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The Little Fella’s Birth Story

You have been waiting for this rightttttttt?

I have been trying to find the time to put together my birth story. Whatever time I had, I typed out in my notepad first as I lay in bed while my baby was sleeping or while I was nursing him.

Here it goes.

When I went for my last gynae check up on 4 August 2016, I was secretly hoping for some progress because I was already 39weeks and 2 days pregnant.

The attending gynae did some serious digging VE on me before telling me that my cervix was still far, far, farrrrrr behind.

This was my Facebook update after that checkup.



The day before the check up, I also had my massage session and my Nenek Urut told me that my tummy was still high up. She was right. Everyone told me the same thing too.

“Relax, your tummy still very high. It will not be anytime soon.”


So yeah, I was already prepared to wait till my 40th week and give birth to an overdue baby.

But I was secretly hoping that I could still give birth to him on the 5th somehow.

5 has always been my favourite number ley.

5 August 2016:

When I went to bed that night, I could not sleep well. Things did not seem right. At about 3 am, the contractions started. I was actually unsure at first. After all, this was the first time I got to really experience contractions naturally Previous pregnancies,  I was induced and contractions came later by force. So okay, I started to monitor the contractions. They kept coming and going. Strong. Persistent. Repetitive. They started to come really close together unlike the normal lame Braxton Hicks contractions. So I just had the urge to start timing. True enough, they came every 4 to 5 minutes. And they continued to come and go all the way.

When the girls were getting ready for school, I was still in bed timing the contractions because I am a freak like that. Still 4 to 5 minutes apart. Painful, yes. But bearable still. That was about 6 am.

At 7 am, just when Tatek and the girls left the house for school, I saw a dark pink mucusy discharge with a tinge of red.


So I called Tatek ever so calmly and said,

“B, I think right, it’s time. But no worries, I want to shower first.”

He panicked lah obviously. Forever panicking, this guy.

He was like,

“Alamak! REALLY??? Ok ok you faster get ready now!”

I asked him to pass the phone to the girls and I informed them one by one that I would be going to the hospital soon. Told them what they needed to do upon reaching home from school and explained to my helper what needed to be done also.

I then took a nice warm shower (because that’s what almost everyone who is in labour will do before she goes to the hospital) despite the contractions which kept coming.

Still bearable.

Got myself ready. And yes, I do mean putting on makeup. I figured why not? Since I could still do it, then do it. I wanted to look reasonably okay when I greeted my boy, bearing in mind that I have this birth story to put up. So thoughtful of me, huh? Want to give birth also still think of my blog readers.

Hur Hur.

Here you go. My last picture with my tummy.

I am actually already missing it as I am typing this (with a flabby tummy as a replacement).


39 weeks 3 days pregnant – that was how long I carried my boy in my tummy.

So anyway, we bought KFC for breakfast. My breakfast was the porridge and the chicken burger.


I told Tatek to let him satisfy my final cravings before confinement.

He was like “Ya ya ya.”

Ate inside the car on the way to KKH, of course.

Reached the delivery suite at about 9.50 am.


The nurse asked whether I wanted to self admit myself or whether I wanted to be given painkillers so that I could go home and manage the contractions.

I requested for self admission, duh!

“Just give birth already lah!” I was telling myself.

I was given delivery room number 12. No significance actually the number. But just telling you lah.


Changed into my white hospital gown woohoooooooooo! #OOTD


Time check: 10.02 am


Since Dr Suzanna was still on leave till 6 pm, Dr Jessie Phoon attended to me.

She came in at about 11 am to say hello before doing a VE.

“You are already 3 cm! Good job! Yesterday your cervix was still not ready. Must be the VE I did on you!”

I think so too, doc.

So from 11 am I was just lying down, checking my nails, and tolerating the contractions.

No lah, actually was already in so much pain.

Look at my face.


And then I did some mental calculation too.

3 cm at 11 am.
I would most probably be 10 cm at night.
Contractions were already unbearable because they were 3 minutes apart.

There was no time to recuperate from one before the next one hit.

So should I lie down, get the contractions to accompany me till night and be in a very, very very, bad mood meanwhile?
Or should I opt for epidural and be happy and calm so that I could reserve my energy and then concentrate on giving birth when the time comes?

