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Perth Trip 2018

After our first (and every fun) staycation with the Esmans, we decided that it was too short a time. That said, we mutually agreed that we should plan for a holiday together.

And we did just that! 

After much brainstorming and lots of decision making in terms of choosing a holiday destination that’s more laidback and value for money (since we have 3834848484 kids), we opted for Perth.

We booked the tickets as early as December last year. Again, it was very tempting to go for SIA but when we thought about the amount of money we could save by opting for Scoot instead, we were sold! When you travel, it’s all about saving whatever money you can do that you can put that money to good use elsewhere – like shopping or food expenses for the family.

Next up, itinerary. Of course I volunteered to take charge of the itinerary because I just love planning (and being in control lol). Nura and Esman were really so laid back and entrusted me with the planning. So I excitedly did the day by day itinerary based on recommendations provided by friends and acquaintances from IG and FB. (Thank you everyone for contributing and recommending!)

Even though it was going to be my second time to Perth, it did not matter at all – I loved our first Perth experience so much. In fact, I love Perth so much that I did not mind revisiting the places that I had been to before. What am I saying? I love Perth to the extent of wanting to migrate there even! LOL.


Guys, if you are going to travel to Perth (or any part of Aussie) for the first time, please do not forget to apply for Visa!

I did my application online via THIS WEBSITE and I had to pay only $7 to $8 per pax. If you were to do it last minute (like few hours before departure), it will cost you about $45 per pax. So expensive!



Next up, it’s very important to check the weather and season in Perth so that you will know exactly what to pack.

When we were in Perth, summer was ending and it was almost autumn. So the first two days were pretty humid (but windy). It was bearable and we actually were not even affected by the sun.



If you are traveling with babies or toddlers, it’s perfectly okay to bring formula milk, baby food  and medications but please do not forget to DECLARE (even if you decide to check them in like what I did). And if you hand carry them, you still need to declare. Failure to do so will result in the dog sitting right next to you during the clearance check. What happens next? More thorough checks lor. Adults, please do not bring your sambal or belacan or whatever food to Perth okay. Strictly not allowed. But what’s there to worry really – almost every supermarket in Perth has a halal section of Asian food. I bought ABC and Lingham sauce there! And oh, cili padi too!



The flight to Perth is about 4 hours 40 mins. It’s going to be a pretty challenging flight for parents with active toddlers. So what I did was to prepare several bags of toys & actitvities for Shakeel so that he would be kept busy with them. Do not take them out all at once. Introduce one toy or activity at a time.

Types of toys you can bring for your little ones should not be bulky and can include:

  • Lego Duplo
  • PlayDoh
  • Mini blocks
  • Puzzles
  • Drawing Board
  • Action Figures/Figurines
  • Board Books


Also, if you have those window gel stickers for your little one to either stick to the window or stare at, they will be great too!



Credit: TheMomEdit

Lastly, make sure you plan the nap of your little one a day before your flight. If you will be taking the morning flight, then perhaps he/she can have the morning nap in the plane. If you are tkaning the afternoon flight, then try to delay their naptime a bit. Night flight is normally the most popular among parents with small kids for the obvious reasons.

Day 1:

It was about 7 pm when we collected our rental mini van from EuropCar. Since there were 10 of us in total and bearing in mind the fact that we wanted to travel together, we could only rent the mini van. The mini van can accommodate up to 12 pax.



We booked the van online via 

All we needed to do once we reached Perth Airport was to go to EuropCar counter to collect the keys and all.





Do ensure your rented car or vehicle comes with a navigation system so that it is easy for you to find your way around without having to depend on your phone and mobile data.


When you are travelling to Perth with babies or toddlers, ensure that your rented car has a child seat for your little ones. I have been told that they are very strict about this, and will not think twice to give you a hefty fine + demerit points should you fail to abide by the law.

After we collected the van, it was supposed to be a 40 mins drive to our apartment. But since we were hungry, we decided to have dinner first before making a quick trip to Coles supermarket.

I really love the supermarkets over there. I look forward to finding the Asian/Halal food aisle all the time! The outdoor parking space is always so spacious and ample, and what can be better than doing grocery shopping without the crowd and Long queue?


Speaking of grocery shopping, I didn’t know that formula milk was so cheap in Aussie! I forgot to bring Shakeel’s formula milk (after asking everyone about formula milk in fb, the irony!) A tin of formula milk is only about $16 to $20 in Perth! 😱 So cheap that we couldn’t help but to bring back 2 small tins of formula milk to Singapore! So make sure you do the same too when you are there! LOL. But do not bring back too many though – you might get into trouble for that too, I was just informed.

