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365 days with you.

I was never the kind to slather body lotion on myself because I have always found them to be greasy and sticky on my sensitive skin. Whenever I tried to apply body lotions, my skin would react and I would scratch all over. Furthermore, with the hot climate here, slathering the skin with heavy body lotion is not quite a good idea.


But here’s the thing – I have dry skin! And it can get flaky at times.


I guess it all boils down to finding the right body lotion so that my skin stays moisturised without irritating me.

NIVEA recently launched the 1st oil-infused body lotion that is ultra-lightweight for 24 hour deep moisture! Ingredients include well-known and well-loved argan oil and jojoba oil.


The range comes in 2 variants:

  • Cherry Blossom + Jojoba Oil in Lotion
  • Rose + Argan Oil in Lotion


A third variant, Vanilla + Almond Oil in Lotion will be released only in Watsons from Sep onwards!

When I attended the private launch weeks ago, I was in awe when they did the live product tests because the moisture level did increase like almost immediately after NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion was applied to the skin. The oil levels also decreased.

What does this mean? The skin is more hydrated without oils!

And best thing was, my sensitive skin did not react!



Now, I have always loved products from NIVEA because I think that their products are a great drugstore buy. Worth the money and they always deliver what they promise and claim.

That said, I am still using NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion because of the following reasons:

  • Super lightweight
  • Non-sticky
  • Skin becomes more hydrated almost instantly
  • Fast absorbing
  • Non-greasy
  • Perfect for our hot climate




Among the 2 variants, I actually prefer Cherry Blossom + Jojoba Oil in Lotion because of the pleasant and sweet fragrance it leaves right after you apply it. The lotion itself contains Jojoba Oil and lots of other essential oils, which are definitely great for the skin!

It feels super light on the skin and like mentioned earlier on, it gets absorbed into the skin within a few seconds! My skin will look super healthy after I apply it and it will stay moisturised for hours! So I cannot leave home without slathering NIVEA Body Oil in Lotion these days.


Rose + Argan Oil in Lotion smells nice as well actually, if you ask me! It has the baby scent. So at the end of the day, I am okay with either or.

But why not you try both variants out yourself and you decide which is your favourite?

You can stand to win a product from NIVEA just by leaving a review HERE!

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My Breast Friend Forever.

Happy turning 1, my boy.


My breastfeeding journey with Shakeel has been a rather emotional one.


No matter how well you prepare yourself for it by reading online, nothing can honestly prepare you for the depth of truth behind all those words.

Before I go any further, let me share with you the following quote.

“Whether you’re for breastfeeding or a “breast is best” type of Mama, we as Moms should offer grace to others no matter their choice or reason to not breastfeed and never, EVER make a Mom feel guilty that they don’t or didn’t breastfeed” 

I am not pro-breast. I am not pro-bottle.

I am pro-mom.

One of the decisions I made when pregnant with Shakeel was to breastfeed him for at least a year. It was not easy but I wanted to at least try because I believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of breastfeeding. I had persevered through multiple hurdles and challenges with my daughters just to breastfeed them. That said, I wanted to also try my best for Shakeel and see how far I can go!

I am sure fellow mummies who breastfeed or have breastfed will understand some of the challenges of breastfeeding. As for me, I had to cope with namely:

  • Engorgement
  • Latching problems
  • Cracked or bleeding nipples
  • Mastitis





There were occasions when I felt like giving up. The worst was when I had cracked and bleeding nipples but Shakeel wanted to constantly nurse. It was worse when he was unwell. That was a nightmare! I remember crying each time he latched on because it was just too painful!

Good family support is essential. In my case, I am glad to have my husband who understands how challenging breastfeeding can get. For instance, when I had my cracked and bleeding nipples, he told me to take time off in the morning while he fed Shakeel direct from the bottle. I clearly remember what he said – “If your nipples do not heal, how can you breastfeed Shakeel with ease? It will get worse and you will end up hating breastfeeding.”

So I was given time off for about three consecutive days from about 9 am till 1 pm. And on days when my husband was not working, he told me to take a longer break so that I could spend my time expressing my milk while Shakeel drank from the bottle. It was not easy – Shakeel refused the bottle initially. He did not drink much from the bottle. And at times, he even cried endlessly because he only wanted to latch on. Again, thanks to the strong support at home, I managed to go through the ordeal. I almost felt like giving up. But when I thought about those precious breastfeeding moments with Shakeel, I told myself to persevere. My nipples healed and I could breastfeed without complications from thereon.

Motherhood is funny that way. Just when you think you have reached your limit and you cannot possibly find it in yourself to give anymore, you find a way to give just a little bit more each day.

