cases. This is commonly known as two-phase treatment.

The moment the braces were placed, Dr Ooi gave Sharleez a mirror and asked her to smile showing her teeth.


I don’t know about you, but I think that anyone with braces is really cute! 

  1. Fear of Food Getting Caught in the Teeth

Another common fear regarding orthodontic treatment is that large amounts of unsightly food will get caught in the wires and brackets, leading to embarrassment, bad breath, and even tooth decay. In reality, a person with braces is not more likely to get food stuck in their teeth than someone without them. Misaligned teeth also cause a much greater risk of gum disease.

For a start, drinking plenty of water can help wash away any stray bits of food.

At De Pacific Dental, they also make it a point to educate and teach the children on proper brushing and care of their braces. And Dr Ooi did just that after the braces were fitted!


It’s inevitable that Sharleez will still get some food particles stuck in her braces after every meal.

Hence, the three steps approach for her and anyone with braces to follow:

  1. Make it a habit to head to the bathroom after every meal to clean the teeth. First, start by swishing water vigorously around your mouth then spitting it out. Repeat the process several times.
  2. Next, use a small dental pick or tooth pick to remove small particles that are stuck between the wires and teeth or trapped by a bracket.
  3. Finally, carry a small travel toothbrush to brush after every meal.

And that was it! Sharleez now has braces on and she could not have looked more cuter!

This was her smile and teeth after the first time she had the braces fitted.


This was Sharleez 8 weeks later.


And this is Sharleez now!





 So confident already with the different poses! 


We are slowly getting there! Actually, the progress is surprisingly fast.

Every 8 weeks, we will have to make a date with Dr Ooi to make adjustments to her braces by way of wire-changers, adding springs, elastics or other accessories.

If you’re curious whether your child needs early orthodontic treatment like Sharleez, do not hesitate to call up De Pacific Balestier to find out more!

And oh, if you want to know more about Invisalign, you can find out from them toooooo!

What is Invisalign?

  • Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible so it’s difficult for others to notice
  • Invisalign aligners are removable. You can remove them before eating/drinking and easily brush and floss to maintain good oral hygiene.eatment

I am wearing Invisalign too in almost all of my photos, can you tell?

Trust me, the people at De Pacific Balestier are a bunch of awesomely nice people! Your kid will enjoy his visits to the dentist once he meets Dr Ooi!



Let Dr Ooi advise you (with no obligations) on what needs to be done for your teeth before you consider or even decide!

Contact details:

Tel: (65) 6684 4862

Address: 20 Ah Hood Road, #01-25, Zhongshan Mall,
Singapore 329984


Opening Hours:
 Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 10pm

Saturdays to Sundays: 10am to 6pm

Public Holidays: Closed


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