So about 283838383 hours later, we finally reached our apartment. Now, I have received many DMs asking where we stayed in Perth because the apartment is breathtakingly beautiful with this kind of view every single day.



Are you ready for this? 

We stayed at…

Magnificent Beach Retreat Holiday Home which we booked via airbnb!

And yes, free wifi! (Special thanks to my FB friend Maya Razalie for the strong recommendation & help! You were so helpful throughout, Maya! <3)




Magnificent Beach Retreat Holiday Home is situated in Mindarie, and personally if you ask me, it was pretty far from most of the places that we went to during or stay there. But the whole idea was to drive around, right?  And because we had awesome company, every moment spent on the road was just another opportunity for us to bond or simply nap.

The home has 4 bedrooms, 4 beds, and 2 private baths. No staircase and that was our priority right from start since Nura and I both have super curious and active boys who would definitely spend a lot of time climbing the staircase. And it is SUPER DUPER CLEAN.


This is the living room.



This is the kitchen.




This is the dining area where the girls played slime and did their homework at.



This is the TV room.



This is bedroom 1 (which the four girls had for themselves!)




This is bedroom 2 which I chose for myself and Tatek (plus Shakeel!)




This is bedroom 3 which Nura, Esman and Oumar chose.




This is bedroom 4 which nobody slept in.


This is bathroom 1.



This is the outdoor shower right outside bedroom 1.



This is bathroom 2.


The main (and biggest) bedroom comes with a private bath + outdoor shower. But oh well, the four girls immediately put their bags there the moment we reached and told us that they wanted that room. Grrrrr.

So us adults settled for the smaller bedrooms. It was not an issue to us since the trip was for the girls to enjoy themselves and bond with each other anyway.

Most importantly, the host Joyce was sooooooooooo friendly, helpful, responsive  and accommodating right till the end of our stay. She was super flexible with the check in and check out time. I love her! (And she mentioned that she loves Singaporeans too because we are so clean!)



Below will be some of the conversations I had with Joyce. As you can clearly see, her replies were always so prompt!




And have I mentioned already that Joyce is such an honest person too? Read below!




Highly recommended holiday home!


10 Altea Way, Alkimos WA 6038, Australia

For more details and to book, you can click HERE!

You can let the host Joyce know that you are a friend of Diah hehe!

So that was day 1. We ended it with a loud Zzzzzzzzz.


Day 2: 

Told everyone to be ready by 10 am. We bought cereal, milk and muffins from the supermarket the night before and had those for our quick brekkie.

Next, it was a 40 mins drive to Caversham Wildlife Park!

I was quite disappointed actually to know that we can no longer be photographed holding a cute koala. Phototaking with the koala bears was not the same like before too – we had to take our pics with the koala AND the keeper. LOL.



But poor koalas too. I understand that they get stressed from all the constant handling by humans.

So after the phototaking session with the koala (and the keeper lol), we walked around the park. I could see that the girls did not look that impressed. But that was before they had the chance to do some hands on like feeding the kangaroo.





Kangaroo feeding was quite fun, I gotta say.




And I recorded my own bimbo moment too- when I saw a Joey inside the mummy’s yummy, I went “Oh my god she’s about to give birth!” 

Nura then casually told me, “That’s the joey lah babe. In the pouch.” 

I still insisted the kangaroo was about to give birth. She admitted that it was quite bimbotic of me to have made that giving birth statement.

The girls had the opportunity to milk a cow right after the farm show!





They also had the privilege of turning into a bunch of animals. LOL.




From Caversham Wildlife Park, we decided to drive to Westfield Carousel for KMart, Target and WoolWorths (where all the halal meat is!)

Actually the girls were really looking forward to Target because they thought that they would be able to find all slime related stuff there. Alas, they were left disappointed. Nura and I both agreed that KMart is way better in terms of pricing and their array of choices.

We went crazy at KMart, needless to say. And we ended up going to different KMarts! You need to understand where I’m coming from – cutekids top for as low as $5? What’s that even? I CANNOT. Lol.


At Woolworths, we then bought halal lamb ribs, honey soy chicken and chicken cheese sausages because we wanted to cook them for dinner or perhaps supper the following day.  So ambitious. Of course, that meant that Nura and I would have to go to the kitchen to cook. Lol.


Once we were done at Woolworths, we decided to try out one of the highly recommended halal restaurants- Aroma Selera. Aroma Selera is just 5 mins away from Westfield Carousel.

Tatek ordered Nasi Ayam Penyet. Esman ordered Nasi Lemak Special. I ordered the normal Nasi Lemak. Nura ordered Sup Buntut with Rice.

The kids ordered Fish and Chips, and Nasi Goreng Kampung. As usual, they shared their food and helped us save some money. LOL.