He is one year old now and I have stopped having bleeding or cracked nipples no matter what position he is in. But it’s crazy how he likes to perform ‘nursing gymnastics’ these days.


Having cracked and bleeding nipples during the first few months of breastfeeding is normal. You just need to persevere and get all the support you can get so that you can continue your breastfeeding journey with your baby at ease.

A baby friendly hospital can help you get on the track to successful breastfeeding. Staffs at BFHI (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative) hospitals like KKH are trained to provide breastfeeding support to new mothers and also provide a conducive environment for breastfeeding.

I am glad I made the choice to give birth at KKH. The moment Shakeel was out, the midwife ensured that Shakeel had skin-to-skin contact with me.

I was also shown how to properly breastfeed and maintain lactation, even when separated from Shakeel.

I clearly remember how it was like when Shakeel was hospitalized for jaundice. He was not able to latch on 24/7 because it was crucial for him to undergo phototherapy without constant interruption.

At the hospital, I was also given the breast pump to express and maintain my milk supply before passing bottles of my expressed milk to the nurse while I was there during the daytime. Whenever they brought Shakeel out for his feeding, they would ask me to latch him on for a while to maintain my breast milk supply.

And whenever I latched Shakeel on for a while during his feeding time, the nurse would always be next to me to ensure that I was doing it right. Mothers who are experiencing difficulty breastfeeding are encouraged to always consult a lactation consultant, doctor or nurse for advice, especially during the first six months of breastfeeding. This also helps to determine whether there is a need to introduce formula milk.

Here’s the thing about infant formula milk.

Although the overall composition is not the same as breastmilk, infant formula milk is enough to meet the normal nutritional needs of non-breastfed infants. Regardless of the price, all infant formula milk brands in Singapore contain the AVA approved essential nutrients for the So there is really no such thing as “certain milk formula brands are better for the child’s development than others.”

Breastmilk is always best for babies, but if breastfeeding is not possible, formula feeding is the next best alternative to breast milk. And that’s perfectly okay!

Both breastfeeding and formula have their places in society, and as the mother, it does not matter which way we plan to nourish our babies as long as they get all the necessary nutrients. People can only talk so much, but ultimately, we know we only want what’s best for our child.


As of now, I do not want to stop breastfeeding Shakeel as yet because I truly treasure the special bonding experience that comes with it, and for any urgent feeding moments I can just latch him on and soothe him. I can even go out without the need for the diaper bag on days when I feel lazy. I do not want to be too dependent on the bottle or formula milk for now. (The diaper bag can get pretty heavy with the bottles and all, I think.)

On several occasions when I felt like stopping breastfeeding, I would remember how he looks at me and smile while nursing. I would also remember how he snuggles in close to me every single night. And then I told myself, “Keep doing this!”


One day he will no longer need me as much and I will have to let him go. But for now I still nourish him as much as he still needs me.


Mummies, do not give up easily if you are breastfeeding or intend to breastfeed your baby. Should you need information on breastfeeding, , visit

To end of the post, I’ll like to share a cute video to celebrate motherhood:

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Active Minds = Active Kids

“Diah, what kind of supplements do you give your kids?”

Gonna share one of them in this post!

When I was introduced to int3Tree mind supplement for my kids, I was as usual, a bit skeptical.

(HAHA, what’s new? Diah is forever skeptical about everything in the world!)


But since it’s chocolate flavoured, in powder form and all, I thought why not let my girls try it out first?



(I tasted it too!)


It tastes exactly like Cadbury’s Peppermint Chocolate! I am not kidding!

The chocolate mint taste melts in the mouth within seconds, leaving a slightly minty after taste!



Can you tell?



(My twins love it so much and always ask if they can have more than a sachet each daily!)

If your kids are not too comfortable with mint, then perhaps you can add a sachet each of int3Tree mind supplement to your kid’s favourite beverage like Milo, milk or any cold dessert!

I am not too sure whether you know this but regularly eating cocoa has been linked to improvements in working memory and visual information processing and cocoa could be particularly beneficial for certain people.

Dark chocolate in particular, helps to:

  • boosts mood
  • protects the brain from damage
  • improves memory and focus
  • reduces stress and much more.

Of course besides getting our kids to eat healthy and get enough sleep (on top of the daily revision which they need to do so that they do not forget what they have learnt in school lol), supplements like int3Tree mind supplement can also help in a way or another.

The fact of the matter is, it’s very hard to ensure that our kids have a balanced and healthy diet. I know my kids do not. They love their fast foods, processed foods, snacks and occasional carbonated sodas (which can leach vitamins and minerals from their bodies). And when that happens, they are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients daily.

