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I just took an excerpt from my very old blog entry when I was pregnant with my twins, Mysha and Myreen. Bitter sweet memories. But the sweetness beats the bitterness anytime. Don’t you just wish you could rewind and go back to your pregnancy days no matter how bad your nausea, how painful the backache, how sleepless your nights, or how big the calcium pills? Actually I would not mind going through everything again but if possible, I would want to skip the swallowing gigantuous calcium pills part. Hehehe.


My first pregnancy with Sharleez! I actually cannot believe my tummy was that huge.



My second pregnancy with Mysha & Myreen! Weight gain was not that much, and tummy was not as big as my pregnancy with Sharleez though each twin came out at 3 kg each! Hahaha.



I miss being pregnant because at least, there was a good reason for the tummy bulge. And yes, I miss the rosy glow too. Hehehe.


During my pregnancy with Sharleez, I remember initially spending about almost an hour every single morning just staring hard at the calcium pills because I could not bring myself to swallow them.

Seeeeeeee? SO HUGE!


I have this extremely HATE relationship with pills big or small, round or not. But at the same time, I knew just how important it was for me and my baby to have a daily intake of calcium. If I did not have enough calcium intake in my diet, my baby would draw it from my bones, which would impair my own health later on. Besides, Mak always ensured that I drank my milk every single day. She was like an inspector, constantly checking on me to make sure I was eating all the nutrients I needed. I remember clearly Mak always saying this, “Drink a lot of milk, later your baby will come out fair.” Of course that’s not true but then again, because it was my first pregnancy and I wanted only the best for my baby, I believed whatever that I was told.

So I turned to fresh milk. But I did not have it easy either.
Here’s another excerpt from my blog.


I actually have a love-hate relationship with milk too. In fact, I would say my tolerance level for milk was better during my pregnancies than when I am not pregnant. But even so, each time I smelt and tasted milk, I would feel nauseous or vomit right away. So I had to make sure I drank up my milk without even smelling it and with my eyes closed every single day.

However, ANMUM Maternal Milk Powder is something else, really.


Now, why didn’t I chance upon ANMUM when I was pregnant? Firstly, I am very impressed that it comes in chocolate flavor too! Secondly, the taste is not like what I expected it to be – creamy and thick. When I tasted it, I was pleasantly surprised. It is very light, refreshing, clean tasting, and most importantly not too sweet. Now, this coming from someone who is not exactly a milk lover, is a big deal okay? It tastes like fresh milk, but better.

If you have not heard of ANMUM Maternal Milk Powder, maybe you would like to know that it is really good for pregnant mummies or those of you who are planning to get pregnant. ANMUM contains Folate, which is particularly important for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Folate helps in the mental/normal and overall development of foetus. Now, all of us want a healthy baby, right? Therefore, folate intake is really important! Besides Folate, ANMUM also contains DHA, High Calcium and High Iron. Especially during pregnancy with our weird cravings and appetite, it is almost impossible to get all the extra nutrients that you really need from your usual diet. Therefore drinking two glasses of ANMUM a day will help to provide the daily nutritional support so you do not have to worry at all about you or your baby not getting enough nutrients.

And out of curiosity, I asked my Twitter and Facebook mates to provide their reviews of ANMUM. And I am super pleased with the very encouraging feedback received. Gonna share with you some of them!

Hi Diahhhh! Definitely a must try for all mummies. It is beneficial for both mummy and baby, Anmum is the next best substitute for me during my pregnancy. The vanilla taste is nice, not too milky!
-Anonymous Mummy 1


Thank you so much fellow mummies for your participation. I truly appreciate it. 🙂 Without a doubt, most mummies trust ANMUM.

Why, ANMUM is Singapore Mums’ Choice for 14 years running, okay?

Besides, don’t you want only THE BEST for your kids?



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