I liked the Nasi Ayam Penyet and Sup Buntut! And oh, the Teh Tarik is a must try too!




Overall, it was a reasonably nice dinner for us. And these two chaps here obviously enjoyed their teh tarik and each other’s company. And it was really nice to see how they bonded and looked out for each other. Maybe this is what bromance is all about. 😀





Aroma Selera

113A Manning Rd, Bentley WA 6102, Australia

Opening hours: 10 am to 3 pm & 5.30 pm to 10 pm


Right after dinner, we went to Coles supermarket situated very near to our holiday home because we just love the supermarkets there so much! Besides, the hubbies gave us $100 to spend on groceries (and cook for them). Why not, right?



We included these two boys in the shopping trolley too, because they were quite a handful.




Oh kids asked for Indomie mee goreng for supper.

End of day 2. Nura was already so tired by then. Hahaha. This buddy of mine gets tired quite easily, I realised.

Hmmm, I remember cooking maggi for the kids for supper. Was that on the first night? The kids ate too much until I cannot keep track anymore. Lol.

Day 3:

So we prepared breakfast for everyone. Sautéed sausage. Scrambled eggs. Baked beans. Yums.

After tummies were filled and cleaning up was done, we made our way to Mango Perth Farm for some mango picking fun! I was actually super excited for that because it was going to be my first ever fruit picking experience!

The moment we reached Mango Perth Farm, we were greeted warmly by the owner of the farm.



We were briefed on how to go about choosing ripe mangoes, and what are the things that we should not do – like picking unripe mangoes and throwing them everywhere. Don’t be so irresponsible okay.


Pick-your-own pricing for the Perth Mango farm is as follows:

$10 per adult

$5 per child (under 10 yo)

$12/kg for pick your own mangoes

Or you can just go there and buy the mangoes from the shed at $10/kg

Everyone had to put on gloves before the fruit picking.



Their mangoes come in 2 different sizes – the big huge ones and also the little ones. The little ones are seedless.



We kept plucking the small ones to sample as they were sweeter and riper – we were transported to mango heaven immediately!


But you know what’s sweeter?





As the entire farm is pesticide and insecticide free, we were told we could even eat the skin.






Mango Perth Farm

105 Wattle Avenue, West Neerabup.

FB: Mango Perth Farm

Opens daily from 10 am to 5 pm



TIP 8: 

Do not wear nice or super white shoes when you visit the Mango Perth Farm because your shoes will turn brown, I swear. Mysha’s brand new white sneakers changed to brown right after the fruit picking. Heart pain, okay?

Once we were done with fruit picking, we decided to drive to WaterTown (previously known as Harbour Town). Apparently it’s a must to go to WaterTown when you are visiting Perth because it is Perth’s only factory outlet centre, and it carries brands like Adidas, Ripcurl, Cotton On, Supre, Converse, and more.

The kids certainly did not mind the long drives when we were in Perth because they either played together… or napped together.





I used to go crazy at Harbour Town during my first visit to Perth. But this time round, Nura and I both agreed that we preferred  our visits to KMart instead. Lol.




The family room there is really big and awesome, though. There’s a play area for your toddler, several nursing cubicles, several changing stations, and also a bathroom for your little one and you!

For lunch, we tried Ispa Kebab. The portion is HUGEEEEEEEEE! One meal can feed my entire kids and I!




Fortunately the kebab was really tasty, so we finished everything. Tatek could not finish his kebab and ate only half of it.

Once we were done at WaterTown, we decided to make a quick visit to Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

Okay here comes the tricky part – they have 3 outlets in Perth. One, somewhere near Perth City. The other, at Swan Valley. And one more at Margaret River. Obviously we chose the one near town because it was only a 5-10 mins drive from where we were at that point of time with longer opening hours.

TIP 9:

Most shops close at 5.30 pm in Perth. therefore it’s important to start your day early because you will definitely end it early too.

When we reached our destination, we were quite dismalled to see that the Margaret River Chocolate Factory in Perth City is just their retail store.

Had we gone to the one at Swan Lake, we would be able to witness chocolate making and whatnots.

Anyway, for dinner, we decided to cook the lamb ribs that we had bought the day before from WoolWorths. So exciting!

But the cleaning up part was not so fun. I had to wipe off the oil and stubborn grease – that took me forever man! Thank goodness I had a fellow bibik with me for this trip – Bibik Nura had no choice but help out with the cooking and cleaning up. Lol.

The kids always looked forward to going back to the holiday home because all they wanted to do was to play and spend time together.

Anyway, dinner was pretty decent. Glad we didn’t burn the ribs…or the kitchen. And that was all that mattered. LOL.

End of Day 3.