The int3Tree mind supplement is the first product in Asia for kids with #NoAddedSugar.

And best of all, it is HALAL!

After a month of consuming it, I have noticed that my girls are not as sluggish anymore after school. Their daily practice does not take that long for them to finish too! It’s either the assessment book is too easy for them or the int3Tree mind supplement is already showing some its benefits – the improving of memory! I choose the latter please because before they started consuming int3Tree brain supplement, they used to take such a loooooooong time to finish one revision topic! They even complained that they were tired or sleepy.


Let me provide you with the fact-file summary of the product:

  • It is Asia’s 1st mind development supplement with health benefits in sachet form
  • Unobtrusive, pocket friendly, and that means you can bring along anywhere!)
  • specially formulated for children and students aged 3 – 22 years old.
  • It has already received Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore classification as a non-drug/non-pharmaceutical product and also approval from Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) to import to Singapore.
  • Direct under tongue absorption which ensures optimal amount of nutrients are absorbed, thanks to sublingual administration technology. Did you know that this method is more efficient in absorption of nutrients as compared to other oral digestion method (e.g. pills, syrups etc.)
  • 1st in Asia to use DarkChocolate (Switzerland) as an integral ingredient in their mind supplement product.
  • First product in Asia for kids that has #NoAddedSugar.
  • Top quality ingredients are carefully selected & 100% imported direct from overseas (i.e. USA, Switzerland and New Zealand).
  • int3Tree takes a holistic approach to children’s nutritional well-being encompasses a wide range of benefits for IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional) and Physical (Health) well-being.
  • Every box comes with 30 sachets (complete month’s supply!) and is more affordable as compared to other mainstream health supplement products.


Additional information you might want to know:

  • Another integral ingredient ( FloraGLO Lutein ®) has received a patent in the USA and int3Tree is the 1st product in Asia which has attained rights to use it in its product. In our day and age, our children are continuously exposed to radiation from harmful “Blue Light” (electronic hand-held devices, computers, television etc.). Lutein actively helps to protect their eyes and repairs the damage!
  • int3Tree has also attained rights from world renowned Meg-3 ® (USA) to use its trademark exclusively in its product. Meg-3 ® is the most trusted source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA from fish oil, without the fishy taste and smell!


And wow, int3Tree has been awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Super Health Brand (Emerging Enterprise) 2017-2019!

An unbelievable achievement given that the product has just been in the market since earlier this year.



For more details/greater savings, you can contact the Singapore authorised distributor:

Whatsapp/SMS: 87277321

Facebook: int3treesg 

IG: @int3treesg


Quote my name ETRANGLE OR DIAH to receive 12% off retail price, yo!

Okay done. Caring is sharing! <3

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Let’s not button up, baby.

Dressing up an active baby can actually be pretty stressful!

As a mother of 4, I have had my fair share of disasters when it comes to dressing my babies. Buying those really cute but too complicated wear outfits is A BIG NO NO!

9 years on and along came Shakeel. So when the time came for me to shop for my little Shark’s wardrobe, I had learnt my lesson and now go for practical instead of going overboard.

Thank goodness for OETEO’s (ee-tay-o) EASYEO rompers which have no fastening and thus making it hassle-free and easy to dress your little ones up in a few quick minutes!

Look at this cute EASYEO romper which Shakeel was wearing. If I had not told you, you would have guessed that it was a polo tee and shorts right?



But surprise, surprise, it’s an EASYEO romper! EEEEHAAAAAA!


Yes, their Classic Essential, Little Dreamers and Little Visionaries rompers are buttonless, mummies! The elastic waistband creates a gentle snug fit that makes it so comfortable for babies!

Just watch this short clip and you will know what I mean!





The EASYEO that Shakeel was wearing even comes in a set!





Set Consists of:

  • Little Inventor Romper
  • Little Inventor Beanie
  • Little Inventor Welcoming Blanket
  • Little Inventor Mittens Set
  • Little Inventor Booties Set


One thing that I often try to avoid when dressing Shakeel up is BUTTONS! I think with baby clothes, buttons are pretty much in the way of everything. They are definitely not baby friendly – even the happiest baby can turn cranky instantly! I am not sure whether this has happened to you before but when it comes to dressing Shakeel up, he will always try to wriggle away before I am even done with one button! I am not sure who is the impatient one here – ME OR HIM.

This Little Dreamers is made of 100% fine cotton, and it has an inbuilt fold over mittens and footies too! And just like the other OETEO’S EASYEO romper, this EASYWEAR romper one has a polyester elastic waistband as well!

