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Aidilfitri 2012: Forgive & Love.

On the third day of Hari Raya, my firstborn went rushed to me and said,

“Mummy, I just checked my wardrobe. We still have one more baju kurung to wear, you know? Can still celebrate Happy Raya. You don’t know arh, Mummy?”

Well, I didn’t know that kind of rule existed, Sharleez.

So yup, my Nadyas actually had the inkling that they should and must wear a brand new outfit for every raya outing. Cannot repeat the same outfit. Wah? So rich ah? Of course I corrected them and told them that it is more than okay to repeat the same outfit for another raya outing on another day. For goodness sake, it is not Fashion Week Month, Nadyas! It is not a crime to wear the same outfit again and again as long as it is still clean. Nadyas need to know that their mummy does not own a textile company. Mummy only owns an online boutique called  STUDIOFROST lor.


Sorry for sidetracking.

I like how this year’s raya has actually brought us cousins closer than ever. I actually do have awesome cousins both on the maternal and paternal side, and I am just so proud of their achievements so far be it academically, career wise, or family life. Every visit to my cousins’ did inspire me in more ways than one. I am truly proud of myself too for feeling so happy for others’ achievements because let’s face it, it is not that easy sometimes to be truly happy for others. We are only human. You know, I know. But I also truly believe that when we practice blessing others consistently, we will end up getting blessed too. Isn’t it true? When we give what Allah requires of us, we always get something in return.

So here it is; our Hari Raya so far, as captured by my faithful Nikon D60 and iPhone 4S.

The beautiful family. Cannot wait for my niece to be born! Few more months to go! <3

I like this picture below too despite the fact that Mysha and I were not ready for the camera yet.

How is it that my fraternal twins are looking more and MORE alike the bigger they get? This picture especially did freak me out a bit because the similarity is just too uncanny. I had to spend slightly longer to figure out who is who.

But can YOU guess who is who?

On my left is Mysha. Right is Myreen.

Guessed it right? Well that’s because I told you! 😀

Best friends are forever. This Shan Ehan and his Papak (Papa Yat) are inseparable.

So nice of Bertram to actually prepare his raya outfits beforehand, and to be excited to join us for our raya outings. He even went to Woodlands Bazaar Ramadhan on his own just to buy the buttons for his baju melayu. We really appreciate it Bert, if you are reading this! Hope that we will get to celebrate hari raya with you every single year, with God’s will. Don’t break Myreen’s heart, okay? (Myreen adores Bert so much, you see?) Haha!

Sharleez and Shan. Gosh. I hope they will stay this close forever.

Cik Arah with her girls, Natasha and Natalia, and of course Ili and the Nadyas.

Pak Nasir was not in the picture because he was busy taking a video of us, as usual.

This picture below was taken at his house. I had to force him so many times to change to his baju melayu so that I could take a picture of him together with his siblings; Mak and Cik Pau. Obviously I failed.

You know, when I was smaller and Cik Arah was still flying, I always looked forward to her off days because she would always bring Ian and me out to Parkway Parade. Cik Arah and Pak Nasir were also the ones who made my costumes, dressed me up, and choreographed my dance moves for various costume competitions like Singa The Courtesy Lion costume competition and all. And for all those competitions that they made me enter, I actually won! So yeah, there’s just something special about this couple, and how they will always try their very best not only for their daughters, but for the ones they around them.  I guess it is absolutely not a surprise then why their daughters are such high achievers too. They must have learnt a lot from their exemplary parents. 🙂

Here’s a picture of me without eyeliner. I don’t know, I just feel so weird without the eyeliner on.

Mak and my auntie, Cik Pau. They are inseparable, by the way. 🙂

Best Friends Forever by default. Hahahah, Estee and Aton have only each other so no choice but to be BFF right? Hahaha!

Celebrated Sharinna’s belated birthday at Nurul’s house too! And we are just super glad she is so in love with the gift we got her.

Dearest Sabariyah actually prepared steamboat for us when we came over her place. It was really so sweet of her to do that because she was still at work when we gave her a ring.

