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A Reason to Smile.

Every kid deserves a pretty smile, with AND without teeth showing.


So when Sharleez’s baby teeth started to fall out one by one and her permanent teeth first poked through, she started to be really conscious about her smile and her set of big new teeth. There was once she looked at the mirror and casually said,

“Mummy, I think I look like a beaver with these funny looking teeth!” 




It is not about her being self-conscious at such a young age. It is about how it can result in a low self-esteem in the long run. Some may even experience social anxiety as they also avoid conversations; especially with people they do not know. Children especially will be affected as they sometimes feel embarrassed at how their teeth may look to their friends. The possibility of being teased at school will cause shyness, isolation or reluctance to participate in school activities.


So I decided to find out more about Orthodontics, especially after I noticed that some of my friends’ kids are already wearing braces despite being about the same age as Sharleez.

I was like,

“How come they can start wearing braces so early?”

After much research, I made an appointment with Dr Ooi Jing Liang from DePacific Dental (Balestier) because he is one of the few dentists here who does early orthodontic treatment for kids. Not that many dentists offer the said service, if you must know.

Let me ask you a question first before I carry on.

Can one only start to wear braces once all the baby teeth are gone and the permanent teeth are already in place?


(But I used to think like you too.)

There is usually no fixed rule as to when we should start braces. However the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children from age 7 to be seen for an assessment of their facial and dental growth patterns.

In other words, Sharleez should have seen Dr Ooi Jing Liang earlier! She is 9 now!



In general most children start wearing braces when their last permanent teeth drops out, which usually occurs from 11-14. However in certain cases, it is of great importance to intervene earlier to prevent the problems from getting worse which would then lead to more uncomfortable and longer treatment for the child in future.

Some examples where early treatment is required are:

1) Impacted teeth (When adult teeth are blocked and do not have sufficient space to erupt due to crowding)

2) Crossbite (when the upper and lower teeth do not meet in the correct way)

3) Jaw discrepancy (upper or lower jaw being too forward relative to each other)

There are times also when early intervention is not recommended and we would advise the child to wait till all his/her permanent teeth are out. As every child is different, it would is strongly recommended to see the dentist early so that the dentist can give you all the options available for your child.

Sharleez had her X-Ray done and Dr Ooi Jing Liang discovered that her adult teeth did not have sufficient space in her mouth to erupt and this is causing the crowding of teeth. Crowding of teeth means that she needed to extract some in order for the rest of her permanent teeth to have more space to grow in place.   

So Dr Ooi arranged to have Sharleez’s baby canines extracted. Two top, and two bottom.

The anxious me wanted Sharleez to have all four baby canines to be extracted at the same time. LOL.

But Dr Ooi suggested to have two extracted first so that Sharleez would not be too overwhelmed with the whole process.

When Sharleez first heard that she needed to extract four teeth, she panicked and started asking so many questions like,

“Will it hurt, Mummy?” 

“Mummy, what if I cannot take the pain?”

“Must I really extract my teeth?”

Dr Ooi however assured Sharleez that there would be minimal discomfort. He even told Sharleez that he would not carry on with the procedure if Sharleez experienced pain and wanted him to stop.

That made her at ease, somehow. So we fixed a date for the first extraction to be done!


That’s my girl! Showing the peace sign because everything would be alright.


Many patients fear going to a dentist because of pain. This is even more so for a child.

At DePacific Dental (Balestier), the extraction of teeth are done with as little discomfort as possible.

It is really true! I witnessed everything myself, and I was there with Sharleez throughout.


Sharleez was surprisingly calm and composed that day.

Dr Ooi made it a point to give the local anaesthetic to Sharleez slowly to minimize any discomfort.


He would stop every now and then to check on her and whether she was doing alright. Even his assistant Linda, was really comforting and helpful too in ensuring that Sharleez did not feel so tensed.


I like how Dr Ooi does not rush through every procedure but instead takes his time each time. That alone is enough to gain the trust from Sharleez.