No buttons, no snaps, no zips!




Let’s face it mummies – baby clothes with buttons, zips and snaps are fiddly, time consuming and stressful for the mummy!

Oh, one more thing I super love about the patent pending OETEO’s EASYEO rompers is how they come with a back pocket flap which can be folded compactly for easy storage or brought along when you are out and about as a spare outfit in case of a diaper blow-out!

Watch this!


Actually there are so many plus points about OETEO’s EASYEO rompers!

  1. Soft and fine cotton
  2. Gentle snug fitting
  3. No zips. No snaps. No buttons.
  4. Effortless dressing
  5. Time saving
  6. Foldable and thoughtful
  7. Good value for money


Comfort aside, OETEO’s baby apparel are safe and free of harmful substances as they are made of high quality OEKO-TEX® certified fabric.

OETEO (ee-tay-o) also offers baby apparel (0-18 months) and Family style apparel (postpartum styles for ladies, men’s polo and tees) so that the whole family can step out in style together.

The greatest creation yet!

Thanks OETEO for making dressing up moments for my boy so fast and fuss free!




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Protecting my kids means…

I never knew I could love this much until I gave birth to my kids – all four of them.


When I grew up in the 80’s, children wandering in the neighbourhood on their own without parental supervision were a common sight. I then thought to myself, “Why aren’t their parents with them? What if something happens to them?” Even though I was still a kid back then, I knew that a parent’s job is to protect his/her kids. I guess my mum has brought me with so much love and hence I know I must reciprocate when my turn comes to be a mother myself.

Being a mother means I need to always be ready to take care of my kids emotionally, physically and financially.


I work from home and hence; I am there with and for my kids almost 24/7. And that also means that I am always updated with even the slightest change in any of my kids. For instance, I will detect it first when any of them is about to have fever. Mother’s instinct, you think? Super power, I think. But what’s the bigger picture here?

They may have just the normal fever now, and that’s fine. Nothing much to worry about. Medications are still affordable. But what if something even worse were to happen to them in the near future? What if the medical expenses or hospitalisation bill cost a lot more than I could ever afford? Will I be prepared financially?

I feel like it is my responsibility if anything bad were to happen to them – I am taking every extra step possible to ensure that I am not overprotecting my kids at the same time. When parents overprotect, that will create more problems for their kids in the long run. But I will save parental overprotection for another post.

Even though I am always with and for the kids, I can never quite prepare myself enough for my kids.


But I can certainly protect them for the future.

Having children also means that we already have the basic instinct of parents to        protect them.

Our children are completely dependent on us for all their needs.

Of course, before we can attend to our children’s needs, we need to protect ourselves first, financially. In this way, if anything bad to happen to us, there is always something that we leave behind for our kids – financial safety net.

Financial safety net is meant to protect us AND OUR FAMILY from losing our financial security should an unexpected event like a catastrophic illness or personal tragedy happen to us.

Before anything, start with a rainy day fund.


Rainy day fund is so crucial yet so hard for many to attain and maintain, especially due to the high cost of living here in Singapore.

The objective of a rainy day fund is mainly to be easily accessible in times of emergency. Without rainy day fund, many will resort to taking loans from the bank with high interest rates. That may help us in the short run but will add burden to us financially never in the long run. Something for us to think about.

Did you know that an average working Singaporean would require at least $626,000 to meet their Protection needs?


Health care costs have also increased over the years, and hence we need to be adequately covered against life uncertainties.

How can we possibly achieve that?

(1) TM Term Assure: Covers mainly working adults and parents

  • Basic and affordable term plan that provides significant lump sum payout upon death, terminal illness and total permanent disability
  • For someone aged between 25 to 35 years, it is as little as less than S$1 a day for a 5-year TM Term Assure plan with coverage of S$500,000.


(2) KidAssure GIO Rider: A juvenile rider that provides coverage for 24 medical and hospitalization conditions

  • A death benefit is also payable regardless of prior claims.
  • Can be attached to most of Tokio Marine’s basic plans
  • Only need to pay 5 years of premium and coverage is till 19 years old.
  • A refund of 80% of the total annual premiums paid for the rider when the child reaches age 19.
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical underwriting required

For more information on how you can protect yourself and your kids, click on


Or come on down to Baby World 2017 and visit the Tokio Marine booth (K15) for exciting fun and games!

Are you going? I definitely am!


Date: 30 June to 2 July
Time: 11 am to 8pm
Venue: Suntec City Exhibition, Level 4

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