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#IThinkShakeelTalks: Drinking from the bottle

Hi ladies everyone! It’s me, Shakeel, taking over Mummy’s blog for a while first now…then permanently in future. But don’t tell her I told you that!

But first, Mummy needs to change her blog’s picture.

I mean,


Way overdue, Mummy. What have you been so busy with until you have no time to revamp your blog? Sheesh!

So what should I talk about?

Ah, I should mention the woes of a breastfed baby who is sometimes forced to drink milk from the bottle due to some unforeseen circumstances. Life sucks. It’s tough being a baby so what makes you adults think that only you have the biggest problems in the world? Babies like us have only one problem and it’s often milk problem. But hey, that’s big enough a problem!

Mummy does train me to drink from the bottle. She keeps telling me that drinking from the bottle is pretty much the same as drinking from her mammillas. I am sure. I feel like asking her whether drinking latte Starbucks is the same as drinking latte from McDees.

The answer is, “NO! IT’S NOT THE SAME!”

Whenever she asks me to drink from the bottle, it’s always the same ol’ process.


I will hold the bottle like I am so eager to drink.





I will throw the bottle to the side or sometimes on the floor because ewww the milk does not taste as good from the bottle AND I am not good at pretending.





I will get thirsty after some time and decide to drink from the bottle when Mummy refuses to give me her mammillas. And yeah, I will even finish the milk. Pretty embarrassing. I must say.




Don’t believe me because it’s too good to be true? Watch this video then!



I will pat the bottle to eternal sleep and wish never to see it again.




Wishful thinking on my part, of course.

Yeah that’s pretty much what Mummy and I have to go through each time drinking milk from the bottle is involved.

But if you ask me, I want Mummy’s mammillas anytime!

I sincerely hope she will stop forcing me to drink from the bottle.

I promise I will be good!


Lots of love & saliva, 

Shakeel Adly


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