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Chip Ahoy!

Ahoy Me Hearties!

My super adorable and charming nephew Shan Ehan has turned 1 today, in case you still do not know!


So since Shan’s SUPER DOOPER WOOPER BIG bash will only be on the 25th of September, we thought it was only proper to have a celebration for him, the Roslan family style! Mak cooked and filled the entire dining table, as per norm. Menu for the mini celebration was Nasi Lemak! Everyone of us ate like we have never eaten before, exchanged stories as usual and well, laughed like crazy.  Same ol’, same ol’. It does not help that Nurul ALWAYS interesting stories to share and like what I told her, interesting stories during dinner time will only increase my appetite. Tested and proven, many times! That’s bad, isn’t it? 😀


Ironically, though the entire celebration was for the birthday boy Shan, he could not even eat a single dish prepared. That’s usually the case – the birthday boy/girl always eats the least, or in Shan’s case, nothing at all. Shan’s dear mummy however, had not one but TWO servings of Nasi Lemak!! Shiver me timbers! Okay la okay la, she ate so much not because she was a glutton (she is actually!) but because she had to ensure that Shan would enough breast milk later. Riiiiiight, Nurul Aini? 😀

I was not dressed for the celebration but I did take some pictures of the birthday boy. Unfortunately, birthday boy was in the i-refuse-to-look-at-the-camera mode throughout. At times, he changed from the i-refuse-to-look-at-the-camera mode to i-will-only-look-at-the-camera-when-nobody-else-is mode. Hehe.







Happy Birthday, Captain Shanshan!


We love you so so soooooooooo very much and we hope you will have great fun on Sunday, celebrating your party with your fellow buccaneers and seadogs! Be sure to find a nice lass too along the way!

Yo Ho Ho.

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