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Babyfrost: Behind the scene!

Today was the much awaited NEW ARRIVALS for Babyfrost. Sorry it took this long for me to get everything together. So many reasons for the delay – waiting for my models to be in the mood alone took almost a month long! And when I finally managed to convince my models to do the photoshoot, the weather dampened their otherwise high spirits. It was the first time I perspired profusely. It felt like I was bathing in sweat! I do not have to go into details on this one because i am sure everyone else in Singapore has been experiencing the same. Poor me. Poor us.

Mysha and Myreen wanted to be involved this time round and so I dressed them up and allowed them to join in the fun sun despite knowing they would not last long. I was right– they lobarely minutes into the photoshoot. Only a few snaps and they were already distracted by the birds on the tree, the neighbours on the third floor waving at them, the grass tickling their legs, and the Hello Kitty towel line dried along the second floor’s corridor. They did not want to look at the camera, they did not bother listening to my pleas and instructions, and worse still, they did not want to wear what they were wearing! In fact, they were seen half naked most of the time. Sharleez however, really tried her best throughout the photoshoot despite the scorching sun directly above her. But when it got too hot, I knew I had to stop the photoshoot for a while and let the poor girl have a rest. The rest of the photoshoot was carried out at the staircase next to our house. Whatever it is, I thank all of my Nadyas for trying their best. Mysha and Myreen, you both did not try your best but at least YOU TRIED.  Good job, girls! 🙂

Here are some behind the scene shots!








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