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Buy & Sell: Carousell

The reason why I choose to sell my kids’ preloved clothes and shoes is because it is such a waste to just throw them. I mean, I will normally invest a lot in their clothes because I feel so good whenever they are all dressed up. And since it’s an investment, that also means I will sell their clothes once they have outgrown them, provided they are still in very good condition.

And let’s not forget the fact that I do give away some to charity as well – that’s something that should not be mentioned at all in fact because when you want to do something good, you do not have to announce it for the whole world to know. But then again, I will have always a bunch of you who will assume and then question me “Why don’t you just donate to charity or give away to those less fortunate ones?”

So yeah, hence the above disclaimer. *shrugs*

Talking about charity,did you know that it is possible to donate on Carousell too? Just list under “Blessing” category or price the item at $0 to give away the item for free/other mums in need!

It’s also nice to see how mummies now have various platforms to sell their kids’ preloved clothes. A fine example will be Carousell! At Carousell, you have the option of either selling or blessing away clothes that your children cannot fit into anymore. And it’s so user friendly that even mummies who are not that IT savvy will be able to use it both as a seller and as a seller.

I have purchased and rented several items from Carousell already, I have had no problems as far as receiving my orders is concerned.

Some of the items I have purchased so far are pyjamas, clothes and toys for Shakeel. The reason why I decided to purchase them from Carousell was the fact that it was pretty difficult to get them elsewhere at such great discounts. You can get pyjamas in toddler size at just $10 in Carousell, and they have so many of your kid’s favourite characters even! Try buying the pyjamas at a retail shop and be prepared to pay at least $19 for the same product.

And yes, you can even rent stuff from Carousell! I remember renting some dessert stands for Shakeel’s birthday because I realised that I would be saving more money by renting instead of buying them! It was so fuss-free – all I needed to do was to meet up with the seller at a convenient timing for both of us, pay the rental charges plus a security deposit, collect the stands, and then return them in the same condition. Upon a quick check, the seller returned me my security deposit on the spot!

I like how Carousell will also tell you how responsive the seller is in Carousell so that you can roughly gauge how long they seller will take to respond to you.

I also like how the items at Carousell are divided into categories so it’s easier for you to search for items of your interest. The best way to save A LOT is by buying preloved stuff. Why not, especially if they are still in very good condition? And in Carousell, you will notice that some buyers sell their stuff because they bought the wrong item/colour or it was simply an impulsive buy.

Now that baby 5 is on the way, I have a bigger reason to save more and spend less.

I mean, look at these listings in the Babies and Kids category!



And for those of you who fear that you will end up being cheated, the use of CarouPay helps to assure convenience and trust for both buyers and sellers. CarouPay safeguards your order by holding funds until a transaction is successful.

It’s really no surprise at all why Carousell is Singapore’s #1 online marketplace to buy and sell underused or secondhand goods in the Babies & Kids category.

And mummies, list in babies and kids category to stand a chance to win $150 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers! Happening from 6 – 24 March 2019.



More details here.

This International Women’s Day 2019, Carousell Celebrates Mumpreneurs like you and me!

Over at Carousell, they want to celebrate your empowerment in selling and your defence against overconsumption.

Happy International Women’s Day! <3

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