Sharleez was also able to watch the TV during the whole procedure. Dr Ooi actually played Kung Fu Panda for her while her teeth were being extracted.

In fact, he did not get straight to the extraction business as soon as Kung Fu Panda was played. He chit-chatted with Sharleez about Kung Fu Panda and asked who her favorite character is in the story. 



Distraction is indeed a powerful tool in allaying one’s fears, isn’t it?

At DePacific Dental (Balestier), the dentists are trained to give a painless injection by firstly using a numbing gel to numb the tissues that the local anaesthesia would be placed. The dental assistant will then place a massager around the cheeks to further distract the patient and the dentist will give the injection slowly and steadily to minimise any discomfort to the patient.

The numbing took some time because as mentioned, Dr Ooi wanted to minimize any discomfort to Sharleez. He explained to me, “The  moment she starts to feel pain and discomfort, that’s when she will not want to continue with the procedure. So we take it slow.”

But once the numbing process was done and it was time for extraction, everything was done within less than 2 minutes!

Yes, within 2 minutes, two of Sharleez’s baby canines were extracted!





Dr Ooi then mentioned that Sharleez was not to eat anything for a few hours. And should she experience pain or discomfort after a few hours once the numbness was gone, then she should take some painkillers.

But Sharleez did not even experience any sort of pain once the numbness was gone.



Things were back to normalcy, and she ate like a glutton the moment the numbness went away.

So what’s next after extraction?


But that will be for my next post.

Sorry to make you wait!


Sharleez looks really cute with braces, by the way. 😀


Meanwhile, you can actually find out more about early orthodontic treatment for your kid or even orthodontic treatment for yourself by making an appointment with the super friendly, fun, bubbly, and energetic Dr Ooi Jing Liang from De Pacific Balestier 

Do not make the same mistake as us and see the dentist now to get your teeth or your kid’s fixed before it is too late!


When I posted about Sharleez’s visit with him the other time, I received so many private messages and comments from his happy patients who agreed that he is such an awesome dentist.


So so glad and relieved that I found the perfect dentist for my girl’s orthodontics braces!



Tel: (65) 6684 4862

Address: 20 Ah Hood Road, #01-25, Zhongshan Mall,
Singapore 329984


Opening Hours:
 Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 10pm

Saturdays to Sundays: 10am to 6pm

Public Holidays: Closed


And oh, if you want me to blog about Sharleez’s braces procedure, LIKE this post first!

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Hari Raya with Ribena

Now that Hari Raya is approaching, feasting and fizzy drinks will definitely be on your agenda, yes?

I cannot wait to feast too! After all, this will be my final chance to do so before I give birth and confinement food starts to haunt my life for a while. HAHA.

Speaking of drinks, I think I will instead go for a healthier alternative – something rich in Vitamin C with no artificial flavouring, sweetener nor colouring, and something that can also be used to create various types of simple dishes, dessert and beverages for Hari Raya.

Yes, I am referring to Ribena Cordial.

I simply love making different kinds of beverages using Ribena Cordial for my girls and myself!

For the upcoming Hari Raya, try preparing Ribena Longan & Lime drink your guests!



  • 1 glass of cold water
  • Ribena Cordial to taste (adjust the sweetness accordingly)
  • 3 Lime with juice extracted
  • Longan fruits
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional: Sparkling Ribena to taste (for that extra kick!)


How to prepare:

Need you ask? Just add everything together and your Ribena Longan & Lime Drink is ready for your guests, young and old.

Really a refreshing drink, this one! The sweetness of the Ribena Cordial goes really well with the sourness of the lime. And the longan fruits added is definitely a treat for the kids!

My girls had so much fun preparing the drink and each of them added the Ribena Cordial to their drink according to their own personal preference.


Who doesn’t love Ribena? It is definitely every kid’s favourite drink.


I wouldn’t mind my girls drinking Ribena over and over again during the festive season instead of all those fizzy drinks.


