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Art & Veggies

Sharleez  loves Art, especially painting. She would go “Thank you Mummy, this is the happiest day ever!”  or somewhere along the line without fail each time we do painting together, just me and her. And since I love Art just as much as her, our Art & Craft activities are always so much fun & extra messy too. As much as I would like to introduce and implement 101 rules when doing Art, I know that I should not- when else can the girl let loose and let her imagination run wild? Only when the imagination runs wild can creativity flow naturally.  Doing Art is definitely not the sort of activity that involves restrictions.  Do you know that when I was younger, I would always vent my anger by drawing or painting? Ahh, NOW you know! 

We did vegetable painting the other day. The lesson started with a brainstorming session – each of us had to name as many vegetables as we possibly could. I then asked what her favourite veggie is and surprise, surprise, (NOT!) her favourite veggie is still carrot.


As I introduced her to the different types of vegetables, I also took the opportunity to talk about the importance and benefits of eating vegetables. But of course, the girl could not exactly concentrate because she had her eyes fixed on the vegetables which we were going to use for the paiting. Truly impatient.



 The moment she started painting, she was officially mute till she was done and satisfied. She was so engrossed in what she was doing and did not even allow me to help her.

Egocentric, I say!




The mess she created was beyond salvation. But I chose to close one eye, and subsequently both eyes when the mess turned too messy! But seriously speaking, a mess is just a mess but a mess is definitely necessary. I do wonder actually why some parents are still skeptical about the mess that their children would make each time they do activities like this. Hello parents, give your children room to be messy and learn, can? At the end of the day, that’s how they learn – through fun and mess.


Not bad at all, I say.  Now, can you spot the different types of vegetables used for the painting?


Family life is so important.

Do something fun & meaningful with your loved one(s) today! 


Yes, that’s the bottomline.



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