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Disney On Ice: The Aftermath

Disney On Ice was soooooooooooooooo magical!

Yeah I cannot believe that I actually typed that. But it’s true – my eyes were glued to the show for 2 hours straight!

All my favourite Disney princesses took turns to perform. Imagine this lineup. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin & Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel, Anna & Elsa, and then followed by all of the Disney Princesses at one go! Pretty much a breathless situation for me when that happened, I must say.

I WENT “WAHHHHHHHH!!!” and “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” all the way. Actually, coming to think of it, I was more animated than my girls. They were just keeping it cool by munching on their popcorn and whispering to each other.

But really, you must not miss Disney On Ice, especially if you have little girls who are at that stage of liking anything pink or princessy. It’s so much better than the previous Disney On Ice shows that we have been too! Even my girls agreed.




And pssst! Anna and Elsa from Frozen has the longest segment, just so that you know! 🙂



Disney On Ice is not just for the little girls or kids. Why, almost every adult was singing along to all the Disney songs from the different tales!


Some of the songs that I remember singing along (very loudly) to were:

  • A Whole New World (Aladdin)
  • I See The Light (Tangled)
  • Part Of Your World (Little Mermaid)
  • Under The Sea (Little Mermaid)
  • Love Is An Open Door (Frozen)
  • Let It Go (Frozen)

To make things even sweeter, my girls got the once-in-a-lifetime cart-ride experience on the ice together with Aladdin, Genie and Jasmine!




Yes, that happened while they were performing! I had goosebumps when I took videos of my girls. At that moment, I actually whispered to myself “OMG SO MAGICAL!”

Okay perhaps I should not type so much because you are only left with….




15 March 2017 (Wed): 6.30pm
16 March 2017 (Thur): 6.30pm
17 March 2017 (Fri): 2.30pm, 6.30pm
18 March 2017 (Sat): 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm
19 March 2017 (Sun): 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm

Where to purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from,

Oh they even have family friendly tickets starting from just $25!


Categories & Pricing

Magical Moment Package: $200
Rinkside: $120
VIP: $95
Cat 1: $65
Cat 2: $45
Cat 3: $25
Cat 4: $25

For more show information:

Follow @disneyonice #disneyonice in Instagram 


After the show, Sharleez asked me, “Mummy, first time watching Disney princesses is it?”


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The Sky is the Limit: Creative Writing Workshop:

Every kid can write, in a way or another.
Write an alphabet. Write a word. Write a sentence.
To write creatively is totally something else.

When I was still a teacher, I encountered students who did not want to write in their journal book or composition book because they were too afraid to express themselves. Some could write sentences, but they had difficulties making a story out of those sentences.

Some kids are generally reluctant to write because they do not feel they have anything worthwhile to say.

Encouraging children to write a story of their very own can give them an enormous confidence boost, this is true. And the most effective way to do encourage them is most often by doing it subtly – through play or the arts.

Yesterday, my girls had the opportunity to attend “The Sky is the Limit” Writing Workshop with Claudine.


Claudine teaches literature full time and she also studied arts in education in Harvard! So she is definitely more than qualified, if that’s what you are asking! Hehe.

But most importantly, Claudine has the characteristics that a a teacher teaching Creative Writing should have!

She is:

1. Patient
2. Encouraging
3. Approachable
4. Attentive
5. Fluent
6. Friendly
7. Creative

My girls enjoyed the workshop because it was basically just fun throughout the 1.5 hours.

First, Claudine let them introduce themselves by writing on their name place card.



Next, they watched a snippet of Monster Inc. before writing down the answers to questions related to what they watched.





Then they had a sharing session and Claudine was always sure to give them praises like “Well done!” or “That’s really creative!”


Praise the praiseworthy and keep criticism to a minimum indeed. But in Claudine’s case, there was not a single criticism coming from her.

Come on, if we want our kids to love writing then we cannot be quick to criticize them. Being overly critical is most often than not, the quickest way to kill that desire to write or to even try to write.