840 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Margaret River Chocolate Factory:

1.   Swan Valley:

The Margaret River Chocolate Company – Swan Valley

5123 West Swan Road, West Swan WA 6055

2.   Margaret River:

The Margaret River Chocolate Company – Margaret River

415 Harman’s Mill Rd, Metricup WA 6280

(Cnr Harman’s Mill Road and Tom Cullity Dr)

3.  Perth City:

317 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000


Day 4:

Ok day 4 was supposed to be a visit to Fremantle Prison. We really wanted to go for the guided 1.5 hours tour. But we ended up not going at the very last minute because we feared the boys would be restless and then bored during the guided tour. Besides, Esman felt that it was quite a gloomy place to bring the kids to. So we scraped the whole idea off and drove straight to Fremantle Markets instead.

Fremantle Markets is similar to a farmer’s market, with local produce and artisan handicrafts. Girls had fun checking out the various handicrafts which included Harry Potter necklaces and badges. I loved the vibe there!









TIP 10:

If you want to explore Fremantle Markets, do make sure to go only from Friday to Sunday.  They are closed on other days.

We had lunch at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, which is a 5 mins drive from Fremantle Markets.





Everyone was telling us to try the fish and chips at Kailis’, and so we did!

Fresh fish and chips with a view – what more could we ask for, really?




Tatek also ordered their BBQ seafood platter because he wanted to eat the freshly bbq-ed lobster. One platter was $84. A bit pricey but you can share it with 4 pax or more, just like what we did.




After our very satisfying lunch at Kailis, it was another 5 mins drive to E-shed markets. Of course we could have chosen to walk instead but with 2 toddlers (who got tired and cranky so easily) in tow, driving from one place to another was definitely a better option.



Again, only visit E-Shed Markets from Fridays to Sundays because it’s a weekend market. What can you expect to find here? Lots of cheap souvenirs like tees, keychains, and nougat for your favourite folks and people back in Singapore. And oh, there is one halal food stall here too, and the stall owners are Singaporeans! According to Esman, the sambal belacan was sooooooo syiok and spicy. And apparently, their food is very nice too, as vouched by many. I did not get the chance to try out their food though because I was very food after lunch at Kailis’. But please do give it a try if you are there! They even have teh tarik and iced milo!

We bought quite a couple of tees for Shakeel and the girls, including this tee that he wore on his last day in Perth! I paid $4.50 only for this!



So guys, make sure you plan your Fremantle visit for the weekend!






Fremantle Markets:

Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street
Fremantle, Western Australia 6959

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour:

Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Fremantle E-Shed Markets:

Peter Hughes Dr, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia


From Fremantle, it was a 15 minutes drive to Cottesloe Beach. Cottesloe Beach is by far the most popular and well-known beach in Perth.  was told that they had Sculpture by the Sea exhibition going on. The exhibition was featured from the sea wall all the way along the sand towards North Cottesloe and on the surrounding grassed areas creating a beautiful sculpture park. Really a beautiful sight although the beach was too windy and chilling for us. Haha.







And I especially like this picture because Nura did not realize she was photobombing me. Can you spot her? HAHAHA.




Besides Cottesloe Beach, another one worth checking out will be Mullaloo Beach which is a popular swimming beach, ideal for children of all ages. Children will enjoy playing in the superb playground facilities and parklands overlooking the beach!

After chilling at the beach (pun intended), it was time for dinner. But first, a short visit to Twilight Hawker Markets where we would also meet Esman’s friends for dinner at Satay On Charcoal. That was the plan initially.

The Twilight Hawkers Market is Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market bringing the tastiest street food from around the globe to the heart of Perth! Halal food spotted as well! They even have live local music adding to the cultural atmosphere. Such a beautiful sight. And ladies and gentlemen, Twilight Flea & Feast was inspired by Twilight Hawker Markets! Awesome job Dian and Hadi!

Twilight Hawkers Market happens on  Fridays only from 4:30pm – 9:30pm

Since it was too crowded at Twilight Hawker Markets and there was a big group of us, we could not possibly dine there. Esman’s Friend, Azhar, then suggested dining at Satay on Charcoal’s restaurant instead. That would be a good 15 mins drive from where we were.

At Satay On Charcoal, I was impressed by the menu which is the kind of Malay food we eat here in Singapore! And the food is by far, the best halal food we tasted during our short stay in Perth!


Must try:

  1. Nasi Goreng Cili Padi
  2. Nasi Goreng Tom Yam
  3. Satay


And their teh tarik is the bomb too!

So please make it a point to dine at Satay on Charcoal if you are visiting Perth.



