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Treasure Island by SRT

Ahoy mates! How be you?

How about free tickets t’ watch Treaaye Island?

I meant to ask, how about free tickets to watch Treasure Island by SRT’S The Little Company?

Hehe. We went to watch Treasure Island just a week ago at SRT.



Come on, it is an open secret by now – WE LOVE SRT/TLC PRODUCTIONS!

Go on, tell everyone. 

I will also try to dress the girls up according to the theme whenever possible. 🙂



We first started attending their plays in 2012. That was like 3 years ago when Sharleez was 5 and my twins were 3! Ever since then, we have been hooked and have been going to all of their productions! Their plays and musicals are suitable for kids aged 3-12 supposedly but hey, if adults like me and my husband are entertained just as well all the time, then I guess their plays and musicals are suitable for everyone!


Their current production is Treasure Island.


Photo by SRT

I insist that you must bring your kids to watch this production!


What is it about? 

A new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s popular novel of the same name, Treasure Island follows the adventure of Jim Hawkins, a lion-hearted 13-year-old girl who receives a treasure map from a kooky old seaman. Jim is tasked to help find the hidden treasure, but the road to riches is never smooth sailing.

A swashbuckling, action-packed musical about friendship and trust. This exhilarating show for the entire family will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Source: SRT

Why bring the kids to watch this?

  1. Teaches children the importance of loyalty and friendship, and to practise discernment in those they chose to place their trust in.
  2. This story features a courageous female protagonist who proves that no feat is too great for girls or boys.
  3. Engages the imagination by transporting young children to a foreign land, and expands their world beyond their everyday lives.


We loved the amazingly beautiful sets as usual. SRT never fails to put in so much efforts in their costumes and props, so that is another reason why my girls and I look forward to every production of theirs.


Photo by SRT

Treasure Island has a fine mixture of puppetry, songs, beautiful props and of course, energetic expression by all of their actors.


Photo by SRT

The musical itself has a slightly different twist from the original story but you will definitely enjoy it. Every single production of SRT/TLC also has a moral or learning point at the end of it. As we all know it, kids will only be relieved once  the story ends nicely – they will always expect the good to prevail and the bad to be punished or to somehow repent. HAHA.

Want a little preview?

Okay watch this!





Treasure Island will reiterate to their young audience (and their not so young audience) on the importance of friendship over anything else.

Human relationship is the real treasure in life. 

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.”


Photo by SRT



So you can either book online via or call SISTIC directly at 6348 5555



I have a family package of 4 tickets worth $153 to give away for Saturday, 5th December 2015 at 11am!



Follow me instructions mates!

1. LIKE my latest Instagram post. Click HERE to be directed to my Instagram

2. Leave a comment in my latest Instagram post regarding Treasure Island and tell me why I should choose you as one of the winners, and how many tickets you will need!

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The Enormous Turnip: i-Theatre

Today, we brought the girls to School of The Arts (SOTA) for The Enormous Turnip!


(Tops by

It was our first time watching a production by i-Theatre so I was definitely looking forward to it.

The girls? Obviously. They have read the story before and since they knew what to expect for the show in terms of the storyline, they were more excited than me!

My feedback?

The Enormous Turnip was entertaining, fast-paced, engaging and interactive. I like how the characters often communicated with their little audience from time to time. By little, I meant the kids and not the size of the crowd. The crowd was huge! LOL.

Just do not be late because you will not be able to enter the drama theatre as and when you like. That was what happened to Tatek! We arrived exactly at 2.30 pm so since he still had to find parking space, the girls and I alighted first and rushed to the theatre. We made it! Tatek’s entry was restricted until a suitable time during the performance. Arriving late for concerts or gigs is not a big deal. But arriving late for theatre performance is something that other theatergoers will find very annoying. When you arrive late, you will have to interrupt everybody else’s concentration as you scramble and apologize your way to your seat. It will just make matters worse if your seat is in the middle row. But most importantly, spare a thought for the poor actors and what a big distraction you will be/cause.


The Enormous Turnip is the story of a tiny mouse – and an enormous turnip.

Eek the mouse’s dream is to be noticed.

Diggory the Gardener’s dream is to enter a completion and win a prize for his vegetables.

And then in his garden, a turnip grows and keeps on growing!

How will they pull the Enormous Turnip out of the ground?


And oh, you can even meet and greet the characters and snap a photo together right after the show!


You have to bring your kids to watch this one during the school holidays! I am going to watch quite a number of theatre productions with the girls during the holidays because we just love how theatre/drama promotes literacy knowledge like fluency, vocabulary and comprehension in the most subtle way ever.