Of course I decided to opt for the latter.

Time check: 12.10 pm

Epidural was administered.
And unlike the previous ones where the husband was not allowed to be inside, this time round Tatek was allowed to be inside – not to observe how the epidural was administered, but to distract me while it was being administered. After all, we are talking about my back being jabbed by big needles.




After it was done, I was lying down happily. I even took a selfie because I was thinking, “Yay cannot really feel the pain now.”


Pretty or act pretty? Doesn’t matter because I was in pain again soon after the picture above. LOL.

I started to notice that only the right side of my body was numb even after twenty minutes. The left side was not. I could still feel the painful contractions on the left side. LIKE SUPER PAINFUL! So I asked the nurse whether it was normal.

Apparently the reason why that happened was because I was lying down on my side and facing the left right after the epidural was administered. Not my fault actually because the nurse requested I lie down in such a manner so that they could detect the baby’s heartbeat.

They inserted a higher dosage of epidural in order to numb the left side of my body a bit more.

Time check: 3.15 pm

5 cm dilated

“Wow that was fast!” I thought to myself.

Mind you, I was not induced this time round, unlike the previous TWO pregnancies with my THREE girls. So it was really like a first time experience for me. I was pretty excited actually to know that my cervix dilated naturally.

While waiting for time to pass by, I listened to all the Surah collection that I have compiled for my baby and myself. Special thanks to my family friend Liyanah for preparing for me the list of dua to ease my labour, and personally delivering air zamzam to my house for me! She did not have to, but she did! So touched by her kind gesture.

Okay back to the birth story.

The husband was really wide awake this time round. Thank goodness he managed to have a good night sleep the night before so he was very alert and attentive to my needs this time round. And oh, he helped me take a lot of photos too! LOL. Guess he was just excited to see his son.

He even took a picture of his Husband’s Pass!


And he arranged the baby clothes before taking a picture!


Meanwhile, my girls were at home waiting anxiously for me to give birth. They were already dressed for the hospital and waiting for the right time to rush to the hospital! Yes, they were that eager to meet their baby brother.

Meanwhile, they did whatever I had told them to do!

They showered and ate their lunch.


They did their school work.


They performed their prayers with my helper.



My mum took the pictures above and updated me via the family group chat.

So sweet of them, right? <3

For every progress I made, Tatek would also update the family group chat so that everyone was well-informed.

Time check: 5.47 pm

8 cm dilated


The midwife on duty asked me whether I already felt the sensation to push.

Been so long since I last heard that word.
You can click HERE to get what I mean.

But no lah, no sensation yet.
Didn’t feel any pressure down there even.
And besides, it was not 6 pm yet.
I wanted to wait for my gynae Dr Suzanna!

Oh, my water bag broke somewhere in between. I didn’t even feel wet down there. I only realized it broke when the midwife told me. I was like, “Oh water bag broke already? Okay!” LOL.

At about 6.15 pm, Dr Suzanna arrived and she screamed,

“Diahhhhhhhh! Baby waiting for me is it?”

Noting the fact that I was already 8 cm dilated, Dr Suzanna told me that I was making really good progress so far since everything happened naturally without having the need to induce.

“Since everything is progressing on its own, do expect a faster labour this time round, Diah.”

Ya. I think she said something like that lah.

Time check: 6.30 pm

Dr Suzanna did another check down there and said ever so casually,

“Diah, I can see your baby’s head already, you know? His hair is so thick! Husband, you want to see?”

Tatek took a look and told me excitedly,

“B, his hair very thick! I can see his head already!”

Dr Suzanna continued,
“Diah, you wanna push now or wait till you feel the sensation? If you push now, baby will be out in about two pushes only. Wanna try?”

Of course that made me want to push baby out all the more!

I could not wait to see the cheeky little fella who had been kicking me so much during my pregnancy.


Time check: 6.43 pm

So I started doing my thing.
Took a super deep breath, exhaled and gave a long pushhhhhhhhhh like I wanted to pass motion like that.

“Excellent Diah! Just one more long push! You are doing well! We might not even need to stitch you up!”


