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B E A U T Y .

Describe myself. I am an ambitious and detail-oriented individual who takes great pride in whatever I do. When I took up a professional makeup course two years back, I only had one goal in mind – to help women see themselves as confident, beautiful and strong. Every woman is beautiful in her own ways. But because of the media and society presenting images of thin women all the time as being beautiful and desirable, most women do not feel beautiful anymore. Women think they are fat. Women start to measure beauty. Women think being fat or fleshy is not beautiful. They begin to lose confidence in themselves. They start comparing themselves to other women. And worst of all, they do not make the effort to bring out the beauty in them, or they do not realize that they are indeed already beautiful.

So that’s when I come in, with my heavy makeup bag. Hehehe.

Being a good makeup artist is not simply about putting makeup on faces. Being a good makeup artist is about learning to communicate with different types of people and faces. Everyone is different, and I make it a must to find out from my client prior to every makeup session the kind of look she would like me to help her achieve. The key is to be confident in my abilities, listen well to the clients, and carry out what I think is a good combination of every client’s wishes and my skills. Just my skills or certificate alone will not suffice because come on, anyone can learn makeup and get that certificate anytime!

Just the other day, I had the chance to do yet another beautiful collaboration with Pink Elephant Labs. I did the makeup and styling for two different looks while Indriana from Pink Elephant Labs did the studio photography. Such an excellent combo! I thought it would be a great way for me to update my makeup portfolio as well because I seriously cannot recall the last time I updated it.

Have I told you already how much I love working with Indriana? This lady really knows her work well, and sets high expectations for herself as far as her work is concerned. She is a perfectionist and kept tinkering with the lighting and composition prior to the studio session until it was right. She is by far, one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and talented photographer I have worked with – easy to talk to, funny, and full of energy.

Sharifah did a really excellent job as the model for the entire studio photography session. I was really so happy with the turnout because she could portray well the different looks I wanted for the photoshoot. One moment she was the bubbly girl next door and the next moment, she was the sexy, edgy and chic girl. Amazing yeah? Sharifah could not have done it alone without the kind guidance and directions from Indriana. Sharifah felt really at ease throughout the photoshoot. Things just flowed from there.

For the first look, it was the Girl Next Door look. Sharifah basically had to be herself most of the time– bubbly, cheerful and adorable. It was not difficult at all to get Sharifah to laugh because just like me, she laughs all the time over anything and everything. So since she was being herself, the shots taken were really beautiful.

So what exactly did I do on/to her to achieve the first look? Since I wanted her to look really sweet and girly, I did the pink makeup on her – pink eyes, pink cheeks, and pink lips. However too much pink on the face can be pretty overwhelming, right? On Sharifah’s eyes, I mixed dusky pink eyeshadow with a bit of black shadow. Personally I think pink eyeshadow looks gorgeous on the skin and opens up your eyes, especially if you have a fair complexion. Of course, it takes a lot of good blending as far as the eyeshadow is concerned. And good blending requires a lot of practice. This is where my 1 to 1/ 2 to 1 makeup class will come in handy. Hehehe. Will talk about this later.

For now, let me present to you the first look.












For the second look, it was the edgy and sexy look all put together – a complete opposite of the first look. I had to remind Sharifah that she was not allowed to smile for the second look, but to just pose with lots and lots of attitude. She was supposed to “seduce” the camera with simply her hair, eyes and lips. All I can say is, thank goodness the photographer was a lady! Hehe. Seriously now, it was not an easy feat because like I what mentioned earlier on, Sharifah LOVES to smile, laugh and giggle!

To achieve the second look, I did the most popular type of eye makeup – SMOKEY EYES! Don’t you just love smokey eyes but don’t you just hate it when you end up looking like a panda instead? So sad, right? Attend my makeup class and I will teach you to nicely do the smokey eye look. For now, some pointers. I used loads of eyeliner and black eyeshadow on the eyes to create this look. I smudged the liner, and kept on blending until the colours turned out soft and nice. And since eye makeup was already very heavy, the lips should be nude!









Of course for those of you who are slightly more adventurous, you can choose to go red on the lips.










So here are the deals. I have two different kinds of promotion going on here so please pay attention. Haha!


Sign up for my 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 makeup class today & get a free mini brush set. This is limited to the first 10 bookings only so hurry email me at to book a slot. You can click HERE to find out more about my 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 makeup classes!


Envy Sharifah’s gorgeous pictures and want something similar for yourself? How would you like to be made up by me and have your pictures taken by Indriana from Pink Elephant Labs?



Bring a friend along for the photoshoot for an additional $120 only. This includes makeup and hairdo done by me, at my place! Such a superb deal! What say you?
Let me tell you a little secret also. Pink Elephant Labs throws Beauty Sessions like this once a year only, so it is definitely a special promotion that you should not miss. It is definitely worth it. I am sure you can already tell by the pictures.

Need more details? Click HERE or email them straight at Do take note of the last day to book a session!

Yes ladies, time to show what you have got and pose all you want because the photographer is an extremely nice lady. No need to be shy at all! 🙂

And photographers out there, do not hesitate to email me at to discuss the possibilities of future collaborations!

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