Claudine used a lot of oral communication to encourage written communication. She talked to the students before encouraging them to write down those ideas in a more organized fashion.

For one of the activities, the students were also asked to think of their most favourite character in the world and describe + draw that character. Anything that involves drawing will definitely get the thumbs up sign from my girls.

But I had to stress to my girls that they did not have to spend so much time on the drawing and just focus more on describing their favourite character.

This is Sharleez’s work.



For the last activity, they were asked to create their own masked character by painting it.



After they were done with the painting, they were asked to introduce their masked character by firstly writing about it before talking about it.



That was the first lesson they had yesterday and it was all good!
For the next lesson, they will be doing even more fun and creative activities related to Creative Writing.

My girls enjoyed the class so much till they asked me,
“Mummy, you mean we can go for the writing class for three times only during the holidays?”



Not really.

Claudine has her regular writing workshops or classes that she conducts on a weekly basis.

Next year onwards, Claudine will be conducting her writing classes on Saturdays!

For ages 7-9: 10-11.30am
For ages 10-12: 12.30-2pm

Her rates?
$45 per session or $180 per month

Want to find out more?

You can check out Claudine’s website by clicking HERE, HERE OR HERE for more details!

You can also email her at

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Get Your Sparkle On.

I grew up to Barbie™.

And I am so pretty sure almost every girl grew up to her too. Don’t lie.

So when I got the tickets to watch Barbie™ Live! yesterday, of course I was one happy girl.





Actually, I was informed about the free tickets like two weeks ago. I excitedly told everyone around me like Tatek and Nurul. In fact, I told almost everybody..all except for The Nadyas! I figured I would surprise them on the day of the show itself.

Oh believe me, it was pretty hard for me to keep secrets from my girls, especially if the secret involves something which I know for sure they will like. All I told them was,

“Mummy has a secret for you girls. You will know what it is on Tuesday, 10 September!”

Of course they tested their luck almost every single day prior to the big show. You know how super curious kids are. Oh let’s not even mention kids here because even I am one super curious person. I will not feel at ease until I know what the secret is. So do not ever EVER try to tell me a secret halfway. It’s either you tell me all, or you do not tell me at all. My curiosity will not only kill me, but you as well. Just saying. LOL.

And so they went…

“Mummy, please just whisper to me what the secret is all about.”

“Mummy, is the secret Universal Studios?”

“I know what the secret is! But I cannot tell you!”

“Is it already Tuesday? What day is it today?”



I thought I had it all nicely planned. I THOUGHT.

Yesterday, hours before the show, I put this up in my Instagram.


And right after I put it up, I placed my handphone on the table and forgot all about it. Suddenly, I noticed that Sharleez had that super shocked expression on her face. Oh-oh.



Believe me, Sharleez felt so bad about finding out because she knew just how excited I was about revealing the surprise to them. Great. What’s next, right?


Yup, I whispered that to her. I was actually sort of threatening her. No way would she spoil it for me. LOL.

Finally, it was time to reveal when we went to MBS BOX OFFICE to collect the tickets. Imagine how exhilarated my twins were. They were so pleased with me. My ego got higher. I kept asking them to thank me. Such a great feeling of satisfaction, man. LOL.


So anyway, it’s still the September holidays, and Barbie™ Live! is still showing until 14 September 2013.

How to get them tickets? CLICK HERE! 

Tickets are selling at :

VIP – S$125 (includes photo opportunity with cast) A Reserve – S$95  B Reserve – S$75  C Reserve – S$55  D Reserve – S$35

We truly enjoyed the entire show. Barbie™ teaches her best friend Teresa™ to be brave, believe in herself, and embrace the power of true friendship through lesson learned from her Princess movies like Swan Lake, Princess & the Popstar, and Mariposa & The Fairy Princess. So if you and your girl(s) have been following all of Barbie™ Princess DVDs, then you will feel really connected watching Barbie™ Live!

And no, I totally did not feel like a bimbo watching Barbie™ Live!

It’s not just about the good looks in this so-called perfect world because according to Barbie™, nobody is perfect.