The best thing about Ribena is that you can adjust the sweetness level according to your preference. What’s more, Ribena is made with 100% blackcurrants from New Zealand, and does not contain artificial sweetener, flavouring and colour.

Here are two other easy recipes that you can have fun making with your kids this Hari Raya! Refreshing and perfect for the hot weather!

Ribena Berry Nice Smoothie



  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup of chopped strawberries
  • 1 cup of fresh milk
  • Half to one cup of Ribena Cordial (depending on your preference)
  • 1 spoonful of honey (depending on your preference)
  • Ice cubes

How to make? Blend everything together!

Refreshing and cooling!

Fruity Ribena Soda



  • 1 Cup chopped strawberries
  • 1 Cup blueberries
  • 1 cup logan
  • 1 cup orange / peach
  • Ribena Cordial to taste
  • Chilled soda drink
  • Ice cubes

Mix everything into your favourite cup (best to use a colourless one to see the pretty colours pop!)

Stir everything and drink.


Do follow Ribena Singapore in Facebook for more creative recipes using Ribena Cordial!

Here’s wishing all my Muslim followers a Selamat Hari Raya!

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#MyMumSays: “You’ll understand when you are older.”

Motherhood to me is about setting the alarm the night before, getting up in the morning when the alarm goes off, waking my kids up for school with my eyes barely open, going to the bathroom and slapping my face hard with water, looking at the mirror and sighing, brushing my teeth, and then rushing to send the girls to school in my PJs.


Nothing glamorous at all but yet I look forward to doing the same thing every single day without ever feeling so ‘sian’. No rewards that I am hoping to get from them. Okay maybe just their handmade cards on my birthday and Mother’s Day.

The only thing I look forward to? Weekends – just so that I can wake up slightly later.

As such, I love my weekends so much!


How not to love these cuties?


With all due respect to the working mummies out there, I have never once regretted leaving the career that I used to love so much. Why, I know that I want to be there for my kids while they are still at the super fun stage. I admit I miss working so much, and going back to the workforce one day will remain a hope that I will always hold strong to.

Of course financial wise, it is not that easy. It takes a whole lot of discipline and self-restraint, now that I am a Work at Home Mummy (‘WAHM’).

But my mum, who has been a full-time housewife ever since the day she got married, has taught me so much in this area, either directly or subtly. My mum is all about making self-sacrifices just so that she can give her children a good life. Never mind if she barely has enough for herself, as long as her children have everything that a mother could possibly give her kids.

I remember some of the quotes that #MyMumSays all the time. Well, she did not think that I would actually remember them because I always make it seem like I am never listening to her, so maybe that’s why she repeats them all the time. LOL.


Don’t believe me?

Let me prove it to you then!


#MyMumSays (1):

“You know ah, I never even work after I get married and I am full-time housewife until now. Only your daddy work. Whatever money daddy give me, I use for all of your education. How come we can still have enough to bring all of you up?”

Yes mother, you are absolutely right. I admire how you could bring all four of us up with Daddy being the sole breadwinner. You did not deprive us of an education and your time. In fact, you dedicated your whole life to us ever since you became a mother.

At the end of the day, it is not about how much you earn but how much you can save for your family and kids despite your income.

For self-employed mums like me, I think we need more discipline to put aside some of our earnings. The truth is, self-employed mums like you and me generally need to keep our finances more flexible to cater for any downturns in our earnings.

Let’s face it, our income is not stable.

Just a question, how many of you contribute voluntarily to CPF?

So the question is, what are you doing to ensure you are saving enough? Are you topping up your CPF accounts voluntarily?

At this point, I know what you are thinking – it can be pretty difficult at times to remind ourselves to contribute voluntarily! I mean, most of the time, we will end up spending the money voluntarily instead. HAHA!

But seriously now, it’s really important for self-employed mums like us to contribute regularly and make sure you have sufficient Medisave savings for your future healthcare needs. This is especially important during old age, when you may have stopped working.