18 Mends St, South Perth WA 6151, Australia


It was an enjoyable dinner with the Saniffs! Yes, that’s Uncle Sidek Saniff, people! Nura and I were actually discussing about how our kids and us should be at our best behaviour during dinner. But nah, I could not stop myself from cracking some lame jokes along the way like how to go about conceiving a baby boy. LOL. 





Thank you Azhar Sidek and family for the hospitality and for recommending such a wonderful place for dinner! Hope to see you guys around soon.



According to his son Azhar, Uncle Sidek really loves the picture below. ME TOO! <3




During our drive back to the holiday home, Tatek heard someone honking at us. He turned and saw Mr Sidek Saniff waving at him in the car next to us! Hahah Tatek got so excited and exclaimed, “Guys you should have IGstoried Sidek Saniff waving at me! How often can you have Sidek Saniff waving at you?”  LOL LOL.

Oh my, what a night. Something scary also happened on Day 4 but I would rather not mention it here. Let’s just say I am still haunted by that Target incident and no, it has nothing to do with ghosts. Alhamdullilah the unthinkable did not happen.

We started packing for Singapore once we were back at the holiday home. Actually Tatek was the one who did the packing for the kids and I. I really like how he does the packing each time – always so neat, space saving and compact!



Ask me to do the packing and I doubt everything could fit. Lol.

Day 5:

Our flight back to Singapore was at 7.10 pm. We had till about 5 pm to do our last minute shopping and all.

First up was lunch at Tokyo Bento at Westfield Carousel. This halal restaurant which belongs to Esman’s friend, serves fresh and modern Japanese cuisine and dimsum. So while Esman did a quick catchup with his friend over lunch, the rest of us simply enjoyed the food before rushing to KMart again to shop again.



We went to E-Shed Markets to get some more souvenirs before rushing to the airport. Traffic was quite bad that day but we managed to reach the airport by 5.10 pm. Not too bad.

While we were queuing up to check in our luggages, Shakeel dropped a bag of grapes. The grapes basically rolled all over the place. SO MANY OF THEM! It was actually a funny sight even though we were quite mad at him. So we ended up laughing instead.


The pictures below were taken right outside our holiday home. <3





It was really an enjoyable trip with our favourite people – The Esmans! So glad that the trip happened without any misunderstandings or arguments.
Adults enjoyed themselves so much despite being really tired.
Needless to say, kids enjoyed themselves even more till they forgot their parents existed. LOL.

And guess what? We are already planning for our 2019 holiday together!

Can you make a guess which holiday destination we are looking at next? 

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Let me show you the science behind diapering an active toddler




As the caring mum of a toddler, I feel that diaper changing is a partnership between my son and me. But there is more to it in terms of science that I am so kicked up about sharing with you.

With an active toddler like Shakeel, diaper-changing time needs to be as fast and fuss free as possible.

This also means changing him while he is standing or running around at times – it’s important for me to be flexible and let him know that I can adjust to his needs as best as I possibly can. I mean, I cannot possibly hold him down and expect him to cooperate.

Tape diapers and an active toddler will never get along. I have tried using tape diapers with Shakeel but my goodness, it was like wrestling and trying to pin him down with all my might! And if I did that, Shakeel would struggle even more and escape whenever possible. And I would be so tired by then!

Once he ran around the whole house without any diaper on because he just did not want to go through the wrestling session with me!

It got me thinking –



And then I decided to make a change for the better, by switching to Huggies® Platinum Pants.

Huggies® Platinum Pants pull on like real underwear, making diaper changes quicker and easier.


I am not kidding you when I say how thankful I am now that we are using Huggies® Platinum Pants! It really saves us so much time and unlike before, Shakeel no longer struggles.

All I need to do is to tell him that it is diaper-changing time, and he will cooperate and just wait for it to be done. More often than not, it usually takes less than 5 minutes!


Removing it is just as easy as well – just tear off both side seams of the diaper and you are done!

And I like how the diaper comes with a tape at the back so that I can just roll up the soiled diaper and secure it with the tape!


Since Huggies® Platinum Pants are designed with a comfortable underwear-like fit, Shakeel will just wear a tee and Huggies® Platinum Pants!


The diaper is really comfortable plus soft and stretchable, giving Shakeel more flexibility to move around. No matter how active Shakeel is or how many stunts he performs in a day, the diaper will stay in place.



So how do I know if it’s time to change his diaper? Just look at the yellow strips and if they are blue, that means the diaper is wet and it is time to change!

But I am not as worried if I do not get to change his diaper right on time because the diaper can really absorb well! This is definitely awesome for overnight use without having to worry about diaper leaks. Mummies, you know how it’s like, right? There will be days when we either forget to change their diaper or we just pretend to forget. Hahaha!

