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A Reason to Smile.

Every kid deserves a pretty smile, with AND without teeth showing.


So when Sharleez’s baby teeth started to fall out one by one and her permanent teeth first poked through, she started to be really conscious about her smile and her set of big new teeth. There was once she looked at the mirror and casually said,

“Mummy, I think I look like a beaver with these funny looking teeth!” 




It is not about her being self-conscious at such a young age. It is about how it can result in a low self-esteem in the long run. Some may even experience social anxiety as they also avoid conversations; especially with people they do not know. Children especially will be affected as they sometimes feel embarrassed at how their teeth may look to their friends. The possibility of being teased at school will cause shyness, isolation or reluctance to participate in school activities.


So I decided to find out more about Orthodontics, especially after I noticed that some of my friends’ kids are already wearing braces despite being about the same age as Sharleez.

I was like,

“How come they can start wearing braces so early?”

After much research, I made an appointment with Dr Ooi Jing Liang from DePacific Dental (Balestier) because he is one of the few dentists here who does early orthodontic treatment for kids. Not that many dentists offer the said service, if you must know.

Let me ask you a question first before I carry on.

Can one only start to wear braces once all the baby teeth are gone and the permanent teeth are already in place?


(But I used to think like you too.)

There is usually no fixed rule as to when we should start braces. However the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children from age 7 to be seen for an assessment of their facial and dental growth patterns.

In other words, Sharleez should have seen Dr Ooi Jing Liang earlier! She is 9 now!



In general most children start wearing braces when their last permanent teeth drops out, which usually occurs from 11-14. However in certain cases, it is of great importance to intervene earlier to prevent the problems from getting worse which would then lead to more uncomfortable and longer treatment for the child in future.

Some examples where early treatment is required are:

1) Impacted teeth (When adult teeth are blocked and do not have sufficient space to erupt due to crowding)

2) Crossbite (when the upper and lower teeth do not meet in the correct way)

3) Jaw discrepancy (upper or lower jaw being too forward relative to each other)

There are times also when early intervention is not recommended and we would advise the child to wait till all his/her permanent teeth are out. As every child is different, it would is strongly recommended to see the dentist early so that the dentist can give you all the options available for your child.

Sharleez had her X-Ray done and Dr Ooi Jing Liang discovered that her adult teeth did not have sufficient space in her mouth to erupt and this is causing the crowding of teeth. Crowding of teeth means that she needed to extract some in order for the rest of her permanent teeth to have more space to grow in place.   

So Dr Ooi arranged to have Sharleez’s baby canines extracted. Two top, and two bottom.

The anxious me wanted Sharleez to have all four baby canines to be extracted at the same time. LOL.

But Dr Ooi suggested to have two extracted first so that Sharleez would not be too overwhelmed with the whole process.

When Sharleez first heard that she needed to extract four teeth, she panicked and started asking so many questions like,

“Will it hurt, Mummy?” 

“Mummy, what if I cannot take the pain?”

“Must I really extract my teeth?”

Dr Ooi however assured Sharleez that there would be minimal discomfort. He even told Sharleez that he would not carry on with the procedure if Sharleez experienced pain and wanted him to stop.

That made her at ease, somehow. So we fixed a date for the first extraction to be done!


That’s my girl! Showing the peace sign because everything would be alright.


Many patients fear going to a dentist because of pain. This is even more so for a child.

At DePacific Dental (Balestier), the extraction of teeth are done with as little discomfort as possible.

It is really true! I witnessed everything myself, and I was there with Sharleez throughout.


Sharleez was surprisingly calm and composed that day.

Dr Ooi made it a point to give the local anaesthetic to Sharleez slowly to minimize any discomfort.


He would stop every now and then to check on her and whether she was doing alright. Even his assistant Linda, was really comforting and helpful too in ensuring that Sharleez did not feel so tensed.


I like how Dr Ooi does not rush through every procedure but instead takes his time each time. That alone is enough to gain the trust from Sharleez.

Sharleez was also able to watch the TV during the whole procedure. Dr Ooi actually played Kung Fu Panda for her while her teeth were being extracted.

In fact, he did not get straight to the extraction business as soon as Kung Fu Panda was played. He chit-chatted with Sharleez about Kung Fu Panda and asked who her favorite character is in the story. 



Distraction is indeed a powerful tool in allaying one’s fears, isn’t it?

At DePacific Dental (Balestier), the dentists are trained to give a painless injection by firstly using a numbing gel to numb the tissues that the local anaesthesia would be placed. The dental assistant will then place a massager around the cheeks to further distract the patient and the dentist will give the injection slowly and steadily to minimise any discomfort to the patient.

The numbing took some time because as mentioned, Dr Ooi wanted to minimize any discomfort to Sharleez. He explained to me, “The  moment she starts to feel pain and discomfort, that’s when she will not want to continue with the procedure. So we take it slow.”