Time check: 6.48 pm

I gave it one more long push and the little fella was out!





I was like, “Eh that’s it? Baby’s out? Seriously?” 



I couldn’t grasp it even then. It was all just happening so fast and I wanted to savor it all.

But hey,


(I waited forever for your arrival and ended up shopping too much, you know?!)

When I went for my last checkup with the gynae the day before I gave birth, I was told that baby’s estimated weight was around 2.8 kg to 2.9 kg.

But errrmmm.



I am just so excited to introduce my boy to the world!

Born on 5 August 2016 at 6.48 PM, weighing 3.54 kg and measuring 51 cm.

: Shakeel Adly :






Shakeel means: Handsome & good looking.

Adly means: Of fairness and justice


I was told that the moment Tatek updated the family group chat when baby was out, my girls jumped and shouted uncontrollably. Then they rushed and pestered my parents to quickly drive them to the hospital so that they could see their baby brother.


And they waited along the corridor outside the delivery suite with a bouquet of flowers for me, no less.




Oh, they even got a gift for their baby brother!

It’s a baby shark keychain!


“His name is Shakeel right Mummy? So we got him a Baby Shark because his nickname is going to be that!”


Can my daughters get any sweeter than this?

I know they are going to be the best sisters to their baby brother!


And as my way of saying thank you to them and to reaffirm the fact that I love them no less now that the baby brother is out, I surprised them with a gift each which I had prepared weeks before I gave birth.


Of course they were so thrilled to receive the gifts, and even happier after they unwrapped their gifts.

Oh there is another picture that I must share with you –  my mum sitting on the floor with my girls while waiting for us to be out from the delivery suite.


Really a touching sight, right? So much love for all them lah. <3

Big thank you to my family and everyone else for your prayers and well-wishes. 

Thank you to my husband for being there throughout for me, and for being so patient with me. <3

As usual, my big family came to visit on the same day. Every single one of them. Needless to say, the hospital ward was as noisy as a wet market with their presence! LOLOLOLOL.




Special thanks to the best gynae in the whole wide world, Dr Suzanna Sulaiman from KKH! All my checkups with her had been nothing but pleasant and stress free! She is such an easygoing gynae, and is also so assuring and encouraging.


And I do not know how she did what she did when I was in labour, but she was really so cool, calm and relaxed all the way. I just love her strong positive aura!


So yes, I will highly recommend her if you are looking for a gynae but do be prepared to wait and wait because she is one of the most popular gynaes at KKH! Don’t say I never warned you. 😀

Okay I am done with the birth story.

Alhamdullilah for this easy labour. I couldn’t have done it without your prayers and support all along.

Sorry I took more than a week. I am after all a mother to four kids now. *gulps*

It all seemed like a blur, getting pregnant, my pregnancy, labour – it felt like a blip in time.

Still adjusting.

Still trying to adapt to changes.

Still trying to learn to divide my time.

Still getting used to breastfeeding and sore nipples.

Still trying to get the hang of expressing milk.

Still getting used to wearing hideous maternity bras which only make my boobs sag even more.

Still getting used to rushing every time and all the time.

Still trying to get used to the idea of having a baby yet again. (The last time I had a baby babies was eight years ago!)

But I am definitely so in love with my baby Shakeel.

This boy means a lot to me. A lot.

I didn’t have it easy during the first few months of pregnancy. Very challenging. Very depressing. Now that he’s here, it feels like everything is finally in place. I am going to do the best I can and take really good care of him. 

I will never ever forget what it feels like to long for your baby being handed in your arms – it’s so real, you can touch it. There is so much more I could write and I will – in the chapters of my life to come.

But for now, this is the birth story of Shakeel Adly, my fourth child and only boy.


I am complete now.

(Okay fine I remember saying “I am complete” so many times before his arrival. But this time, I am really, really, reaaaalllllly complete!)

<3 <3 <3

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….?

Another long overdue post.

So the other day I went for my detailed scan. I had been eager and anxious for this one because I could not wait to find out the gender of the little fella inside, besides being assured that little fella is growing just fine.