And I found out that there are two ways for us to make voluntary contributions to our CPF.


Food for thought, mummies.

#MyMumSays (2):

“Go buy piggy bank for your daughters. Ask them save their pocket money. Then you must let them spend some of their savings. Don’t bully them so much. I do that for you and your siblings since young.”


When I was still in school, Mak bought each of us a piggy bank so that we would save up our pocket money on a daily basis. At the end of the year, Mak would allow us to use a portion of the money to buy something that we wanted before depositing the rest into our banks.


This is something valuable that I have passed on to my kids. Every day, I will make sure they save whatever money is left from school and put them into their piggy bank. They have now started on a new piggy bank because their previous one is already full!

Well done, Nadyas!



#MyMumSays (3):

“You don’t spend spend spend all the time. Must set aside some money for your kids and yourself. When you (are) old, who want to help you? Cannot depend on your kids what! I also never depend on all of you.”

This quote is something that I have to keep reminding myself over and over again because I admit that I can be quite a spendthrift at times. But hey, I spend mostly on the kids, so that’s not so bad isn’t it?


It is important for us to save for a longer retirement or we may end up outliving our savings. The fact is, retirement will happen. If we get to live long enough, we will reach a point where we will need to leave our jobs and either settle for less demanding jobs or stop working altogether.

What happens next?

Will we have enough to survive?

Will we have enough for our medical expenses especially?

I thought about this and it is actually pretty scary if we do not start planning from now.

But we should also know that having an income for as long as we live is very important.

Apparently, it is possible.  

By the way, anyone of you heard of CPF Life before? I did not know about it prior to this so it was quite a discovery for me.

I am so sure that many of you out there are still unaware too.

So I did some reading (to prepare myself for old age LOL). Depending on your desired CPF LIFE monthly payout and your CPF balances, you can choose from a range of payout options that best suit your needs in retirement. Here’s an infographic I came across while researching, that explains the type of CPF Life Plan I can choose from.


It is also interesting to know that one can receive a monthly payout for life of as much as $1,920 with CPF Life! May not seem like a lot right now, but I am so sure that amount will come in handy when we are old and not working anymore.

So choose wisely ladies as this is definitely a way to go when planning for your retirement nest. I am going to read up more about THIS and you should too.

And lastly,

#MyMumSays (4): 

“You must always eat supplements like me. You see I am 60 but no sickness. Every time I go checkup all very good. You young people ah don’t know how to take care of yourself.”


But one of the things that she has practised since young is to drink lots of plain water. She will ensure that she gets her 8 glasses of water every day without fail!

I must really start to be more conscientious about my health.


If you brush this health issue aside, thinking that you do not have time to pay attention to it now due to your busy life, then perhaps you might want to look at your kids now and do it for them? They are your future, and their future depends on your present actions.

I am definitely doing this for my kids…and my older self.



We know that we will keep doing whatever it takes to give the best to our kids.


And most of the time, being the best for them means giving the best to ourselves first.

What is that ONE THING your mum has ever said to you that has left a big impact in your life?


  1. Tag me in a photo of you and your mum on Instagram and share with us what your mum says!
  2. Don’t forget to hashtag #MyMumSays so that I can read all of your posts!


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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….?

Another long overdue post.

So the other day I went for my detailed scan. I had been eager and anxious for this one because I could not wait to find out the gender of the little fella inside, besides being assured that little fella is growing just fine.

Appointment was at 10.15 am. Reached KKH ADC at about 9.45 am. Half an hour early! So I figured I should go to the washroom first, just to make sure my hair was in place. LOL. But Tatek told me to register first so that my appointment would be on time. I did as I was told before proceeding to the ladies. When I was done, Tatek told me to go to the register counter because my name was already called out. SO FAST?

I was pleasantly gobsmacked.

The sonographer then led me to the room where the detailed scan would be carried out.

So it was the usual – sonographer did the scan and told us the various body parts and organs of the little fella.

