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Advertorial: Carpe Momento by Pinholefoto

For the record, I am still not an iPhone convert as of today.  Sure, iPhone is very super quite tempting alright, what with the awesome applications, games, and almost everything that comes together with it. Even though I have yet to own an iPhone, there’s the iPad which we bought especially for the girls. I have been spending quite some time on the iPad too, and I admit, it is awesome not that bad. I can install FREE games and other relevant applications for both myself and the girls within seconds?  Choose, click & install.  Just like that.

There’s something for everyone, young and old. 

And there’s one iPhone application that I would like to recommend you today – Pinholefoto App

Yup, this app is now available on Apple’s App store!

So how does Pinholefoto App work, really?

Here are some of its cool and interesting features:

1. DailyPic – You will be automatically presented with unique, one of a kind images directly from Pinholefoto. Each day an exclusive, new image is presented to you for portraiture. The DailyPic image can even be saved as your wallpaper on your iPhone/iPod Touch. View our DailyPic feature every day! Your image might even be featured.



2. News – Keep up with the latest news & events just for app users.



3. Keep In Touch – A great feature for app users, see what’s happening with Pinholefoto with a live feed on Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

4. Request a booking/session – Pinholefoto makes it simple & convenient to request an appointment with this exclusive app feature for their studio.



5. ‘For You’ – This one of a kind feature for Pinholefoto’s app users allows for personalised images, galleries and information that’s meant just ‘For You’. You can easily register with Pinholefoto so they know you have their app and they can make selected images, galleries and information available for you specifically. This one of a kind feature is a great way to take images with you on the go and share with family, friends and co-workers.



6. There are also in-app photography packages promotions. 

 Click HERE to download the app right away. Do not worry, it is FREE.

You know, with so many photographers in the market right now, it is important for every photographer to stand out and try out something different or new. I really admire how Sharizan from Pinholefoto is always eager to provide more for his clients. Pinholefoto has been around the local wedding and portrait photography market for quite some time already, and I know many would prefer Pinholefoto over other photography companies mainly due to the following reasons:

  • The super friendly and accomodating nature of the photographer, Sharizan – You can basically be yourself around him!
  • The efficiency of Pinholefoto – Sharizan takes a few days only to edit photos!
  • The super reasonable pricing – Sharizan is always sensitive to clients’ needs & budget!
  • The quality of his work/photos – Sharizan has a photography certificate from PSS which means he is a passionate & certified photographer!
  • Photography & Videography Services – Besides taking wonderful photos, Sharizan has now ventured into Cinematic Videography!

And most importantly, one of Pinholefoto’s unique selling point is to produce artistic, unique and elegant images while giving clients the autonomy over their images via their online gallery. So with that in mind, Sharizan came up with the Pinholefoto App!

Okay enough of talk.

Want to see some of Pinholefoto’s work?










 Remember I mentioned about Pinholefoto’s Cinematic Videography services?  Be impressed now as I show you.

Cinematic Wedding Videography:

PRINCESS SECRET Bridal Photoshoot from Pinholefoto on Vimeo.

Cinematic Engagement Videography:

Hazirah & Farhan’s Engagement from Pinholefoto on Vimeo.

Outdoor Wedding Videography:


Liza & Andi from Pinholefoto on Vimeo.

Besides wedding videography, Pinholefoto also does cinematic videography for birthday parties and photoshoots!

Cinematic Birthday Videography for Sharleez’s Royal Tea Party:


Sharleez Nadya’s 4th Birthday! from Pinholefoto on Vimeo.

Cinematic Studio Videography for Shan Ehan’s studio session:


Shan Ehan’s a 4 month old bumble bee from Pinholefoto on Vimeo.

So you see, Pinholefoto has so much to offer you, and it doesn’t matter whether you are graduating, getting married soon, or married with kids – THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.

So book an appointment today via Pinholefoto’s iPhone App now! Or if you are still not an iPhone convert like me, we have to do it the conventional ways:

  1. Visit Pinholefoto’s website HERE.
  2. Contact Pinholefoto at +6568292378
  3. Visit Pinholefoto at Level 42, Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Boulevard
  4. Email
  5. Add Pinholefoto in FB HERE.
  6. Add Pinholefoto in Twitter HERE.

If you still come to me & ask how to contact Pinholefoto, then I dont know what to say already. :p

Capture the important moments of your life now…or never.

Or as Pinholefoto goes, Carpe Momento!

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