Besides Sabariyah’s steamboat dinner for us, this year’s highlight has got to be my cousin’s (Kak Tini) Fried Udon!

You have no idea how SEDAP it is, puan puan! So sedap that we begged Kak Tini for the recipe. All of us had more than just one serving, and Mak ate quite a bit too. Mak is such a fussy eater, so to have her eating that and having a second serving must really mean something. Thank you Kak Tini & Abang Fazil for the awesome food!

Love it when there’s great food and even greater company during raya visits. 😀

I have come to the realization that Hari Raya is no longer about looking extra good in that brand new outfit or bag. Hari Raya is more about starting afresh with the ones who matter, and about seeking forgiveness from each other.

It is a bit challenging though to be serious and ask for Daddy’s forgiveness because he is always cracking something up to make us burst out laughing. Heheh.

Like what Mak said to us the other day during the forgiving session (lol!),

“It does not mean that I am always correct just because I am older. Sometimes, I may be wrong too without realizing it.”

Forgiving may be a notoriously difficult thing to do. Forgetting is even tougher.

But we have got to start somewhere somehow, right?

I think I have a lot to learn from Mak because she is the kind who easily forgives and forget, no matter how small or big the matter is, or who started it. She has taught me that forgiving someone does not necessarily mean whatever that person did or said to you is acceptable or okay. It just means we learn to forget no matter how big the scar. Just as long as the same injury does not happen again, then the scar will not do us much harm, won’t it?


I like to think that when I forgive and forget, it does not imply that I have wiped it totally out of my memory but rather, I have wiped it out of my arsenal to use it as a weapon against the very same person who hurt me.

Sometimes, when conflicts arise between me and Mak for example, Mak will always take the first move to talk to me and pretend as if nothing happened. Blame it on my ego, but at least I always SMS her to say I am sorry, or give her a card occasionally.

A bit paisey to say it verbally la! 😀

So maybe that’s why my parents and us siblings are super close. We fight, we argue, we get angry, we get REALLY angry on days, but at the end of the day, we will always come back to each other to work things out. One thing for sure, I know I will never remain angry with my children for more than 10 minutes. I am just super glad too that we do not practise cold treatments because seriously, nothing will ever get solved if you choose to do so.

At the end of the day, the rule of the thumb is,

“If we expect forgiveness, we must forgive.”

How’s your Hari Raya so far? Are there houses that you have yet to visit? We have yet to finish our visiting too, but I think the Nadyas are pretty exhausted (and bored!)already from all the visiting this far.

Overheard this conversation between Mysha and Myreen the other day just as we were about to go out for raya visiting.

Mysha: “I don’t like Happy Raya anymore. So tired you know everytime do the same thing?”

Myreen: “Ya la. Later there’s no more space in the house for green packets because everytime people give us. Then how?”

Mysha (as a matter of factly): “Then you don’t take anymore la.”

Myreen: “You are so busuk, Mysha!”



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I exaggerated a bit there, but LIKE it anyway!

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All made up.

So I have been rather busy for the past few days. Busy with what besides the usual suspects, you ask? See, I had back-to-back makeup appointments from last Friday until today. I just love it when clients come over to my place to do their makeup because not only do they save on the housecall charges, but I get to work at the comfort of my home. Win-win situation for both client and me. 🙂

I appreciate it when clients provide constructive or better still, positive feedback right after their event because at least I know whether they are happy or not with my makeup, and constructive feedback gives me more room for improvement. Hey, I am still new in this trade after all. Imagine how I felt when I received back to back positive feedback via email and SMS from ALL THE CLIENTS that I dolled up from last Friday until today? You ladies are the best la! 🙂


Hi Diah,

Thanks for accomodating to the last minute arrangements to have this makeup session possible.

I have to say that I was a bit sceptical after the makeup done as I am not used to having loud makeup on myself esp on the eyes. But after I got back into my car and saw myself in the mirror, I realised how good made me look. Hee hee

 I’m truly satisfied with the makeup done and have gotten many wonderful compliments for my event.  And I’m so especially about the eye makeup which I’m so very apprehensive all the time.  For once, someone did justice to my eyes. Lol!