NOT EVEN Barbie™.

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Hehehe. I know I owe you one blog entry once I get 400 LIKES for the previous blog entry. Don’t worry, a promise is a promise, and I have been itching really badly to blog too. Well, guess what? Sharleez has a new song! My girl has music in her head all the time, I think. She is forever humming to this and that all day long. And I like to think the lyrics she comes up with are not exactly puerile or kid stuff to begin with.

You think I died for a hundred years.


So if you are asking me where Sharleez gets all her inspiration from, the answer is… ME! I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA! No wait, I think she gets inspired by her wonderful guitar teacher Teacher Zahidah who writes her own songs too. Like teacher, like student. 🙂

Quite a number of you awesome people have been asking for more songs and videos from Sharleez so I thought it’s just as well I blog about this new song of hers too so that it stays in my blog forever. I such a sentimental fool. <3

Presenting to you Sharleez’s second single written and composed by her.


 ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Saying’

Songwriter: Sharleez Nadya

Things you said are just not right.

You think the words you said are so so right.

I like it more when you’re so happy

Oh no no… yeah.


So as usual, I acted the schmuck and asked Sharleez why the song?

“Mummy, this song is about a girl who thinks that the things her parents say sometimes are not right. Sometimes they can be wrong too but that does not matter at all. When they are happy as a family, they do not have to hurt each other with the things they say.”

I couldn’t agree more on that, Sharleez.

It’s true, words are often just…words.

Thank you Sharleez for this wonderful song, for a lesson learnt for me. Can you see the video shaking a bit there? Yup, that was a guilty mum in action. :S

I get it, we adults often think we are always right. Like just because we are much older, we are not necessarily wiser. Kids need the assurance that they can speak up to us whenever the need arises. They need to be convinced that they can always tell us anything without hesitance. Most of the time, young children fear getting reprimanded for poor choices since really, they are pleasers by nature. They hate to disappoint us adults. HATE.

There are parents out there who treat their children like perfectionists or worse still, robots. They often fail to consider their children’s feelings, and hate it most when the little ones make mistakes. As a result, they reprimand the children for even the simplest mistakes they make like accidentally spilling the drink or unknowingly wearing their shoes the wrong side.

I know, I am so guilty of such things sometimes too.

And I know I should put myself in my girls’ glittery shoes sometimes too.

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.”

Hmm. 450 LIKES possible for this post if you like Sharleez’s song and agree with what she thinks? The number of LIKES just keeps getting higher by the day, I doubt I can even achieve it this time round.

But maybe Sharleez can make it possible.


Make her a happy bunny! <3

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You Think?

Sharleez is naturally gifted in music, I think.

I mean, for a 5 year old to actually sit down and compose her own song is indeed something, isn’t it? I don’t remember me doing anything close to that when I was her age.

So this morning, she told me she wanted to write her own song because she was already humming to bits and pieces of the song. I told her to take a piece of paper, sit down, and jot down the lyrics properly.

She did just that, and right before she performed the song, she actually took a deep breath.

“Teacher said whenever you need to warm up, you need to breathe in and out, mummy.”

The song is called ‘You Think’ and it is really such an emotional (in a funny way kind of) song. But of course, Sharleez does not find them funny.  According to Sharleez, the song is about a girl who misses her brother so much because she has not seen him for so long. (Ili and I strongly suspect the song is actually for her Papa Piq who is in Brunei.) My girl, she has a thing for emotional songs, just like me. Emotional songs are just so soothing to the soul, I feel.

So here it is, Sharleez’s first ever single! Wow. A bit surreal. Hope you enjoy listening to it.


‘You Think’

Songwriter: Sharleez Nadya

You think I died for a hundred years

I never see you every day

And now you’re old I miss you so much

I read the card that you wrote for me

And now I’m old I thank you

I see all the people but I never see you


Really proud of my girl. Looking forward to more songs by her.

Click LIKE right below if ‘YOU THINK’ Sharleez did an amazing job.

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