Lastly, since babies have super sensitive skin, it is important to choose a diaper that is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash, just like Huggies® Platinum Pants! The soft and textured pad pulls pee quickly away from baby’s skin. Amazing isn’t it?

So it makes perfect sense to choose Huggies® Platinum Pants as my number 1 choice! Click HERE for free samples! <3

He seems to love it too! 😀


At the end of the day, diaper changing is a partnership between Shakeel and me. If I expect Shakeel to do what I want him to, chances are he will keep running and make things difficult for me whenever it’s time to change his diaper. And I do not want that because it’s just so tiring.

But you know what they say about motherhood?

“If you’re not tired, then you’re not doing it right.”

(Oh, you can also read my post HERE! )

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Let’s Get Fresh: Introducing Fresh Milk To Shakeel!

Now that Shakeel is already 15 months old, being a fussy eater is part of the package. So I can forget about giving him the same food over and over again unless it’s his favorite fruit.

This boy acts like he’s the big boss!


Toddlers are very good at listening to their hunger cues so really, we should leave it all to them to decide how much they want to eat.

I am still breastfeeding Shakeel as often as he wants it, but I also offer him solids a few times a day. Recently, he has started to drink cow’s milk because he insisted on it!

I was drinking a glass of milk one day when he pulled the glass towards him repetitively. I let him take a sip of it only – I was so worried that he would have a reaction to it. As we all know it, we must always wait for a few days and check for possible reactions to new foods such as food sensitivities or food allergies. For example, if I introduce fresh milk to Shakeel on Monday, I should wait till Friday to see if there’s any reaction to it.

I have read that rashes, gastrointestinal or stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea can all indicate a milk allergy!

It was cute to see the reaction on Shakeel’s face after the first sip of fresh milk because the milk was cold! He did not want to taste it anymore after that. I have read that warming the milk first before offering it to our toddler helps. Using a straw or special sippy cup might help too. Sippy cups can be a great way for your baby to transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup.

Some babies start using sippy cups as early as 6 months old, and others will not be interested until after their first birthday!

Shakeel for instance, started to show interest in the sippy cup only when he reached one. He even has a special sippy cup especially for his fresh milk and it’s yellow in colour!


Here are some tips for introducing the sippy cup to our little ones:


  1. Start as early as possible
  2. Demonstrate to your little one just how the cup is used.
  3. Start with one feeding a day.
  4. Avoid giving your baby the cup when he’s particularly grumpy, or when he’s tired.
  5. If your baby refuses one type of cup, then try another. You may need to try several styles before you find one that he likes.
  6. Some parents encounter problems where their babies associate certain drinks with certain cups. So if you plan to give your fresh milk from the sippy cup, then you should put milk into the cup the first time that you give it to him

Give it some time. And don’t worry if your baby doesn’t take to the sippy cup right away. Just wait a few weeks more and try again.


If your toddler is drinking formula milk, try replacing one cup of formula with a cup of fresh milk. Or cut it half and half. Just remember that any sudden drastic change (all formula to all milk) in a kid’s diet can cause an upset tummy.


HPB also recommend giving your toddler 500-750ml of milk. Otherwise your toddler may be more likely to get cavities and be too full to eat at mealtime.

It’s not exactly a must to introduce cow’s milk to our toddler as long as he is still breastfeeding and cow’s milk is another source of calcium, protein, fats, and vitamin D.

In other words, mummy’s milk is still the best!

So if you are still breastfeeding your toddler, keep going! <3

Mummies, if you need to find out more about fresh milk, you can view the video below!


Alternatively, you can also check out Health Promotion Board website by clicking HERE

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Dream Big Little Ones: Piccolo House

Where to go to if you need to shop for stylish, quality and most importantly, kid friendly bedroom furniture and accessories for your kid(s)?




You know, furnishing the kids’ room is not just about choosing the cutest or most colourful stuff for them. Their safety is of utmost importance, and at Piccolo House, you can rest assure that all their products are safe for kids. I really like how their furniture have round sides and edges.


Recently, I decided to set up a reading corner for Shakeel and his sisters at the living room. Since my living room is mostly in white and black, it is only apt for me to choose the same colours for their reading corner. And I know I would not have much of a problem finding the furniture and accessories for their reading corner at Piccolo House. . The colours of the furniture at Piccolo House are either white or in pastel tones. I love those kinds of colors when it comes to furniture. Spare me the loud tones, please.

When I first visited Piccolo House, I knew what to look out for because I already visited their website prior to the visit.


I wanted almost everything and helloooo, we are talking about kids’ furniture here. Can you roughly guess how was my girls’ reaction when I showed them the website?

“Mummy, can we please have this when we move in to a bigger space?”