Duration: 55 minutes plus meet and greet.
Most suitable for: 3 to 12 years and families
Written and Directed by Brian Seward
Music composed and arranged by Julian Wong

Sat, 21 Nov – Sun, 6 Dec 2015

Sat & Sun: 11 am, 2.30 pm
Tue (24 Nov 2015): 10.30 am, 2 pm
Wed – Fri (25 Nov 2015 till 27 Nov 2015): 10.30 am
Tue – Fri (1 Dec 2015 till 4 Dec 2015): 11 am

Standard Ticket Prices:
Adult/Child: $32.00
Family Package (4 Persons): $121.60
Big Family Package: (5 Persons): $140.80

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website
SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents island wide

I am currently having an ongoing giveaway for The Enormous Turnip in my Instagram (@etrangle)


Just proceed to my Instagram account, look for my post with the following picture and participate!


If you are lucky, you might just win tickets to watch The Enormous Turnip on 28 November 2015 at 2.30 pm!

Lastly, thank you i-Theatre for the invite!

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Selfie in a studio: iSnap

When was the last time I actually went to a photo studio to have photos taken with the family?


Imagine going to a professionally-equipped personal photo studio with various backdrops/costumes/props for you to choose from, and armed with DSLR cameras and studio lightings for you and your loved ones to take fun and endless number of photos…



In other words, it is like taking a proper selfie using professional camera and lightings instead of mobile phones!



So the other day, I decided to spend my girls day out with my three daughters by surprising them with a visit to iSnap!


iSnap is the first photography company in Singapore that offers various professionally-equipped personal studio rooms for you to take personal or selfie photos of yourselves, friends or families without the need of a photographer.

They have 6 individual studio rooms in total with a total of 24 themes/backdrops for you to choose from!

Individual rooms means privacy for you and your loved ones! 



I am not kidding! They could not decide on which costume to wear first so I told them to keep calm and listen to what the staff from iSnap had to say.


  1. First, choose the backdrop that you would like & let the helpful staff know



  1. Choose the costumes and props you would like to wear


  1. Go to the studio room with the chosen backdrop


  1. Close the door to ensure that you get all the privacy that you need
  2. Look at the big screen and position yourself for the camera



  1. Now you are ready to snap, snap, snap using the remote shutter


  1. Once you are done with the backdrop, you can choose another backdrop!




The girls wanted to be animals first. So we chose a backdrop with a safari theme, and then proceeded to choose our animal costumes!

No prize for correctly guessing what happened next.








Now all the photos taken in the studio that I am showing are the digital copies that iSnap allowed us to bring home!

Next, the girls decided that they wanted to be characters from Frozen! So what did they do? Choose the backdrop. Choose the costumes. Proceed to the studio room with the chosen backdrop. Close the door. Snap away! (Mind you, they took the photos themselves while I had a breather outside.)

Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door







Indeed. My girls kept on laughing and giggling.

Next change? They wanted to be pixies! LOL.



Then they decided to cast a spell on me and turn me into a frog.


The spell did not work obviously because you can never wish for a bad thing to happen to your mummy. LOL.

So they had to settle for a loving mummy instead.



And last but not least, we decided to just sit on go easy and sit on the swing chair for some photos with our actual outfits.


I then let the girls take charge and left them on their own while I had a quick chat with the staff from iSnap.

I was laughing uncontrollably when I viewed the photos later on.








Yes, there is no limit to the number of photos you take within that one-hour of booking!

The best thing is, you get to keep all the digital copies of the photos taken in high-res, and they will even print out for you 5 chosen photos FREE!


Thank you iSnap for such a fun and memorable experience!


Barely five minutes after we left iSnap and my girls were asking whether we would be making another visit to iSnap! It was obvious they enjoyed themselves truly.

For more information, you can find iSnap in Facebook by typing iSNAP THE SELFIE PLACE.

Otherwise, you can click







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Jubilee at the Botanic Coverage (31 May)

Last weekend, I brought my daughters, husband and parents to watch Temasek presents Jubilee at the Botanics and have a picnic at the same time.


Definitely a great way to kick start the June holidays, I must say.


If you must know, it was our first time watching an orchestra performance. That said, we were really excited and eager right from the beginning because we did not know what to expect.


(Picture from Temasek’s Facebook Page)

Jubilee at the Botanics aims to bring together friends and loved ones to share their love for music besides celebrating SG50 together with the community.


The Singapore Symphony Orchestra put on such a breathtaking full hour performance, I must say! 



We were especially mesmerized by the enchanting voice of Amni Musfirah who was accompanied by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. I could actually sing along to most of the tunes in particular, “Count on Me Singapore”, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Somewhere”, “Memory and “Home”!


(Picture from Temasek’s Facebook Page)


Then, you too would be mesmerized by my voice.


I was pleased to see how my three girls also enjoyed themselves. They were actually just enjoying the music throughout.

They even got to meet the very good looking host of the event, Nathan Hartono before the show started.


Cheeky girls walking away from Nathan.


Right after we were done, Sharleez told me this,

“Mummy, it was a nice concert. The girl could sing so well and her voice is like a Disney princess. I am going to write this in my journal and tell my teacher all about it when school reopens.”

Oh, did I mention that we were seated right behind the PM of Singapore?