Should u require me to write a testimonial for ur site, I’d be more than happy to do for the absolutely impeccable service you have provided me for.

Many thanks, and to your success for a job well done.



Thank you for your time. Love the makeup! Hugs! Oh ya and very nice to meet you too!

Love the comments from family and friends during the wedding. It made me feel so special, like the bride! lol!



Day 1 of makeup:

Kak Diah I got nice comments form my fren…And I am still using the makeup up till now… 🙂 My mum says my complexion looks so flawless and nice!


Day 2 of makeup:

Kak Diah  thanks for the makeup session. The photographer commented on the makeup and he asked who dolled me up and I said Studioperfect. He say maybe he want to collaborate with you gu guys.

Feel so sayang wanna wash my makeup off. I look so pretty. Wish I could recreate the same look for daily use.



I was really pleased and humbled when client Shamimi booked me for 2 days – one for her graduation last Saturday, and today, for her graduation photoshoot with her friends. In fact, she is already thinking of booking me yet again for her family graduation photoshoot soon. Shamimi, if you are reading this, thank you so much for the support.  Am I like your official personal makeup artist now? Heee!  But seriously, I love the fact that I make a new friend each time I have a makeup assignment. It is so nice to get to know my clients while dolling them up at the same time, you know? Glad that they are not intimidated by the errr, serious looking me. Come on, do not judge a book by its cover. I am as crazy as a loon. Reaaaaaaaally. We are this crazy and passionate about what we do so you can rely on us to doll you up real good.

Look at Ili! 🙂


Want to be made up by the crazy Studioperfect team for that special event?



Oh yes! Nurul is back in action too with her makeup tools! 🙂



Email us at

 And to all Studioperfect clients, THANK YOU for your support this far! Hugs!





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My Portfolio Victim: Adawiyah

First & foremost, thank you all for the overwhelming response when I announced in Twitter and Facebook about the free makeover yesterday. Within minutes (I am not exaggerating here) I had so many applicants sending in their beautiful pictures.  It was really hard for me to choose just one for the makeover today. So to be fair, I asked Sharleez to pick one. Some of the applicants were really cute! One applicant sent a picture of her with Hello Kitty just so that she would be chosen. Another offered to buy Sharleez a Barney if Sharleez chose her. 🙂

So, after much consideration by Sharleez Nadya….

This sweet girl here by the name of Adawiyah was the chosen candidate. 🙂


While working with Adawiyah, I asked about her concerns with regards to her look & image. Three concerns mainly – her panda eyes,  her short hair (she cut off her big curls!!) & her petiteness.

For the makeover this time round, I did red eye makeup on her because I have always wanted to try out my red eye shadow pot! Mission accomplished – Adawiyah’s eyes did not look bloody! And what was that again about panda eyes? ;p

I solved her hair problem by putting on extensions for her. Mission accomplished – Adawiyah’s hair looked so long and silky, and she loved it!

During the photoshoot, my goal was to make Adawiyah look tall despite her being only 1.59 m tall. Well, nothing is impossible because anything is possible. Mission accomplished- Adawiyah ended up looking like a high fashion model. 🙂

Thank you Adawiyah for being such a sweetheart and for believing in Studioperfect Weddings.








Adawiyah was so pleased that she went home without removing her makeup! 🙂

Who’s next?

To book Studioperfect Weddings for a studio makeover, evening makeup, that special event of yours, wedding or engagement, SMS us at 96177425 or 90676272. Alternatively, email us at


Makeup/Hair/Styling: Diah of Studioperfect Weddings

Outfit: Brosia $27, exclusively from Click HERE  to purchase!

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Studioperfect Weddings, the journey so far.

Alhamdullilah, Nurul’s and my weekends are now packed with personal makeup, engagement & solemnization assignments, and we have all of you to thank for supporting us, and for directly or indirectly promoting our services to potential clients. So far, we are very proud yet humbled to say that ALL of our clients have been very satisfied with our work on them, and our efficient services. That was what we wanted to achieve when we first started Studioperfect Weddings- the TRUST that we can not only do this, but that we can do this VERY WELL. We did not want to start just for the sake of being on par or even better than the rest of the bridal companies out there in terms of our prices and the packages we offer. Our main priority is our clients, and the budget they have. Period.