But once the numbing process was done and it was time for extraction, everything was done within less than 2 minutes!

Yes, within 2 minutes, two of Sharleez’s baby canines were extracted!





Dr Ooi then mentioned that Sharleez was not to eat anything for a few hours. And should she experience pain or discomfort after a few hours once the numbness was gone, then she should take some painkillers.

But Sharleez did not even experience any sort of pain once the numbness was gone.



Things were back to normalcy, and she ate like a glutton the moment the numbness went away.

So what’s next after extraction?


But that will be for my next post.

Sorry to make you wait!


Sharleez looks really cute with braces, by the way. 😀


Meanwhile, you can actually find out more about early orthodontic treatment for your kid or even orthodontic treatment for yourself by making an appointment with the super friendly, fun, bubbly, and energetic Dr Ooi Jing Liang from De Pacific Balestier 

Do not make the same mistake as us and see the dentist now to get your teeth or your kid’s fixed before it is too late!


When I posted about Sharleez’s visit with him the other time, I received so many private messages and comments from his happy patients who agreed that he is such an awesome dentist.


So so glad and relieved that I found the perfect dentist for my girl’s orthodontics braces!



Tel: (65) 6684 4862

Address: 20 Ah Hood Road, #01-25, Zhongshan Mall,
Singapore 329984


Opening Hours:
 Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 10pm

Saturdays to Sundays: 10am to 6pm

Public Holidays: Closed


And oh, if you want me to blog about Sharleez’s braces procedure, LIKE this post first!

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That V Face

Asian females are pretty obsessed with the need to have a sharper jawline and smaller face, aren’t we?

So what do some do?

Botox? Jaw shaving surgery? Lose weight? Traditional face massage?

If you ask me, I will not resort to the above, except to lose weight.

(I must lose weight after giving birth! MUST MUST MUST.)

I have recently started using the New Face Lifting Cream Sensitive Skin with Royal Jelly + ATP by Bio-essence mainly because first, I have sensitive skin. Second, when I first tried out this product, it gave my face an effective and instant facial contour reduction. To be exact, I noticed a 1.1 cm reduction within a week! (Ya I actually used a V-Ruler to measure! LOL). Third, it acts like a moisturizer. Now, I have always refrained from using moisturizers on my sensitive face. I tried, but my skin reacted. If you have sensitive skin like me, you will realize that our skin gets irritated easily and rejects almost everything that is slathered on it. Hence, it is important to use products specially formulated for our sensitive skin like New Face Lifting Cream Sensitive Skin by Bio-essence. The secret? I know one of it has got to be its hypoallergenic formula!

It’s a no brainer decision – obviously I will continue using it.

I know some of you are still skeptical. Why not watch this video?


Okay watched already? Did you see for yourself how the right side of the lady’s face became firmer and sharper? Even her cheekbone was more prominent, minutes after applying Bio-essence Lifting Cream.

It is really easy to use it and measure the amount of reduction it will give your face.

Step 1:

Measure facial contour with the ruler provided


Step 2:

Apply cream in upward lifting motion for 10 minutes


Step 3:

Measure again to get results of reduction


Here are just some of the reasons why you should this one out:

  • Helps firm sagging skin
  • Helps reduce double chin
  • Helps reduce aging lines
  • Helps reduce visible fine lines & wrinkles
  • Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
  • Helps tighten pores & refines skin

It is no wonder Bio-essence is the V Face Expert!


In total, there are types of 3 face lifting cream by Bio-essence, suitable for every skin types or needs

  • Shape V Face Look Younger
  • Shape V FACE Without Harsh Irritation
  • Extra V Extra Lift


Where to purchase them?

  • Watsons
  • Guardian
  • NTUC Fairprice


Now that Hari Raya is approaching, all the more we must put in effort to get that shape V face! Must look extra good, right?

I know I will really rely on Bio-essence New Face Lifting Cream Sensitive Skin with Royal Jelly + ATP to help me look as slim as possible since I cannot do anything else to lose that weight.



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Love is in the (h)air : Yun Nam Hair Care

I have been suffering from hair loss ever since I gave birth to my girls.

I was bothered by the amount of hair loss and how my hair dropped easily when I brushed it. However, I did nothing about it.

And I know I am not the only one who is afraid to make it known to others as far as hair loss is concerned. It’s like, we are ashamed to be losing our hair at such a young age.

While hair loss is a major issue for most women, it is also a beauty topic that is often swept under the carpet. Nobody really wants to be upfront about it.

I have heard of Yun Nam Hair Care because they have been around for the longest time, but I used to have this thinking that Yun Nam Hair Care was only for old people with balding hair.

My perception of them totally changed after my first visit!




And no, it is not only for old people with balding hair. 

Will talk more about that later.

Ladies, what really causes hair loss if it is not genetic?