Little fella could not keep still as usual. At one point, little fella was in the kneeling down position. The sonographer laughed before shaking my tummy continuously (and rather profusely too) to make little fella change position. However, little fella refused to barge. HAHA. So I had to turn my body to the left and right.

Still no luck.

“Your baby is very cheeky ley!” exclaimed the sonographer.

When she wanted to check on little fella’s heart, little fella covered the chest part with one hand. So again, the sonographer had to shake my tummy.

When she wanted to check on the facial features, little fella covered the entire face with both hands. What happened next? Yes, shake shake my tummy once again.


The moment the sonographer started showing us little fella’s thigh bones, I knew what was next!

“Do you want to know your baby’s gender?”









“There, do you see that thing sticking out in between the thighs? That’s the penis!”


I chuckled. Tatek was like repeatedly exclaiming “YES! YES! Beckham boy!”

We are expecting a baby boy. Insya’allah.

When we broke the news to our girls, they were like “Really Mummy? I knew it! YAY!”

Of course they were exhilarated to finally know the gender of their baby sibling. Prior to that, it had been an endless guessing game. Quite torturous for them. HAHA.

When I showed them the above photo of the ultrasound scan, Myreen squealed and said,

“Oh my god, so cute! The penis looks like a little cupcake!”

Seriously, Myreen? LOL.

My mum asked Sharleez whether she was happy and she said,

“It’s okay Nana. I am okay with either a baby brother or sister. It’s still a baby. I will still do my best to take care of the baby even though it will be tiring!”

So I can imagine how chaotic it would be once their baby brother is out, but I also know that my girls will be such great big sisters and helpers!

In fact, they have really started doing their part. Every week, we will go to the library to borrow new baby books for the girls to read to their baby brother every night before bedtime. Everyone will have a turn each night, and the storyteller will never fail to read with gusto.

“We want our baby brother to be entertained when we read the story, Mummy. If we do not put in effort to read, he will fall asleep.”

Such darlings. <3


I am just hoping for a smooth pregnancy, and that my little fella will continue to grow well. That’s all I want. Insya’allah.

Preparation wise?
How are we coping so far in this department?

Well, we went to look around for strollers after the detailed scan was done since we still had quite a bit of time to spare before fetching the girls from school. I saw a couple of strollers I liked but I told myself to refrain from being so impulsive. Unlike the previous pregnancies, I think I am more relaxed this time round. (Please stay that way, Diah.) So we will continue to look around some more before deciding on THE STROLLER.

But oh my god, I am just so in love with THE BUGABOO BEE3 STROLLER!bug1

And just look at the Diesel Rock edition! Arghhhhhhhh.


Let’s just hope it’s infatuation, and not love. Infatuation will come and go, right? LOL.




Along the way, we also saw some other cute strollers.

Like this MacLaren The Beatles Yellow Submarine stroller, just because “We all live in a yellow submarine.”



Unfortunately, the stroller is not suitable for newborn babies.


I also like this denim stroller, also by MacLaren. (Have always had a soft spot for MacLaren strollers.)


This Mini Cooper stroller is kind of cute too.



The shopping list is going to be pretty extensive, I suddenly realised. I do not have anything babyish (or boyish, even) at home. I have gotten rid of all their baby stuff like decades ago! Hellooooo? My girls are all already in primary school!

So yes, it is really like being a first time mummy because hey, I am expecting a baby BOY.

For now, I must get myself used to the idea of looking at everything blue instead of pink when we go shopping for baby stuff.

Must not look at those cute little dresses.

Must not look at fluffy tutus.

Must not look at colourful leggings.

Must not look at pretty headbands.

Must be allergic to the colour pink.



I am at my 23rd week right now. That’s almost 6 months of pregnancy, and about 4 more months to go.

Please, pray that everything will go smoothly for baby and me okay? <3


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Team Pink or Team Blue?

I should be blogging about my pregnancy, shouldn’t I?

Let me explain why I did not do so earlier.

