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Art of Rainbow Eyes?

Ever since I started my sideline as a makeup artist, my girls have more or less become accustomed to what I do almost everyday. In fact, the moment they see the makeup bag next to me, they know “Mummy work!” and they also know that they are not supposed to disturb me when I am working. Another reason why I am just so very proud of my girls. 🙂

A question many of you have asked me during every makeup session -“Does Sharleez know how to put on makeup?”

What do you think?

Frankly speaking, I do not encourage her to put on makeup on her face at such a young age because I do not want her to think that it is alright for a young girl to put makeup on the face all the time. Despite me always putting makeup on others, never once have I even tried to put makeup on Sharleez, Myreen or Mysha. I am just so worried of ‘tainting’ their delicate skin and their innocence. But Sharleez being a 3 years old toddler, is already at stage where her vanity is of utmost importance, as much as I hate to admit it. She wants to look good all the time now, and she will ensure whatever she wears is something that she would want to wear. No more conning this once ignorant girl into wearing anything and everything – it does not work anymore.  Besides, give the girl a chance to play dress up! Don’t they all learn through  play, and through doing something they really enjoy doing? And most importantly, I have to accept the fact that my firstborn is a big girl now.  

So when Sharleez told me she wanted a Barbie cosmetics set for herself, I got her one.

It is just so amazing how well this girl knows her makeup set. Can you like, not grow up too fast, Sharleez?

By popular requests, Sharleez’s makeup tutorial. Art of Rainbow Eyes, mind you!

Count yourselves lucky that the tutorial is free this time round because I heard, Sharleez is going to start charging for her tutorials in the near future. ;p

Oh god, my 3 year old is now a makeup guru.

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