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All for the ice cream

Nowadays, it is pretty challenging to get the Babyfrost’s model to turn up for our outdoor photoshoots at the grass area under our block. She has been too distracted by other more important things in life like her Dora games, her bald baby doll, and her Shrek DVDs. I am never the kind to force my model because once she is forced, the mood will not be there and it will no longer be something she enjoys doing. And we all know how much we LOATHE doing something we do not enjoy doing at a regular basis, no?

So yesterday, I tried my luck and asked my model whether she would be keen for an ice-cream treat. Her face lit up with anticipation immediately. Told her that all she needed to do before she could redeem her ice-cream coupon from me was to model for only two princess dresses. “Just 2 dresses, so easy! And they are princess dresses some more, you know?” I remember myself convincing her.

Okay, Mummy! It’s just 2 dresses. I can do it!”

And so we did have the photoshoot. I had to do everything extremely fast while she was still in the mood. Even when I was getting her ready for the photoshoot, I was actually panicking because what if she suddenly changed her mood? What if she suddenly decided that the ice-cream treat was not as tempting as she thought it would be? What if she told me to model the Babyfrost dresses myself, just like what she asked me to do during the previous Babyfrost photoshoots?

But I was lucky. My model was not acting like a diva yesterday.

During the photoshoot, my model gave me so many poses and kept asking me, “Okay Auntie? Did you take my nice pictures already?” Oh yes, my model calls me ‘Auntie’ during our photoshoots because to her, as long as I am asking her to do work, I am an auntie (read: a stranger). I blew dry her hair for the photoshoot (read: doing work) therefore, I was an auntie. I was asking her to pose prettily for the camera (read: doing work) therefore, I was an auntie. I was snapping pictures of her like a photographer (read: doing work) therefore, I was an auntie. It finally got to a point where my model got slightly agitated that she had to work a lot and that the photoshoot was still not over. She then started to nag, just like an AUNTIE!

“Auntie, I’m perspiring already, you know? The sun is so hot!”

“Auntie, my leg is so painful because I posed so many times for you!”

“Auntie, why you don’t know how to take nice pictures? I am tired, you know?”

“Urgghhhh! This auntie ah, waste my time everytime.”

And when we were finally done with the photoshoot, I interviewed her.
Hear what she had to say in this video.

Yes okay, Sharleez Nadya!  What an expression there!


Hope you girls enjoyed the ice-cream & playground combo yesterday!


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