“Mummy, can I have my room like this?” 

“Mummy I love their bunk bed! Can you please get this for us?” 

“Mummy, look at their bedsheets! Can we each have one?” 

“Mummy, we need this. Can you please get it for us?”

For the first time ever, I swear I lost count of the number of times they called me ‘Mummy.’


So we made that much needed trip down to Piccolo House one Sunday afternoon.



They wanted everything. And they were quite persistent about it. Of course I had to explain to them that we could not possibly choose or buy everything due to space issues.


And then I made that promise to them –

“We will visit Piccolo House once again once we have moved to a bigger house or space.”

But I don’t blame them for wanting everything. Remember I wanted everything too when I visited their website? The apple does not fall far from the tree, after all. But seriously, Piccolo House offers an extensive range when it comes to kids furniture. You can expect to find modular beds, thematic cabinetries, play desks and essential storages that cater to your every need. They also have a wide range of bed frames and mattresses to cater to every kid.

I also absolutely love the stylish accessories which you can use to decorate your kid’s room like peel off wall decals, rugs, lightings, cushions and more!

When it comes to our little ones, storage is always a problem at home! It’s like no matter how we keep or organize their books, toys and clothes, there will ALWAYS BE NOT ENOUGH SPACE! Piccolo House understands the concern that most parents like you and me have, and provide a wide range of bookcases and storages for toys!

Whenever you are at Piccolo House, be sure to check out their bestselling products like…

Their Washable Bean Bag Chair


Sling Bookcase




Book Shelves


Loft & Bunk beds


Now let me talk a bit about their beds. At Piccolo House, the beds are designed with both the child and parents in mind. The modular beds can be transformed from single bed to a four poster bed, to a loft bed and also into a bunk bed. They are ideal for families with growing kids – you get to choose the exact components you need, customize the perfect sleep and storage solution for your child’s play, sleep and study space. Their beds that grow with your kids.

So what did we end up buying at Piccolo House?

Since the boy loves cooking (YUP), we decided that this Sugar Cube Play Kitchen  (<–click on the link for deets!) would be a nice addition to the home.


True enough, this is the first thing he will do every morning.


What I like about this wooden play kitchen is the fact that it is sturdy enough for our little rough players but yet not bulky enough. It does not take up a lot of space too.


(Guess what he was baking.)



I also got a Star Bright Toy Box to dump keep Shakeel’s toys!


And look! It’s big enough to store Shakeel even! LOL.

We fell in love with the toy box during our visit to Piccolo House the other day. Yes, Piccolo House has storage boxes in different designs and sizes!


I also had a hard time choosing the ideal book shelf for Shakeel when I was there. They have different types of book shelves! LIKE REALLY A LOT! You can even mount some of the bookshelves to the wall to save even more space! View their bookshelves by clicking HERE!


After much consideration, we decided to create a little reading corner for Shakeel.


Needless to say, Shakeel and his sisters are always hanging out at the reading corner these days.

Hopefully this will cultivate their love of reading even more – now they have even more reasons to relax and read! My next goal is to turn one whole bedroom into a library.

But this will do for now. <3


Thank you Piccolo House for making this possible. Your products are really designed for kids with so much love. <3

It’s important to personalize our kids’ room and to make it look like their most favorite part of the house.

Have fun!

You can visit Piccolo House at:


10 Ubi Crescent #01-63 (Lobby D)

Ubi Techpark

Singapore 408564 (along UBI Ave.1)

Tel : 65 6743 8884

Open : Tues to Fri 11am – 6pm.

Sat to Sun 11am – 7pm (Closed on Monday)


THE GRANDSTAND – 200 Turf Club Road


Singapore 287994

Tel : 65 6763 3612

Open : Tues to Sun 11am – 7pm (Closed on Monday)

IG: @piccolohousesg

FB: @piccolohousesg


And oh, you should participate in their 10th Anniversary giveaway and stand a chance to win a large potter library table worth $339!

Click HERE to participate!



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Eating His Way To A Healthy Life

Nowadays, Shakeel does not really latch on 24/7 unless it’s bedtime. He will still need to latch on every 2 hours or so at night, just for comfort I reckon. So that also means I can forget about date nights for now. HAHAHAHA.

But with a face like this, I think date nights can wait.


I truly enjoy breastfeeding Shakeel, and I still refuse to stop. There are so many things that I do to motivate me further in my breastfeeding journey with Shakeel like shop for cute nursing covers, for instance.

And it’s really cute to see how Shakeel will take the nursing cover and give it to me whenever he wants to latch on. Or when he sees me putting on the nursing cover, he will squeal with delight.


