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What it takes to be a HOT model



Visit BABYFROST today for NEW ARRIVALS. We are talking about petals tutus in many colours, rainbow tutu plus headband sets, and flower headbands for your girls! They are different from the tutus you see and what’s more, they are brought in straight from the US! The petals tutus are the exact same tutus Mysha & Myreen wore for their 1st birthday bash, you know?




You asked for them. We bring them in for you.

And please, do give our new models your support because….





They went through a lot today! The weather was terribly hot and humid.

My poor babies. Well done Mysha & Myreen! Sorry for torturing you girls under the hot sun but well, that is what your big sister Sharleez goes through too each she models for BABYFROST. It’s not all glitz & glam, you know?

 And besides, anything for the sake of vanity. Right girls?

Tell me you can say NO to these pretty tutus and headbands?


Visit BABYFROST today! Click HERE to enter.

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