This is the reason why our engagement package is only $350.

The very encouraging feedbacks we have received from our clients only convince us that we are in the right track, and that we can go further in this bridal industry. If only I could compile all of your feedbacks and comments, and frame them up, I would! 🙂

This is one feedback from one of my clients who is really, such a sweetheart:

Hi Kak Diah,

I am very happy with the outcome of the evening makeup you did for me! I received loads of compliments from family, relatives, friends and the Boyfriend. I can never thank you enough for making me feel beautiful for the night. I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Also, prior to that, remember I said I feel like attending your workshop? Right now, bukan feel je, nak sign up jugak! ;p

Once again, from the deepest of the deepest of my heart, thank you so much for the wonderful job!


All I can say is, thank you for believing in Studioperfect Weddings.

To the rest, do not hesitate a second more and let us do wonders to your face!




Book us TODAY for your wedding, engagement, or that special event that you need to glam it up for.

SMS us at 96177425 or 90676272 to book, or to enquire.

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Go Smokey!

Ladies, as you would have already known from my Twitter & FB updates, Studioperfect Weddings will be conducting our first ever  makeup workshop. And for the first workshop, we have decided to share with you ‘The Art of Smokey Eyes’ because we have been receiving too many requests on this one. And frankly speaking, smokey eyes look good on almost everyone so it is really something that all of you should master by hard be it for daily makeup or for that special event. Smokey eyes work both ways, believe it or not! But let’s just believe me because for sure, I am a smokey eye lover. I go smokey at every possible opportunity i have because it is really such a convenient eye makeup, especially if you have small eyes or eyes that water easily like mine! Many a time, people ask me what the secret to my big eyes is. It really is the smokey eyes. There, one secret already revealed. More secrets to be revealed during the workshop this Thursday. I should really snap a picture of me on normal days without any eye makeup and show it to you. I bet you would not even recognise me or better still, mistake me for the next door maid.

I have done a couple of smokey eye makeup on the models, but mostly on Sofia Dendroff. It’s not always black eyeshadow for smokey eyes, ladies. You can play with colours and try to go smokey with blue, dark green, purple and of course, brown! All you need is a little courage, a touch of creativity, and lots of blending with the brush!

Here are some of the smokey eyes which I have done with my models, all with different eyeshadow colours!









And here are some done by Nurul on her models, all with different eyeshadow colours too!




During the makeup workshop this Thursday, we will be covering the following:

  1. How to apply smokey eye makeup
  2. How to apply extra glam smokey eye makeup
  3. How to avoid looking like a panda with smokey eyes
  4. How to apply false lashes the fuss free and quick way.

Participants for the workshop will also be given time to practice smokey eye makeup on one another. Yes, babes, hands on! Don’t we all learn the best by practising the skill ourselves?

Notes will also be given to all participants, and you must definitely grab hold of them notes not only because of the fact that they have been prepared by me, but also because there are really very useful makeup tips in the notes!

Wait, we are not done yet. All participants will be given free false lashes as our way of saying thank you for supporting us!

All these and more for a minimal registration fee! How cheap? Can I say that it’s not even $50? If only it was THIS cheap to learn makeup during my time.

Here are some of the details for the makeup workshop. Please note that we will give priority to those who book, confirm and make payment quickly for the workshop.

Day/Date: Thursday 27th May 2010

Time : Class A: 7 pm to 8 pm OR Class B: 8.15 pm to 9.15 pm

(Kindly indicate the class of your choice in the email/SMS)

Venue: Aranda Country Club (5 mins walk from Pasir Ris MRT)

Kindly email us now at or SMS us at 96177425/90676272 to book.  Do not wait any longer because you do not have much time to waste. Your beauty is at risk. ;p Okay seriously now, the rest of the details will be given in the email too!

We guarantee you that it is going to be a learning experience worthy of your time and money.

We want to see you there because beauty matters!

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