Appointment was at 10.15 am. Reached KKH ADC at about 9.45 am. Half an hour early! So I figured I should go to the washroom first, just to make sure my hair was in place. LOL. But Tatek told me to register first so that my appointment would be on time. I did as I was told before proceeding to the ladies. When I was done, Tatek told me to go to the register counter because my name was already called out. SO FAST?

I was pleasantly gobsmacked.

The sonographer then led me to the room where the detailed scan would be carried out.

So it was the usual – sonographer did the scan and told us the various body parts and organs of the little fella.

Little fella could not keep still as usual. At one point, little fella was in the kneeling down position. The sonographer laughed before shaking my tummy continuously (and rather profusely too) to make little fella change position. However, little fella refused to barge. HAHA. So I had to turn my body to the left and right.

Still no luck.

“Your baby is very cheeky ley!” exclaimed the sonographer.

When she wanted to check on little fella’s heart, little fella covered the chest part with one hand. So again, the sonographer had to shake my tummy.

When she wanted to check on the facial features, little fella covered the entire face with both hands. What happened next? Yes, shake shake my tummy once again.


The moment the sonographer started showing us little fella’s thigh bones, I knew what was next!

“Do you want to know your baby’s gender?”









“There, do you see that thing sticking out in between the thighs? That’s the penis!”


I chuckled. Tatek was like repeatedly exclaiming “YES! YES! Beckham boy!”

We are expecting a baby boy. Insya’allah.

When we broke the news to our girls, they were like “Really Mummy? I knew it! YAY!”

Of course they were exhilarated to finally know the gender of their baby sibling. Prior to that, it had been an endless guessing game. Quite torturous for them. HAHA.

When I showed them the above photo of the ultrasound scan, Myreen squealed and said,

“Oh my god, so cute! The penis looks like a little cupcake!”

Seriously, Myreen? LOL.

My mum asked Sharleez whether she was happy and she said,

“It’s okay Nana. I am okay with either a baby brother or sister. It’s still a baby. I will still do my best to take care of the baby even though it will be tiring!”

So I can imagine how chaotic it would be once their baby brother is out, but I also know that my girls will be such great big sisters and helpers!

In fact, they have really started doing their part. Every week, we will go to the library to borrow new baby books for the girls to read to their baby brother every night before bedtime. Everyone will have a turn each night, and the storyteller will never fail to read with gusto.

“We want our baby brother to be entertained when we read the story, Mummy. If we do not put in effort to read, he will fall asleep.”

Such darlings. <3


I am just hoping for a smooth pregnancy, and that my little fella will continue to grow well. That’s all I want. Insya’allah.

Preparation wise?
How are we coping so far in this department?

Well, we went to look around for strollers after the detailed scan was done since we still had quite a bit of time to spare before fetching the girls from school. I saw a couple of strollers I liked but I told myself to refrain from being so impulsive. Unlike the previous pregnancies, I think I am more relaxed this time round. (Please stay that way, Diah.) So we will continue to look around some more before deciding on THE STROLLER.

But oh my god, I am just so in love with THE BUGABOO BEE3 STROLLER!bug1

And just look at the Diesel Rock edition! Arghhhhhhhh.


Let’s just hope it’s infatuation, and not love. Infatuation will come and go, right? LOL.




Along the way, we also saw some other cute strollers.

Like this MacLaren The Beatles Yellow Submarine stroller, just because “We all live in a yellow submarine.”



Unfortunately, the stroller is not suitable for newborn babies.


I also like this denim stroller, also by MacLaren. (Have always had a soft spot for MacLaren strollers.)


This Mini Cooper stroller is kind of cute too.



The shopping list is going to be pretty extensive, I suddenly realised. I do not have anything babyish (or boyish, even) at home. I have gotten rid of all their baby stuff like decades ago! Hellooooo? My girls are all already in primary school!

So yes, it is really like being a first time mummy because hey, I am expecting a baby BOY.

For now, I must get myself used to the idea of looking at everything blue instead of pink when we go shopping for baby stuff.

Must not look at those cute little dresses.

Must not look at fluffy tutus.

Must not look at colourful leggings.

Must not look at pretty headbands.

Must be allergic to the colour pink.



