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Barbie World.

At this point of time, I am feeling really quite frustrated because the draft for this entry was deleted without me realizing it.

It would have been such a perfect entry otherwise.


So here I go again, trying my best to recap what was supposed to be the essence of this blog post.

(Dang! I still cannot believe that an almost done blog post was deleted, just like that?!)

My beloved pair of fraternal twins, Mysha and Myreen turned 4 on 23rd September 2012, just two days after Shan Ehan turned 2. Now, since we decided months before the birthday that there would not be a big bash this year, we thought a fanciful home party would make up for it. We had gone back and forth between a Princess party and a Barbie party. You know the drill, you ask your girl what she wants for her birthday, and she insists on a Barbie or Princess theme. So okay, I told them to choose a different theme and that was when they decided on Scooby Doo. Wow. Something different, you think?  I thought so too, but that was before I saw the party decorations for Scooby Doo, man.


So I told them to choose a different theme. But well, they ended up with Barbie yet again.


But a day before their party, we treated them to a day at USS and a night stay at Festive Hotel.

I was just so glad that I managed to book a room at the very last minute, but it did not occur to me why the hotel was fully booked in September. I kept wondering why though. I mean, why would September be a peak period? It was only when we were there did we realize that it was actually the Formula 1 period! No wonder.

Dear good people of Formula 1,

(wishful thinking on my part that any of you are reading this!)

Is it somewhat possible to not do next year’s Formula 1 during the twins’ birthday period please? Hotel bookings during peak periods are more expensive, you know? And I  know come next year, the twins will still want the same birthday gift.

P.S: Do not forget to invite Backstreet Boys again for next year’s F1!

Yours Sincerely,

Diah Littrell



USS this time round was so much fun (and more expensive too thanks to the PEAK PERIOD) because the girls themselves declared that it was their brave day that day.

“We will try all the rides today, Mummy!”

“Yes, I want to ride everything. No need to be scared because only babies are scared, right?”

“I want to take pictures with Shrek and Puss in Boots and also Kungfu Panda. They are not real right? Actually there is someone inside them wearing the costume, right?”

And the conversations went on and on about how brave they were and would be.

So they took pictures with almost everyone…


except for Frankestein.

“Mummy, he is too scary lah. See, nobody takes picture with him.”

Nobody except for…

Hahaha. Only Tatek would be that happy to be strangled.

All in all, the Nadyas especially the birthday twins truly enjoyed themselves and Myreen even told me this.

“Thank you Mummy, this is the best birthday ever!”

Well, and that was not just it.

The moment we checked out, we rushed home to prepare for the home party next. My mum insisted on cooking for the twins’ party because she wanted to make satay goreng!

Mysha and Myreen kept asking me to get them ready for the party but how could I get them ready as early as 1 pm when the actual party would only start at 6 pm? Relax, girls. But when I finally got them ready, they could not stop themselves from grinning ear to ear!


I knew it would be quite a challenging theme party for their Dada & Nana to participate in because seriously, what could they dress up as? Ken’s father? Barbie’s mum? Barbie and Ken have never introduced their parents to the world, so why bother right? So okay, Dada and Nana escaped this time round.

But actually right, Nana could dress up as Barbie because Barbie was born in 1959.

That means Barbie is now 53 years old!


Ken was born in 1961, and that makes him 51 now. Wow, Barbie has been dating a younger man all along.

And just for fun, do you know the following people?

Skipper: Barbie’s younger sister.

Tutti (girl) & Todd (boy): Twins and younger siblings of Barbie and Skipper.

Francie: Barbie’s cousin with a much less shapely figure. (Lol?)

Kelly: Barbie’s sister too, and of toddler age



Goodness. I need to do more research on Barbie’s family because it is really more complicated that I thought. I did not even know Barbie went through a breakup before!

Okay, back to the party now.

Hours before the Barbie party started, Nurul whatsapped me this.

“Is anyone going to dress up for the party because I am!”

I told her yes, people like Ili and Tatek would definitely dress up. So I asked Nurul what she would be wearing. Her reply?

“Cannot tell!”

Dang! That could only mean she was *really* going to dress up.

True enough.

Don’t they both look like Barbie and Ken?

Actually right, Nurul should not even be allowed to dress up as Barbie in the first place because she already looks like Barbie on normal days. (Some people are just born beautiful with perfect features. Tsk.)

And of course there is Little Ken too who could not help roaring even when asked to pose for the camera. Must be the aftermath of a certain animal party.

Here’s Little Ken with his Barbie dolls.

The Barbie dolls took a picture with a giant Barbie. (Like her outfit? Do wait up for the launch of her website!)

And just like a true blue pink Barbie, the giant Barbie had a change of outfit.

Oh look, yet another Barbie! This one is called Mandy.

Gosh. Must I really get to this part?


The Barbie dolls had a family picture taken.


She was like in utter shock when she saw me dressing up like that!

Myreen: “Mummy, why is Barbie’s hair like this?”

Sharleez: “It’s okay to look like this sometimes, Adik.”

Nurul: “No that’s not Barbie doll. That’s BAPOK doll, Myreen! That’s Lady Gaga!”


