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#MyNumber4: Anytime Now.

I should have updated my blog more frequently throughout this pregnancy.

Should but didn’t.


I am almost at the last stage of my pregnancy now. Whoops? As I am typing this, I am already 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Yay I have reached full term! Alhamdulillah.

What a jerky ride it has been so far!

Let’s recap the tummy progress with my never-ending selfies in the toilet (well, most of them), shall we?












Suddenly, I am anxiously waiting for the little fella to make his appearance anytime from now.

Meanwhile, the third trimester common annoyances have already started in anticipation of his arrival.

What are they?

Oh, I will be more than glad to list them down for you because frankly speaking, I really need to vent it out. LOL.

  1. Frequent urination – I am talking about going to the toilet every 1 hour or 2 hours. I can no longer hold my urine very long.


It is due to the increased pressure on my bladder.

  1. Vaginal Pain – My vagina feels really sore and bruised, especially after walking for quite a bit or at night when I am sleeping.


It is due to the pressure on my cervix. My cervix is most probably starting to dilate.

  1. Pelvic Pains – I will always feel sharp pains and pressure in my pelvic area. Getting out of bed at night to go to the toilet is especially challenging.


This is due to the shifting of my pelvic bones and the loosening of the ligaments attached to my pelvic bones. Apparently, the more pregnancies you have, the more you will experience these pelvic sensations. Crap.

  1. Insomnia – I think I can already safely say goodbye to a good night’s sleep from now till the baby is born. I have been waking up every hour to go to the toilet. Finding a comfortable position to sleep is almost impossible. Shifting from one position to another is so hard due to the pelvic pains I am experiencing. The little fella’s rapid and violent movements can get pretty uncomfortable too.


I think the reasons I stated above explain everything. Need I elaborate still?

  1. Restless Legs Syndrome – This is really super annoying. Each time when I am lying down and the limb is still, my foot, calf and upper legs will feel really uncomfortable. I will get so restless and easily annoyed as a result.


I did my readings and they say this may be due to iron and/or folic acid deficiency become I got pregnant. Not my fault lah. I did not plan to get pregnant again in the first place, you know? LOL.

  1. Braxton Hicks Contractions – I guess this is something that every pregnant woman will need to experience. My problem however, is to differentiate the real contractions from the err…not real ones? See, for my previous pregnancies, I was induced. When I was pregnant with Sharleez, my water bag broke. So I had to be induced once I reached the hospital as I was not even 0.00000000000001cm dilated. When I was pregnant with the twins, I chose to be induced a week before raya. So I can safely say that for both pregnancies, I did not really get the opportunity to experience them contractions naturally. I only got to experience them after I was induced.


Warm ups for the real thing, they say.

Many of you have emailed and PM-ed me to ask for tips and recommendations for a lot of baby related issues. My apologies if I have yet to reply to you.

So let me now list down some recommendations for you to consider, mummies and mummies to be! 

My chosen gynae: 

I do look forward to my checkups with Dr Suzanna at KKH Private Suite.


I remember asking for gynae recommendations the other time and almost everyone asked me to try Dr Suzanna. When I called KKH appointment hotline somewhere in January this year to fix an appointment with Dr Suzanna, I was informed that she would only be available sometime in May! Yes, she is THAT popular. Of course I could not wait that long to see her. So I thought I should just choose another gynae. However, one of my followers was kind enough to contact me and she asked me whether I would like it if she were to give her 25 February (my birthday!) appointment to me. Here’s the story. She had initially chosen Dr Suzanna as her gynae but decided at the very last minute to go with her previous gynae instead. Of course I said yes immediately! Such a perfect birthday gift! And yes, that was how I have managed to secure Dr Suzanna as my gynae. I am truly blessed to have wonderful followers who are always more than eager to lend me a helping hand whenever possible. Heart you guys a lot!

And just for the record, Dr Suzanna is indeed a super duper awesome gynae! Whenever I meet her, I feel really at ease. She is so warm, jovial, friendly and approachable. The things she says will always make me feel like everything is going to be alright. She is not the kind to make me worry unnecessarily.

My chosen hospital:

Even though this is already my third pregnancy, I still choose KKH. Okay fine, service wise, I have heard a lot of horror stories from patients. Some even complained about their bad experience with the nurses at KKH or the long waiting period. My take on these issues? I have yet to experience anything negative throughout my pregnancies. In fact, I enjoyed my stay so much for my previous pregnancies till I did not hesitate to choose KKH again this time. My previous gynaes are now at Thomson Medical, and I could have easily chosen Thomson Medical if I wanted to, you know? But I just like the environment at KKH. I like how I can always (window)shop at Mothercare and the other baby stores there after every check up. I like how most of the food at the Kopitiam is HALAL. And most importantly, I like how pink my hospital gown is. LOL.

Registration for admission has already been done! Thank you Tatek for making sure everything is done on time so that I will not end up panicking at the very last minute.


My chosen baby store:

Shopping for baby stuff started the moment I reached my sixth month of pregnancy. Most of the baby necessities like stroller, car seat, baby bath set, bottles, breast pump, baby swaddle, diaper bag and baby monitor set, we got them from Motherswork (Great World City).


Thank you Motherswork for putting together the best of everything we need for our baby, all under one roof! Super convenient. You can even shop online by clicking HERE.  For purchases above $800, you will also get to enjoy free delivery!

I am going to share with you my purchases from Motherswork along the way, so do keep a lookout, okay?