I am at my 23rd week right now. That’s almost 6 months of pregnancy, and about 4 more months to go.

Please, pray that everything will go smoothly for baby and me okay? <3


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My life, My All: Etiqa Term Life Insurance

I am too sure whether I overthink most of the time, but I do worry about so many things in life every single day. My kids are my everything.

When I first found out that I was pregnant with Sharleez, needless to say, I was ecstatic. I told myself that I would be the best mother for my daughter. I did a lot of readings, research, and I wanted to get only the best for her while waiting for her arrival. It was no longer about me. It was no longer about how much money I had. As long as I could give the best for her, I did not mind it at all. Funny how the priority shifted almost instantly to Sharleez the moment I conceived her.

And a year later, I got pregnant with the twins. Likewise, I told myself that I would not want to deprive my twins of anything, and they would also get the same attention from me. It was not easy though when I first gave birth to my twins because Mysha and Myreen are twins, and obviously I had to divide myself into two most of the time just so that I could give both of them the same amount of attention. Really not easy. Initially, I had a breakdown on most nights when Tatek was working and I had to handle both of the twins on my own. The feeding part was really, really challenging. Fortunately my mum came to my rescue. Never be afraid to ask for all the help you can get if you know that will help you be a better mother to your kids.



My focus has been on my girls ever since. It’s like I breathe them and want to do everything for them.



I dare not imagine how life would be like for them if I were no longer around. What would happen to my kids if something happened to my husband or me? Would they be cared for? Would they be loved the same way I love them? Would they be lost without me?

As it is, it’s always “Mummy, I want you!” or “Mummy, I want a hug!” or “It’s my turn to sleep next to Mummy tonight!”



Now, we usually do not think about insurance because human nature is such that we will only start to worry and panic when something happens to us. Death for instance, is not a topic that we will readily discuss or prepare for.

But we cannot have this mentality if we really care for our kids’ future, which is why I have insurance for my kids and myself.

Now let me take a breather while we enjoy this video.

 “Small Actions. Big Returns.”


Watching the video made me and Tatek rethink about what could happen to our kids and their lives if we could no longer be around for them.



“Purchasing insurance is a small act, but when you need to be covered in the event of an unfortunate circumstance, you will receive a ‘big return.”


Etiqa is currently offering free Term Life insurance to newly-weds and to Singaporean and PR parents with children under the age of 1 year.

What can Etiqa Term Life insurance do?

Say, if death occurs to you or your spouse (the insured person) within the policy duration, with Etiqa’s free term life insurance, your loved ones will received a guaranteed pay out of $25k in the event of death of the Insured Person only

Term life insurance is often the most affordable coverage because it offers protection for a specific number of years.

Say, how does the insurance work? 

  1. The cover lasts for 12 months.
  2. The plan pays out $25,000 if the life insured (either you or your spouse) dies during the policy term.
  3. For eligible Singaporean and PR couples, it means a total of $50,000 free coverage at $25,000 each.
  4. This promotion aims to encourage young couples and parents to think about how important it is to cover their families with insurance in the event of unexpected death.
  5. Application must be made online via Etiqa’s website.

Click on this website link to learn more about the T&Cs

Here’s the best part! 

Etiqa’s Term Life insurance promotion is free!

No payment is required for the first 12 months

To apply for Free Term Life Insurance promotion, click on the link!

Thank you Etiqa for being so thoughtful to provide free term life insurance to help newlyweds and new parents kick-start their financial planning!

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Empty threats.

Being a parent is not an easy job.


Yes, I lost my temper on my twins yesterday.

Yes, these cuties.


Like, I totally lost it, you know?

You know how it’s like when you have specifically told your kids what they are required to do at home during your absence and then when you reach home, they have not even done a single thing?


Sure, it is very easy for outsiders to cast judgment on the parent who lose control over their child. It is easy for them to tell the parent what to do or not do because well…

 “I was a parent even before you became one.”


To those who know me personally, I am not really the super strict mother whose yes is always a yes, and her no is always a no. Sometimes my no can be a yes, depending on the severity of the situation. Like for example, if I say no to ice-cream after 7 pm, I might just say yes for a day if girls are exceptionally well-behaved or know how to persuade me. And then I would have to reason out with the husband as to why I have a sudden change of mind.

