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Avoid this bloodsucker.

Is there someone you know but you will avoid at all costs because he/she is toxic?

Tell me about it.

I have decided to reveal who that someone is in this post, together with an accompanying photo as well. Sometimes, you just need to give them maximum exposure so that others will be wary of them. I am sorry, I am only human.

I cannot tolerate such PESTS in my life.

For a start, the pest I am referring to is forever in black and white stripes.

Okay let’s just reveal who she is.







HAHA! Got you there!

You were really expecting me to mention a real person right? I know how much you love controversies but nah, let’s save them for a later post.

Time to get serious now because dengue fever can be life-threatening if it takes a turn for the worse. For sure, it is not just a matter of having a fever and taking panadol to feel better.

For starters, dengue fever is an illness caused by infection with a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito.

Just so that you know, only the female Aedes mosquito bites as it needs the protein in blood to develop its eggs.

Dengue fever is something that is pretty unfamiliar to my family and me, we have never had anyone in the family contract it before. And I hope it will remain that way.

Having a normal fever is already torturous, but why would we want to have dengue fever?

Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world, did you know?


I had an online discussion recently with several of my Facebook friends and acquaintances, and thought that I should share several of these friends’ experience with dengue. I do not think we should be complacent and think that we will never get dengue fever.

Time to educate ourselves to prevent dengue fever, or know what to do if we were to ever contract it.

The first one is from Zalina.

“I’m not the kind who easily fall sick and even when i do, panadol would normally do the trick. But i can remember the fateful night very well. My son was only 4 months old back then. I was at work and i was shivering like mad. I had a sudden headache out of nowhere. My eyes was scorching hot and my eyes were stingy and very painful. Took my temperature- 39.2! Not funny at all. I don’t care if I was having a fever – my concern was my young son. I didn’t want anything happening to him. I took panadol as usual. At the meantime, i texted my mum of how i felt and she willingly took over my son so that i could be away from him for a while. I was crying like mad coz i had to stay away from my very young son. I went home and slept in a room away from my husband. I did not want any virus to be around him or our bedroom as well. So i drank as much water as i could. And guess what? Four hours later, my fever shot up to 40! I was feeling so lethargic. So nauseous and giddy. The panadol did not seem to work. I was starting to panic and began to breakdown.. Am I dying? Why is my fever not going down? Will i get to see my son ever again..? I remember crying endlessly to my husband as I was so worried about my son. Every 4 hours i took panadol and drank lotsa water but the fever just would not go down. The next day, i developed rashes on my hands. I almost fainted. I went to the hospital immediately and they took my blood test… And after a few hours, it was confirmed I was dengue-positive. I was shocked. Dengue? Me? How and where? So many questions were running through my mind… The doctors said they had to report my case to the NEA and not long after NEA came down to my house to check on the environment to see if the environment in my house contributed to me getting dengue – like having stagnant water etc. The whole process was extremely painful. I had to go to the polyclinic every few days to check my blood. I always thought it would never happen to me. It was not just a fever. It was extremely painful and drained me out. The doctor gave me meds. My brother’s friend suggested I drink papaya leave juice extract. Not the diluted kind but those which you have to prepare from scratch. So the whole family had to literally search for the leaves. I tried it and till now I do not know if that helped in my recovery process but i just wanted to recover fast at that point of time. My baby needed me. It is so important to keep yourself away from dengue. Check your house and make sure there’s no stagnant water. Use the repellent. Yes it is a bit tedious but it can help to save the trouble and most importantly your life!”

The second story is from Sha.

“I had high fever for 1 week and body was aching to the max especially on my lower back. I was referred to Communicable Disease Centre and warded there for observation for 4 days. I felt like I was in a prison there. And I was discharged, I had to go back CDC to repeat blood test everyday to make sure the blood counts were back to normal.


The above picture was taken at the CDC where Sha was warded when she had dengue fever.

And the last story is from El.

“It started with normal fever. Difference is its duration. Dengue fever will last for more than 3 or 4 days. It really kills your appetite. So, key is to keep yourself hydrated with water and force feed yourself as much as possible. I felt nauseous all the time. Nausea was due to my low blood count. My bones felt like they were breaking and I had rashes breakout. The rashes were not itchy but painful when touched. Fever for the first few days was hot subsequently after 3,4days, the readings were high but I did not feel hot at all. For me it lasted near 2 weeks but the after-effect recovery lingered for a month. I thought I was not too bad as compared to my brother who got it around the same time as me. My brother was weaker and he could eat any thing at all. He had to force himself to eat fruits. I had to take blood test every day as they needed to track my blood readings. I had to maintain a certain level because anything below that reading would require me to go to the hospital for blood transfusion. I was so nauseous and weak.”

This is how the rashes will look like when one contracts dengue fever.


As mentioned in all the personal recounts above, the recovery process from dengue fever is a distressing period. The patient experiences a huge amount of discomfort and pain. May I add the fact that dengue fever will result in out-of-pocket expenditures, as well as absenteeism from work and disruption to daily routines.

Do take note also that when one is re-infected with dengue, he/she is likely to develop more extreme symptoms.

What about you?

Do you have a dengue story which you would like to share with me and everyone else on Facebook?

Why not you join #MyDengueStory contest in my Facebook post about it by sharing your dengue fever experience? You can click HERE to be directed to my Facebook.

Do not forget to use the hashtag #MyDengueStory when you share your dengue story.

Special thanks to my friends and acquaintances for sharing with me their experiences with dengue fever.

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