It is just so therapeutic to shop for the baby. So every outing of mine these days must include shopping for baby stuff. Even my girls love shopping for their baby brother! Whenever I fetch them from school, they will always ask me, “Mummy, can we go to a baby shop today and buy something for Adik?”



You know, I really thought this pregnancy would be a breeze. After all, this is not my first time being pregnant. Whenever people asked me about previous pregnancies, I have always said how much I enjoyed them.

So when I found out that I was pregnant again with baby no.4 (totally unplanned, okay!), I thought I would be a pro at this whole pregnancy thing. But I forgot to take into consideration that the last time I got pregnant was 7 years ago! And 7 years ago, I was not even 30 yet. Now, I am 35. I guess age does play a big part too.

But my morning sickness throughout the first and second trimester really made me so miserable and depressed. I could not really do or eat anything much. I was nauseous 24/7. I had excess saliva 24/7. I could not tolerate so many things including my mother’s cooking. I hated the smell of garlic. I hated the smell of my husband’s perfume (and this was the case for my previous pregnancies too!). Maybe he should just consider changing his perfume for good. LOL.

All of a sudden, I could no longer function like a normal person. My sufferings made me question why I was pregnant again after so many years. Believe me, it was that bad. I was just soooo moody.

Things only got better for me in the middle of my second trimester. Appetite started to improve. I stopped spitting excess saliva. I started to smile a bit more when I saw how my tummy was growing.

But the bigger the tummy gets, the lesser clothes I have to wear. Every day is a constant belly struggle to find clothes that fit.

Oh don’t get me started on all the pregnancy myths too. I can go on and on and onnnnnnnnn.

But don’t care lah, I will still start.

Myth 1:

“You will look extra good and glow-y when you are pregnant with a baby boy.”

It is nothing but a myth! I do not think that it is true. It actually really depends on your condition. If you are having a bad morning sickness or nausea, of course you will not really have the mood or energy to dress up. That was the case for me during the first few months FOR ALL OF MY PREGNANCIES. Frankly, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are pregnant with a boy or girl.

I always take the extra effort to dress up whenever I go out because it makes me feel good. On certain days, it will take me longer to get ready (due to my laziness or nausea) but I will still dress up all the same.

Myth 2:

“If you are pregnant with a baby boy, your nose will expand and look bigger.”

Wah I tell you, I keep looking at my nose every single day but it still looks the same. Thank goodness! I am not too sure why this happens to some pregnant mummies but it is definitely not because of the gender of the baby you are pregnant with. At least, not for me lah.


Myth 3:

“The shape of the tummy determines the gender of the baby.”

They say that if you are pregnant with a girl, your tummy will be high and wide. And if you are pregnant with a boy, your tummy will be low and narrow (protrudes outward, towards the front). But my tummy was protruded outwards towards the front when I was pregnant with my girls (including the twins!). And my tummy still protrudes outwards towards the front when I am pregnant with my boy. And it is very round too, like a ball. So round till my girls will always hug it tight and exclaim, “EEEEEEEEE SO CUTEEEEEEEE LAHHHHH I FEEL LIKE BITING YOUR TUMMY!”

I will not deny the fact that I do enjoy watching my belly grow bigger and rounder by the day. Of course I enjoy feeling the little fella’s movements. Of course I enjoy getting treated like a diva by everyone. Of course I enjoy throwing tantrums while using my pregnancy as a valid excuse. Of course I enjoy escaping from attending events or functions that I would not be able to escape from otherwise. Of course I enjoy all the special privileges. And of course I will miss whatever I have just mentioned the moment the little fella is out.

But along with this pregnancy and the arrival of the little fella anytime soon, I will also miss a lot of other things too.

Other things like spending girlie time with my daughters, having lots of ME time when girls are in school, and napping as and when I like it without the need to worry about anything else.


I am sure my daughters too will miss having me all to themselves. I am sure they will miss our late nights together. I am sure they will miss going out with me to watch movies. I am sure they will miss taking turns to sleep next to me.


Having said that, I want to thank them also for being such sweet and helpful daughters throughout my pregnancy. They have done whatever they possibly can to make me happy – from the daily head massages to tummy rubs to them taking charge of their little brother’s wardrobe! It’s all them! Thank you Nadyas! I am sure your baby brother will love you girls a lot once he is out. <3


But for now, you practise with this dummy first, can? LOL.

My husband, as excited as he is for the arrival of his son, will definitely feel like he can never have my fullest attention anymore. NAWWW. I mean, I have been spending so much time on the girls since they were babies till now. And just when we thought that parenting would get easier for us when the girls are more independent, out comes the baby. LOL. So let’s just stick to wefies as and when we can, okay Tatek?


Looks like ALL OF US will need to make a lot of adjustments to our current lifestyle. Not just me. Not just the girls. Not just my husband.




Did I mention that being emotional is one of the major annoyances during the third trimester too?

Wait. What am I saying?

I have been emotional throughout the entire pregnancy!

Okay okay, lets add an element of fun to this blog post.

How about we do a poll and guess when the little fella will make his grand arrival?


Thank you for your participation!

This has been done in good fun.

At the end of the day, please just pray for me to have a safe delivery to a healthy baby boy, okay?


I would really like to thank every single one of you for supporting my pregnancy with your never-ending prayers and kind words right from the start. Truly appreciate it.

May the one above bless you always.

Now, let’s just wait.



I really am looking forward to the new addition. <3

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