I have this really open, loving and fun relationship with my girls on normal days. I do not like to nag at them unnecessarily because based on experience, nagging only causes noise pollution and nothing else. It does not have any positive impact on the child.

But I also have my rules and expectations. I strongly believe in a good discipline and being consistent about it. The main reason why most parents fail to discipline their kids effectively is because of the lack of consistency. I am guilty of that too sometimes.

And yesterday was one such example.

See, my girls were required to complete their set of written work that I had assigned them before I went out to run my last minute errands for Studiofrost. They totally understood what was required of them. After all, it was not their first time.

Just a little recap.

  • I fetched them home from school at 12.45 pm today.
  • When they reached home, they cleaned up and had a bit of playtime till about 2 pm.
  • Fed them their lunch.
  • They started doing their written work at 3 pm.
  • They were supposed to finish their work at 4.30 pm


I specifically told them these before I left home at about 4 pm:

  • Please make sure you finish your work by 4.30 pm.
  • Put your clock right in front of you so that you can time yourself.
  • Start working on Aan’s birthday card at 4.30 pm
  • Complete the card by 5.45 pm, and get ready for your swimming lesson


When I reached home, it was about 5.45 pm. And this was the bizarre sight that greeted me:

  1. Myreen was still doing her written work while watching OkTo
  2. Mysha was lying on the bed and shaking her legs while watching OkTo
  3. I see papers all over the room
  4. Birthday cards were still not completed
  5. They were still not ready for swimming


Pray tell me how I felt there and then.



Now, up to this point, there has been no mention of Sharleez, right?

Well, that’s because she has completed all the tasks on time. So I had no issues with her.

She saw me and exclaimed,

“Mummy, I tried so many times to tell them to finish their work but they just ignored me.”

So yeah.

I shouted at the twins until I could shout no more. I was raging. My blood was boiling. It is really no fun to be the bad guy, but for every wrong action, there needs to be a consequence.


The mistake I made yesterday was to keep threatening them (in particular, Myreen) without acting.

“If you do not finish your work by 4.30 pm, you will not get to celebrate Aan’s birthday later.”

And then when 4.30 pm came, I called home to check on them. Apparently, Myreen was still not done.

“If you do not finish by 5 pm, you really cannot join the celebration later. I MEAN IT.”

And then when it was 5 pm and she was not done yet, I told her to finish by 5.30 pm or she would really get it from me.


5.45 pm and she was still doing her work.

Threats after threats.

Apparently, it had no impact or effect on her.

Hey, I gave her so many chances and kept extending the time.

I gave her the ultimatum, and it did not work either.

Might as well I plant the big “L” on my forehead.



See, when we repeatedly tell our kids the consequences for their bad actions without actually giving the immediate consequences, all they hear is,

“I can keep doing this a few more times before Mummy finally gets angry. So might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”


Kids are way smarter than we give them credit for.

It is no fun at all when we see our discipline efforts backfire on certain days.

When emotions escalate, us parents often make the mistake of responding by communicating threat. Let us not forget the super frustrated look on our face, the mad tone of our voice, our intimidating posture and our finger repeatedly wagging at them.


Realistically speaking, parents need a break too sometimes. We can get exceptionally tired and just feel like giving up on some days. And then there will be days that we just feel too exhausted to discipline our kids.

But I keep reminding myself that it is so important to muster up the energy to offer consistent discipline. Otherwise, it can make behaviour problems worse, which will result in me feeling even more tired than before.

Makes sense?

I will always feel bad minutes after scolding my girls. Always. I cry even at times.

I will blame myself for not being patient enough or good enough a mother for them.

Do you feel that way too?

I guess it is okay for us to feel that way?

Only through remorse will we tell ourselves to do better next time for our kids.

But we should never feel guilty for disciplining them.

Allowing misbehavior to slide is never the solution.

It really takes time to undo a pattern of bad or undesirable behavior. But if we are consistent as parents, the kids will eventually catch on. Parenting and disciplining would be quite a breeze thereafter.