For a start, the first few months were very challenging for me – both physically and emotionally. If you want the truth, I was not exactly excited about being pregnant again. I was not too keen about starting all over again with a newborn. I kept burying myself under the blanket. I could not smell almost everything which included my husband’s perfume, the bathroom, my mum’s cooking and in particular, the smell of garlic. So my bedroom door and toilet door had to be kept closed at all times. Anyone who broke the rule would have to face my naggings.


But wait, there’s more.

Kept feeling nauseous. Kept vomiting. Kept getting headaches. No appetite for anything. Could only take in sweet drinks. I was just too weak for everything. I hated checking my handphone for incoming messages. I hated replying to messages. I did not want to socialize with anyone including my family members. I hate crowded places. I hated talking. I even hated myself. Birthday celebrations were done so in my absence because I said so. And oh, the excess saliva is such a chore – I have to keep spitting it out like every minute or so.

Work wise?

Rejected almost every event that I was invited to.

Kept postponing meetings and appointments.

Went missing from social media for quite a bit.

Fast forward to my 5th month now.

(Can you see my saliva bag? LOL)



Things are starting to look better. Appetite is slowly coming back. (I can already drink my good ol’ plain water!) Vomitting has stopped. Nausea comes to visit once in a while.

The excess saliva is still ongoing, though. DANG IT. My mum asked me why I like to collect the saliva in my mouth. Haha. It’s not like I purposely collect it in my mouth, mother. My body just produces saliva in excess. It is beyond my control. Sometimes when I get too tired of spitting it out, I will just collect it inside my mouth till my mouth cannot contain anymore of the saliva. Then spit out. On days when I feel like I should not care at all about anything including something called hygiene, I will just gargle the saliva before spitting it out. What? Want to judge me? You can’t- I am pregnant. Hur hur. I So wherever I go, I will always bring a plastic bag for my saliva. Yeah, that’s a good enough reason for me to feel lousy all the time.

But whenever the bad feeling comes, the baby’s tiny hiccups, kicks or punches will always remind me that I have a mini me inside of me. That mini me depends on me entirely. That mini me is the one I bring along with me everywhere I go. That mini me is the one who accompanies me 24/7. So even on days or nights when I feel alone, the truth is – I am actually never alone.

The Nadyas have been really helpful- they take turns to give me tummy massages on a daily basis.

“Mummy, it’s Cocoa Butter time! Come, I massage you now.”

When my headache comes, either one of them or Tatek will give me a good head massage. I am never allowed to carry anything at all when we go grocery shopping – not even my own bag. I used to judge husbands who carry their wives’ handbags. But now my own husband is doing the same for me. LOL. Sharleez will always volunteer to carry the bags of groceries for me if the daddy is not around. I do pity her because the bags can be really heavy at times, and I will end up helping her. But she always insists that she can handle everything. If that is not sweet enough, then I don’t know what is. Meanwhile back at home, Mak is constantly checking to see if there is anything I am craving for or if there is anything she can cook for me.

So you see, everyone is trying their best to accommodate to me, just so that I feel slightly better, if not a lot better.

How could I even complain about feeling lousy in the first place?

(Errr because the lousiness can really get to me and is beyond my control? Duh!)

Something that I always look forward to will be a visit to the gynae because that is when I will get to see mini me jumping, bouncing or even waving at me every time the ultrasound is done. That few minutes is enough to make me all so teary. It does not even matter that everything is in black and white.

This coming Tuesday will be my detailed scan. I have been waiting forever for this day to come – to find out whether I am carrying a baby boy or girl.

Every expecting mother will always have the same copy and paste script –

“It does not matter whether it’s a boy or girl, just as long as the baby is healthy.”

It is true. Honestly, it can get pretty frustrating when people ever so confidently tell you what the gender of your baby SHOULD be. (Like I have any control over this?)

But what do you think?



Wait for my reveal on Tuesday! Insya’allah.

Do pray that everything goes well for me? <3

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