That was such a pleasant surprise, I would say.

Mysha even managed to take a selfie with our PM, without him realising it of course.



I am definitely looking forward to the next outdoor concert.

This ongoing initiative by Temasek is definitely a very meaningful way to usher the community together in rediscovering one’s love for great music”.

I mean, look at the crowd!


(Picture from Temasek’s Facebook Page)

If you missed it this time round, do not worry. Just follow Temasek on FB and keep yourself updated with their events.

You can also follow Temasek via:


Instagram – @Temasekseen

Twitter – @Temasek

Youtube – @TemasekDigital

This has been a sponsored post, but all opinions and comments are entirely my own, just for your information. 😀

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Majulah Singapura!

What makes you Singaporean?

Or what makes you proud to be one?

I certainly am.

And I am super stoked to be a part of NDP 2015 and SG50.



Just the other day, I was invited to the NDP 15 Media Event together with some other Nuffnangers. Chairman of NDP 2015 Executive Committee (EXCO) Brigadier-General Melvyn Ong briefed us about the highlights of this year’s National Day Parade.


The very fact that we are celebrating SG50 makes this year’s celebration extra special.


A picture with Amantha (one of our managing executives from Nuffnang), MongChin, Corliss, and Missgoob! (I felt sooooo old next to them because they are all like, less than 30 years old! LOL)

So since I had the advantage of finding out more about NDP 15, I am going to share with you some of the highlights that you should take note of!




Highlights of NDP 2015:


  1. Tribute to LKY

I am sure this will be a very emotional moment for us Singaporeans.

To remember the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, there will be a special film and performance.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force’s (RSAF) Black Knights will execute the “Five stars” Tribute Aerial Flypast in honour of our founding Prime Minister.

  1. “Home” by The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows will be singing a rendition of Kit Chan’s “Home” and I cannot wait to hear this one!


  1. NDP’S 2015 THEME

This year’s theme will be “Majulah Singapura” which calls on all Singaporeans to reflect on our achievements over the past 50 years, and work collectively towards our bright future together as one Singapore.





This year’s theme song is “Our Singapore”, which is composed by the very talented Dick Lee.


The song is really meaningful to me because it calls on us to not take our present achievements for granted.


  1. Vintage parade

We can all look forward to the Vintage Parade, which will re-enact segments of the street parades that took place in the early 1970s. The parade will involve contingents from organisations representative of different sectors across Singapore.

I had a sneak preview of the Vintage Parade that day, and I was really amused by how cute all the participants looked! I could not stop myself from chuckling as a result.


Then I had the honour of taking a picture with SSSGT (R)

Ramalingam S/O Nadasan Pillay from the Singapore Police Force. Yes, I chose to take a picture with him because well, my brother is in the Police Force too!


Just look at how the police uniform has changed over the years! I cannot imagine Sofian in this vintage uniform!

That would be classic, no pun intended.


SSSGT (R) Ramalingam S/O Nadasan Pillay first participated in NDP in 1967 when he was in the Police Force! So this year, he is going to be a part of the Vintage Parade for NDP 2015, and he cannot wait to put up a good show for his grandchildren! I wish you all the best, sir!

Here is the Chairman of NDP 2015 Executive Committee (EXCO) Brigadier-General Melvyn Ong interviewing SSSGT (R) Ramalingam S/O Nadasan Pillay.




You can be rest assured that NDP 2015 will invite as many Singaporeans as possible to be part of the festivities by extending the celebrations to various sites around the Marina Bay area.

This includes:

  • Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza
  • The Promontory
  • Merlion Park
  • Marina Barrage
  • Gardens by The Bay


Yes yes, the Parade will be broadcast on LED screens at the abovementioned venues!


  1. Aerial display of “50”

To commemorate our Golden Jubilee, NDP 2015 will feature new elements such as the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s “50” formation flypast.

  1. Participations of youths & pioneers

This year’s NDP 15 is extra special because of the participation by youths and pioneers. I was even told that the response for the parade this year was so overwhelming till they had to politely turn down so many requests. So many of our youths and pioneers wanted to be a part of NDP 15.

  1. 20:15:00

At exactly 20:15 (hours) all Singaporeans will unite to recite the pledge and sing the national anthem, “Majulah Singapura”, to mark our nation’s Golden Jubilee.

So do ensure that your watch’s timing is not too fast or too slow! LOL.


 10.   Finale

Everyone’s favourite, Kit Chan, will be doing the finale! Don’t say I didn’t tell youuuuu.


11.      Firework sites

The two firework sites for this year’s National Day Parade will be:

  • The Float @ Marina Bay
  • Padang

These two sites will also be the ticketed sites for Singaporeans to view the NDP 2015 Show!


I am not trying to be a spoiler or anything by telling you what to expect for NDP 15.

All I am trying to do is to just to let you know how proud I am to be a Singaporean.



Happy 50th, my Singapore!

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