  1. Stress
  2. Hormonal changes
  3. Bad sleeping habits
  4. Medications
  5. Chemical/dye treatments
  6. Off the rack hair products
  7. Recent child birth
  8. Low iron levels
  9. Birth control pills – starting or stopping
  10. Wearing hair in tight braids
  11. Nutrition


So at the age of 34 and seven years after giving birth to my twins, I finally decided to do something about my hair loss. I mean, I colour my hair on a regular basis in order to achieve beautiful hair but what’s beautiful hair without healthy hair or scalp? I am not too sure about you, but more I age, the more conscious I am about my personal well-being. Whatever that I can do to make myself look and feel better, I try to do.

Yun Nam Hair Care is well-known for its efficacy in helping men and women in Singapore recover from hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, itchy scalp, oily hair, hair loss, balding, thinning hair and premature greying or white hair.

I went to Yun Nam Hair Care at Plaza Singapura the other day to get my scalp analysis via a free consultation with one of their consultants, Michelle. After all, I wanted to be sure what was the actual cause of my hair loss. It could possibly be genetic.

Minutes before meeting Michelle, I was actually pretty nervous and anxious. I mean, what would Michelle think after seeing the condition of my hair and scalp? So embarrassing.


But Michelle was so friendly, bubbly, attentive, and welcomed me with open arms when she saw me. Whatever she said was so comforting and at that moment, it made me forget what I was there for in the first place.

Have you ever had a scalp analysis done before? You will be shocked to see and know things that you have never realized before. In my case, I was suffering from hair loss but I did not know what exactly caused the hair loss or hair to stop growing on certain parts of my scalp.

Want to see my scalp? Do not cringe ah.

I repeat,



The white patch stuck on my hair is actually an oil clog!





Wait, there is more!




No wonder I always scratch my head. Or should it be, no wonder there are red patches – I scratch my head all the time! LOL.

But at least I know what has been causing my hair loss problem. The oil clogs on my hair pores are stopping new hair follicles from growing! No wonder I have some bald patches on my head! And new hair follicles must grow from those bald patches!

Apparently I have not been washing my hair thoroughly and that actually caused the oil clogs to form!

So when you go for a scalp analysis, the trained professional consultants at Yun Nam Hair Care will also show you what is going up there on your scalp and provide a personalised treatment as well as product recommendations.

After that first visit, Michelle gave me a summary of the treatment I will be receiving at Yun Nam Hair Care:

  • Deep cleansing treatment

            ~helps to control oily scalp problem

            ~remove oil clogs on hair pores

  • Regrowth hair treatment

            ~helps to penetrate nutritional to hair roots

            ~helps to grow more new born healthy hair

  • Protein hair treatment 

            ~ helps to repair hair cuticle

            ~ prevents further hair breakage

  • Maintenance hair treatment

~ helps to maintain clean and healthy scalp

I have been going to Yun Nam Hair Care on a weekly basis for my Deep Cleansing Treatment!


As I mentioned earlier, it is exactly like going to the hair salon. Sit down, drink milo, eat biscuits, listen to music, and just relax while Michelle attends to my hair.


And right after every treatment session, Michelle will be sure to blowdry my hair and style it according to how I want it. She can even curl it for me! Should I need a hair trim, Michelle can do it for me too!

After just my third visit, I saw baby hair sprouting and growing from the bald areas!

Can you see a lot of standing hair in my picture below? Those are new hair growing!


And I had my scalp analysis done again after the third treatment and I was super pleased with what I saw.


No more oil clogs!


And since there are no more oil clogs, hair growth can now take place!

See those thin strands of hair? Those strands are actually new hair growing.


Now you compare my before and after treatment scalp analysis!






So so glad that I decided to do something about my hair loss problem!



You too should get a scalp analysis via their Free Consultation!

It is akin to getting a health check up and for some, a life-changing experience. Yun Nam Hair Care helps to IMPROVE HAIR HEALTH for long-term benefits.


How to contact them?

You can call and book an appointment with Michelle!

Sign up for their latest herbal hair treatment trial promotion HERE, HERE, HERE!

Also for a limited time only, you get to take home additional 3 hair care products!

You can even choose from so many of their outlets!



Meanwhile, watch this video

You can also follow YUNNAM HAIRCARE via:

Instagram: @yunnamhc

Hashtags : #yunnamhcsg and #healthyhairnow


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Squeaky Clean : Oral B Professional Care 3000 Power Brush

Don’t you always feel good after your dental visit because only the dentist can do a good job at cleaning your teeth in removing tartar and plaque?

But you cannot possibly get the dentist to do that for you on a daily basis, right?

What does this mean? 

We need to take the extra effort to clean our teeth and stop plaque from forming and staying in our mouthes.

The new Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush lets us have the dentist clean feeling everyday! 