There are so many reasons why I love breastfeeding & why I refuse to stop:

  1. It makes me feel good about myself.
  2. It’s so easy and convenient
  3. I know I am giving him the best
  4. Night times are fuss free. I can even feed my baby when half asleep.
  5. Needing to breastfeed him also means some quiet time for me and him. I can even use it as an excuse to escape from a conversation! “Sorry, it’s time to feed Shakeel, please excuse me!” Perfect when you bump into someone you do not quite fancy lol.
  6. I don’t need to worry whether the milk is safe, clean or nutritionally adequate – my body takes care of it for me.
  7. It’s impossible to forget to bring my breasts when I go out. But it’s possible to forget to bring the bottle or milk powder.
  8. Breastfeeding works for every mood of his – sleepy, cranky, sick, tired, hungry & thirsty.
  9. It promotes bonding – this one is possibly still the top reason why I love breastfeeding so much. He will giggle and play with me in between our sessions. I want to continue enjoying those moments with him while I still can.



Other than that, Shakeel generally enjoys his food and meal times these days. The moment he sees me getting food ready at the dining table, he will be babbling “MAM MAM MAM” or “NAK NAK NAK!” I am guessing “MAM MAM MAM” means food since we always ask him “You want to mam mam?” and “NAK NAK NAK” means “I want!”

However there are also days when he will eat only a small portion or refuse to eat totally.

Picky eating surfaces around one year of age because that’s when they will begin to feed themselves. It is therefore normal for toddlers to peck and poke at their food.

Now that Shakeel is already walking, he thinks he is a big boy and he cannot sit still for anything – NOT EVEN HIS FOOD.

This explorer of mine is super curious about everything around him!


Toddlers need less food, and that means they may prefer snacking their way through the day rather than sit down to a full-fledged feast. This boy runs everywhere now! 


That said, it’s no longer about getting Shakeel seated obediently while I feed him a bowl full of porridge until he finishes it. I WISH!

So these days, I just ensure that I prepare the right food for Shakeel and I try to make it as nutritious as possible for him. I will also allow him to enjoy what I am eating as long as it is not hot or spicy.

And oh this boy loves to snack in between his meals! So I always ensure that there will be some snacks ready at home like:

  • low-fat string cheese
  • yogurt cups
  • apple slices or strawberry halves
  • whole-grain crackers with peanut butter


When I first introduced solids to Shakeel, I was initially alarmed when he finished a bowl of rice cereal one day, and totally refused it the following day. The same thing happened to some other foods, which I introduced to him like egg and cheese.

But as mentioned earlier, it is actually normal for toddlers to be confused and be inconsistent with their likes and dislikes as far as food is concerned.

Familiarity with foods is key, as a toddler may need to be exposed to new foods more than 10 times before they try it.

If your child doesn’t eat at one mealtime, you can offer a nutritious snack a few hours later. If your child doesn’t eat the snack, offer food again at the next mealtime. A child will usually eat at the second meal. Try it!

“The only thing consistent about toddler feeding is inconsistency.”

So what can we as parents do to help our little eaters enjoy a range of foods?

  1. Eat a range of healthy foods ourselves so that the little ones will also join in and eat with us.
  2. Gently but frequently offer new kinds of foods.
  3. Avoid showing disgusts of disinterest when trying new foods.
  4. Track your child’s food sensitivities and keep them in mind when preparing meals. If he does not like soft foods, give him the crunchy version for instance. Shakeel prefers his food hard and crunchy anytime. (This boy really thinks that he is a grown up, didn’t I tell you?)
  5. Put new foods next to the food that your child already likes
  6. Use healthy dips like home-made hummus (with little or no salt!) or plain yoghurt seasoned with herbs and garlic to encourage your child to eat fruits, vegetables and meats.
  7. Let him feed himself by preparing more finger foods for him to hold on his own
  8. If your child is super active like Shakeel, make sure the food is already prepared before you get him seated at the high chair.


And lastly, how much should we be feeding our toddlers?

The rule of thumb or rather hand is, the size of their stomach is approximately the size of their fist. So that’s roughly how much they should be eating.

I monitor what Shakeel’s eating behaviour is like every single day (since toddlers are inconsistent lol). If he’s eating a lot, then I will not mind if he does not drink as much milk. If he is not eating so much, then I will let him latch on like every hour or so.

Mummies, you cannot force your little ones to eat.

Many parents try to force their child to eat more than they need because they worry that their might get sick or develop a vitamin deficiency due to the lack of food.

Here’s the thing – our child’s brain will make sure that they eat enough calories for normal energy and growth.

So what we can do instead?

Encourage them through healthy eating habits and pleasant mealtimes!

For tips and more information, may I suggest this website which I think is really useful for us mummies? Click here !


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