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Share & Support: Blood Donor Tree Project

When was the last time you donated blood? Why havent you donated blood since then? Is it because nobody asked you to? Is it because you do not where or how to go about donating blood? Or is it simple because of your belonephobia or hemophobia, or both? My answer is yes to all the self-posed questions.

It makes me wonder why do we often hesitate to do such a noble act? Why do we think twice, thrice or more to save precious lives out there? People are often proud because of well, their academic achievements, which of the top schools in Singapore their children go to, how many Louis Vuitton bags they own, or even how many of the 5C’s they have acquired in life so far. But how often have we been proud and thankful for something so simple, pure and full of love like the existence of a happy and healthy family? Oh yes, a healthy family makes a happy family.



Why don’t each of us start the ball rolling, gather our family members and participate in this Bood Donor Tree project? The project aims to find the largest family of blood donors in Singapore. Currently the leading family has 13 blood donors within the family. Think you can beat that? I’m sure you can, with the help and support from your family members. 🙂

Click HERE to start building your own family tree of blood donors now.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

I am glad to have been approached by Weber Shandwick to support this meaningful project. Thank you guys for the faith in my readers! 🙂


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