What does it do?

  1. Removes up to 97% of plaque from hard-to-reach places*
  2. Helps to improve gum health and reduces gingivitis
  3. Pressure sensor stops pulsations when you’re brushing too hard
  4. Provides a naturally whiter teeth in just two weeks*   *whitens by removing surface stain


Since Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush can remove up to 97% of plaque, this also means that it will reduce the need for flossing!

I am currently using Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush! 


Yes, being the typical Singaporean, I wanted to try this out after seeing more than 560 reviews of the product! It was even rated 4.5 stars on Amazon!

I like how it has three different modes:

  1. Daily Clean
  2. Sensitive (for those with sensitive teeth or receding gumlines)
  3. Whitening


Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush gently breaks up plaque and sweeps it away. Yes, it is gentle on the teeth and gums because it has a visible pressure sensor. The best thing is, it will light up and stop pulsating if you are pressing too hard! Definitively good for someone as rough and impatient as me! HAHAH.


It also has a timer that indicates dentist-recommended brushing time of 2 minutes. This type of timer is definitely a great idea and addition to modern toothbrushes because one of the biggest failings in most people’s dental hygiene routine is not spending long enough when brushing. These days, people do not even have enough time to brush their teeth properly.

So how do you brush your teeth using Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush power brush?



Ok ok, watch this video!


I like how my teeth have that squeaky-clean feeling after every brush!



So what do you do with the Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush after every brush? Wash it as per normal.


Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush comes with a charging station, but the battery lasts about a week in between each charge.

I say, this will make a great gift for your loved ones! Christmas is approaching for those of your celebrating, so why not include Braun Oral B Professional Care 3000 power brush in your gift list?


What will you get when you first open up the box at home?

  • 1 x Professional Care 3000 rechargeable toothbrush
  • 1 x Charging stand with room for four brush heads
  • 1 x Precision Clean brush head
  • 1 x 3DWhite brush head
  • 1 x Floss Action brush head

To purchase, click HERE, HERE, HERE! 

It will definitely help in bringing out the smile in everyone! 🙂


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The Royal Treatment: Dove Body

They often say that regular milk bath nourishes and softens the skin.

Queen Cleopatra made it a point to add fresh camel milk for her ritual bath. That could possibly explain her smooth and white skin.

But just for the sake of feeding my curiosity, I decided to do a test.




Yes it is basically a test to see how moisturized the skin is.



Clean left forearm by washing with water



Dab dry with tissue paper


Use Digital Moisture Monitor (DMM) on area to measure skin moisture level. 



Mine was 23.5% moisturized only. Alamak, pretty dry! 

Fill spray bottle with milk. Spray 3-5 times onto test area



Massage in a circular motion 10 times around the test area


Rinse the left forearm under flowing water for 20 seconds



Dab try with tissue paper


Use DMM on area to measure skin moisture level again



Not bad! Skin moisture level increased by more than 20% after using milk on the skin.

Now, let’s move on the Dove Test.

I repeated the same steps above, but using my right forearm this time round.

Skin moisture was 30.5% after the first wash with water.



After applying Dove on it and washing it off, skin moisture was…



61%! OH MY GOD!.

Definitely more moisturized than milk. 61% is really not bad! Imagine if I keep using the new and improved Dove Body Wash! 

For the record, I have been since started using Dove Body Wash. Yup, right after the skin moisture test.

I somehow feel my skin is softer, supple and more moisturized as compared to the many other body washes I have used before, hence the choice to use Dove Body Wash.

If you must know, my hands, feet and elbows are ridiculously dry to begin with. I strongly suspect it has something to do with my super sensitive skin.

The new and improved Dove Body Wash contains NutriumMoisture®. How can I not give it a try when it is proven by tests to be more nourishing to the skin than bathing in a whole tub of milk? The body wash is luxuriously thick and creamy and truly is a royal treatment for the skin. It lathers up really well so all I need is just one generous pump for my entire body. If you are shorter than me, then you might need just half a pump. LOL.

Watch this video to find out more.


The Royal TreatmentWhat is the most nourishing ingredient for your skin? We asked four ladies, and gave them a unique spa experience to change the way they think.

Posted by Dove on Thursday, May 21, 2015



Dove is just one of those brands that almost everyone equates with being good and gentle on the skin.


Tested and proven, by yours truly!

Granted, this didn’t happen over night. You need to be consistent and stay true to Dove for two weeks at least in order to see the improvements.

I can honestly say that after two weeks, I saw some great improvements to my skin!


Stand a chance to win Dove’s royal treatment for your skin!


All you have to do is watch the video and answer this simple question:

How many bottles of Dove NutriumMoisture® are shown in the basket when the secret is revealed to our Royal Treatment ladies?

E-mail me at and 3 lucky winners will be chosen.

Contest ends on 5 July 2015, Sunday!

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