And most importantly, parents must show a united front, so that the parent who always does the punishing (because that parent is always with the kids while the other is working) will not feel like the bad guy all the time

I can never reiterate enough the importance of discipline. I have been consistent with Sharleez ever since she was young, and I can see how much easier it is to handle her as compared to her twin sisters. I admit that I am not so strict with Mysha and Myreen as far as discipline is concerned because well, I see them as the babies in the family. And really, I expect them to learn by example. Their example is their big sister, in this case. They really look up to Sharleez.

And perhaps, the reason why Myreen was behaving that way yesterday was because she just wanted my attention and time. I know for sure that if I had been there, Myreen would have completed her work on time. Why would she take more than 3 hours to complete something that will just take about 1 hour on other days?

But then it goes back to this question –

When then will Myreen ever practise self-discipline if she needs me beside her all the time?

Not easy.

But as I am typing this now and reflecting on my actions yesterday, I count my blessings for these twins, no matter how mischievous they can be at times.


Anyway, we kissed and we made up.

They completed their work.

They made their Aan (Lulu Aini) a very nice birthday card. Not the lazy and minimal effort kind of card.

I gave them time to settle down and all, and had a talk with them after the celebration. I wanted them to explain their actions and my actions.

Both of them cried as they explained to me why they did what they did.

What was Myreen’s reason?



“I wanted to watch TV because I like that show. But I think I am a bit lazy today also. I am so sorry Mummy.”


“It is okay, at least you are honest. But what I have I told you time and time again?”




“Right. But today, you obviously enjoyed first and suffered a big deal later. And that was really the choice that you made.”


“I do not want to enjoy first next time. I must finish my work first. I promise, Mummy.”


“Okay Myreen. And I am so sorry for being a monster mummy today. You know I am not like that if you don’t make me. “

We hugged oh so tightly. And they asked for another hug once we were done.


Never stop believing in happy endings. <3

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I have always enjoyed drinking Ribena ever since I was a kid.

I am not so sure about you, but Ribena with lots of ice? Definitely the perfect thirst quencher!

So now that I have my own kids, it is not a surprise to have them fall in love with Ribena too.

Ribena is rich in Vitamin C, made from 100% New Zealand Blackcurrants, and contains no artificial colour, flavor or sweetener.

Did you also know that…

Each Ribena pack meets 100% of Children’s Daily Requirement of Vitamin C?

So how would you know if your kid is drinking more than enough of Ribena/Vitamin C?

Well, Vitamin C is waster soluble in nature. 75% of consumption is excreted within 24 hours Hence, there is no worry for over consumption of Vitamin C because it will be passed out of human bodies within a day

Little did I know that I could actually be more creative and create my own recipes with Ribena. Yes, Ribena can also be used for cooking and baking, other than as a drink.

So just the other day, I decided to make surprise my girls after their class and I made…




And right now, I am going to be a sweetheart and share the recipe with you!

You can thank me later.



Makes 12-15 Jellies

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes



10g Konnyaku Jelly powder

30g sugar

700ml Ribena Blackcurrant & Lemon Fruit Drink

200ml hot water

120g fresh blueberries (you can substitute with fruit cocktail or any fruit of your choice)



Wash and rinse blueberries. Pat dry and set aside.

Prepare Ribena jelly molds or any jelly molds.


Arrange equal portion of blueberries in the molds. Set aside in the fridge.


Mix sugar and Konnyaku powder in a small bowl.


Pour hot water and Ribena Blackcurrant & Lemon Fruit Drink in a saucepan and turn on the heat. Slowly add in Konnyaku sugar mixture and stir to dissolve sugar and Konnyaku powder.


Bring it to a boil and continue to boil for another 5 minutes.


Remove from the heat and stir until the bubbles disappear. Transfer to a pouring jug.

Fill chilled molds with Konnyaku mixture by starting with 1/3 full.


Then follow by another 2/3.


Let them cool down to room temperature before storing into fridge for chilling. Turn Jelly mold upside down, lightly press the mold to  push the jelly out.


Serve chilled to cute, happy and definitely hungry kids.



And Sharleez said this.




I have got to be the luckiest mummy alive because I have these sweet as jell-o daughters. <3 


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