Live Well. Laugh Often. Love Much.


Think of all the important people in your life. Think of your loved ones.

And then think about how often you tell them that you love them, or appreciate them.



Or you simply cannot remember when?

Oh oh.

So often we rush through life, through work, and through our duties and responsibilities, till we are unaware what a huge difference a simple appreciation can do. For some reason, we often forget to say “thank you” to the people who are closest to us; our parents, our family members, our friends, our colleagues, and basically, those around us.

Have you ever questioned your value and your future purpose? 

What makes life worth living? Will it be your loved ones? Will it be those who love you? Will it be those you love? Will it be those you love but you can never own? Or will you just be contented being alone, with nobody to love? 

It takes a lot of courage to be grateful for what we already have because really, most of us take our loved ones for granted, with or without us realizing it. The ego keeps telling us to not spend too much time appreciating what we have at present because the ego keeps wanting more. The ego also tells us not to worry because what we already have will always be there for us at the end of the day.

Scary but true.

I guess we should take some extra time to focus not on what we lack or what we do not have, but to fully appreciate what we have now…at present.

It’s time to really count our blessings instead of…discounting them?

I have a lot of soul searching to do with regards to this too, you know?

Dearest Mairah, thank you for appreciating. You really made my day. <3

Sweet Ayu, you too. I feel so old…yet very much appreciated! Hehehe.


You generous ladies are one of the many reasons why I blog still even though I am already 31 years old. HAHA.

Believe me, the past few days/weeks have not been easy for me. I was on the verge of breaking down even. No wait, I *did* break down. So to receive motivating emails or tweets from my blog readers?


Think of it this way; when you show your appreciation to others via an email, a text, a call, a hug, or a kiss even, you give a warm loving gift that makes others extremely grateful for receiving. They feel happier and more positive. They feel so loved. The joy and love spread out from you. You reap blessings in return. How wonderful is that? Win-win situation.

”As you do unto others, it is done unto you.”

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