Actually, let me explain myself. I was too busy planning the girls’ outfits that I did not even take a second to think about my outfit for the party. That’s always the case. Urghhh. It was only after the girls were ready did it strike a cord that I actually did not have anything Barbie-ish to wear.


There was not enough time for me to do my eye makeup or find a really pretty dress to wear because by then it was already 6 pm.


The horror! Hahahaha.

In school, they also had a little celebration with their classmates, teacher, and Kakak Sharleez’s best friends, Natasha and Hannah!

As usual, I had a lot of fun preparing the goody bags for their classmates.

Okay, at this point of time, you must have already noticed that both their cakes were of the same design, size, colour and shape. Believe me, there were so many cartoon characters to choose from but when Myreen chose Lola Bunny, Mysha immediately went “I also want Lola la!”

Lo and Behold!

I was shocked! Someone should have taken a picture of my facial expression when Mysha decided she too wanted the same cake. I certainly did not expect them to like the same cake! What are the odds, man? I kept asking Tatek “How?” every single second to the extent of him getting irritated by me. HAHA.

Tatek then suggested just ordering one cake since they both wanted the same design.

“Hahhh? But they are two different individuals, not a package.”

“Okay la, then order two cakes of the same design since they both have the same taste. What’s so difficult?”


In any case, I managed to capture a video of their birthday celebration in school! Yay!

Sometimes, I forget that they are twins and they tend to like the same things too. :S

Myreen insisted on giving both Hannah and Natasha her goody bags because she likes them a lot. Sharleez on the other hand, was quite perplexed when found out about it.

“Adik, why you want to give my friends your goody bags? Give your own friends la!”

“Ya la, I give my own friends already what but I also want to give Natasha and Hannah la!”

“Ya ya, whatever adik.”

Thank you dearest Natasha and mummy for the Barbie doll sets!

And of course, thank you Hannah and mummy for the lovely handmade cards!

I also want to thank Uncle Bryan for the cool birthday gifts!

You should really get your kid a Furby too. It is super duper adorable, and owning a Furby is like owning a pet hamster/owl!

Furbies can communicate with one another just by looking at each other in the eyes. They speak Furbish, a language with super short words and simple syllables. The more they grow, the less Furbish and the more English they will speak!

You can even feed your Furby food using a Furby app which you can download on your iPhone or iPad.

Mak, thank you so much for cooking a spread for Mysha and Myreen! Nothing beats your cooking, and that’s that! If you have yet to try my mum’s satay goreng, you are missing out on most probably the best satay goreng around. And her ayam goreng ketumbar, is another killer. Super syiok!

Yati from COMESTIVEL, thank you so much for accepting my very last minute order.

Trust me, her cupcakes really taste as good as they look. Just this time, you can really judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a cupcake by its topping. Want to order cupcakes according to the theme you have? Contact Yati today at 98596214!

I want to specifically thank the usual family members for their presents and presence!



Ili/Mama E


Ian/Papa Ian

Shan Ehan/Shan Shan

Shafiq, even though you could not be here with us since you are busy serving the nation (in err…Brunei?), I really appreciate the fact that you made a birthday card for the birthday girls and passed the cards to them before you left. We really miss you back here, but yay yay you will be back in a few more days! Counting down now. Thank you also for the gift! 🙂

Bertram, thank you so much for dropping by right before your (last!) flight just so that you could pass the presents to Mysha and Myreen, and have a little unwrapping of the presents session with them too! You know you will forever and always be Myreen’s Prince Charming.

Also my thanks to Aton and Estee for their lovely cards and presents.

Lastly, not forgetting Mandy for rushing from work! Thank you so much for coming, Mandy. I really appreciate that. Hope you enjoyed the short dolling up sessions because trust me, there is more to come. 🙂


You know, you girls have been nothing but blessings ever since you came into my life.

Everything that I am, and everything I hope to be tomorrow, is all because of you girls and your big sister Sharleez. It’s so fun to be able to share my secrets, laughter, dreams with you girls. You know when I am feeling down, and somehow, you know how to cheer me up too.


I see so much of me in you, so sometimes, it is truly hard to be angry with you because being angry at you is like being angry at myself. Your stubborn yet super shy and loving nature, and how you just prefer to keep to yourself on other days really remind me of myself. I just hope that one day, you will learn to let to shake that shyness off. Sometimes, when we are too shy, we will often be mistaken as arrogant, stuck up or aloof. Don’t worry, I get that a lot even till now. Some people are just born to be social butterflies, but you my girl, will grow up to be a very beautiful butterfly.


Your bubbly nature and that big smile of yours reminds me so much of your daddy. Whenever you get angry, that pout of yours will never fail to amuse me. One day, when you are big enough to read this, you will know that I am always secretly laughing to myself whenever you show your discontentment. It’s not that I do not take you seriously, okay? It’s just that you are very cute even when you are angry, but even cuter when you smile. So smile more and frown lesser.

I hope you girls enjoyed your 4th Birthday celebration and the very special guest appearance, Lady Gaga.


I love you girls so very much!

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